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Manga Review: Bungo Stray Dogs by Kafka Asagiri

Yen Press Dec. 13, 2016 192 Pages
Yen Press
Dec. 13, 2016
192 Pages

Atsushi Nakajima no longer has a home. After being kick out of the orphanage, he saves a man from attempting suicide. At a strange turn of events, the man he saves, Osamu Dazai, is part of a detective agency that employs agents with supernatural powers. So, where does that leave Atsushi?

I really. . . really . . . enjoyed this series. And I was surprised that I did because for me Atsushi was a bit useless. Let’s start from the beginning.

Atsushi is the overall good guy that does two things: jump into a situation without thinking or considers running away when everyone else fails. He does that more than once and after a while I stopped caring about him and cared more about the surround characters, who in my eyes make the book.

Atsushi is like an open book, especially compared to Osamu, who from the beginning is surrounded by mystery, dark humor and secrets. . . lots and lots of secrets. I liked him, even though by volume 2 you see less of him. Osamu had depth and that is what was missing from Atsushi. All the surrounding characters had depth and the author was able to weave the different stories, creating a perfectly complex environment. It was amazing work. I know that I am chalking Atsushi as an average character, which is kind of is, but he is powerful and plays a huge roll in the story.

The art work was great but nothing I am going to go to sleep remembering. No offense to the artist, but the storyline overpowered everything. If there was more art telling the story, then it could compete. Although I enjoyed reading this series, I believe the anime would be better.


4 Pickles


Manga Review: Another Omnibus (Another Manga) by Hiro Kiyohara

             Yen Press  Published Oct. 29, 2013            720 Pages
Yen Press
Published Oct. 29, 2013
720 Pages

Koichi Sakakibara has been transferred to Class 3-3 at Yomiyama North Middle School in the middle of the spring. Thinking it will be easy to start fresh and makes some friends, Sakaibara doesn’t realize that this is not an ordinary class and they are hiding a terrible secret.

But despite their warning, Sakaibara begins to speak with Mei Misaki, a classmate that everyone seems to act like they don’t exist. With Misaki, Sakaibara begins to find out the truth of the class and a little bit of his own family history in the process.

I thought his manga was amazing. Firstly, this version is the entire series so if you find this book you will be reading it for a while. There is complete mystery around the book which is strong up until the final pages.

Sakaibara is a decent character. For me, there was nothing spectacular about him; even if a character is plain there is always something that makes them shine but for Sakaibara there was nothing. He was a nosy boy who wouldn’t let things go no matter who told him to. Granted ,he was kept out of the loop by the students pretty much the entire book but he just wouldn’t stop and in the beginning of the book I didn’t like that he was that way. There was no reason for him to be like that. His reason didn’t come until the middle of the book.

Misaki was a great character because she held the answers almost everything and she was completely surrounded by mystery. There are still some questions that wasn’t answered such as what happened to her eye and the deal with her mother but other than that she made the book enjoyable.

However, here is a downfall . . . there are too many characters that aren’t explored which made me feel as if the manga should have been a lot longer. The author tries to explain why some students are the way they are but it’s not enough. There were too many questions left open and it broke my heart.

This manga  is such a creepy, and enticing read that it must be finished from beginning to end. Overall, it gets a 9 out of 10.


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