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Book Review: These Dark Wings (Ravenmaster Trilogy #1) by John Owen Theobald

Head of Zeus Published Feb. 11, 2016 320 Pages
Head of Zeus
Published Feb. 11, 2016
320 Pages

12 year Anna Cooper is experiencing the war first hand. After her mother is killed and her father lost in the North Sea, she is sent to live with her Uncle, the Ravenmaster Uncle she never met, at the Tower of London. 

In the tower of secrets, a ancient legend tells that if the Ravens leave the Tower, the Nazis will win Britain. When the Ravens begin disappearing and it is up to Anna to go through the war torn town to find them. 

*Short Review*

The reason this book is a short review is because it is a slow i,e boring read. Therefore, I lost enthusiasm very fast, This does not mean that it wasn’t a thoughtful and creative; it was but it was lacking on some passion and a bigger voice from Anna. Her tone remains the same throughout the entire book and it is unfortunate because she goes through some things that shape her.

The pace of the novel is slow and it feels like the author struggled to keep it moving. The excitement wasn’t as exciting as I though it would be nor was the mystery within this book. I did enjoy the history i.e. the war that the author was able to capture. The imagery of it was great and that is what I liked most about this book.

But overall there could have been so much more done to this book. So it was a tad disappointing.

2 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Highlander Redeemed (Guardians Of The Targe #3)

Montlake Romance Published May 12, 2015 262 Pages
Montlake Romance
Published May 12, 2015
262 Pages

Scotia MacAlpin is looked at as trouble. When a terrible incident left someone dead and her put her clan into a war she has been shunned by her family and looked as a burden. Upset that she is in the shadow of her more successful sister, a Guardian, Scotia is determined to fix the wrong and find a relic for her English king.

Duncan has been looking out for Scotia since she was a baby, so it is nothing to him to be put on guard duty. Duncan decides to help Scotia become a skillful warrior but things get complicated when he begins to see her as a woman she is.

Scotia is a hard-headed brat and she made this book a difficult read. She screws up big time and literally everyone hates her for it except Duncan. She’s impulsive and unapologetic for her actions. She isn’t 18, she’s 8.

Ducan is the stereotypical dark and mysterious man that is loyal to the clan and also fierce with his love. He really didn’t bring anything new to the table and I didn’t actually feel there was love between the two. It felt more like this girl I knew as a kid grew up to be an attractive woman. It was a failed attempt at romance for me.

What I liked about the novel was the story-line of a girl trying to redeem herself and come to find out she isn’t just a reckless individual but she actually may be extremely important. I also enjoyed the pace of the novel but I couldn’t get into it like I wanted to.

Short review I know but there is really nothing else to say about the book. Although it was the third book you really didn’t feel like you was missing something. So reading book three and not one or two wouldn’t be horrible.

2 pickles

NetGalley Review: Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1) by Jennifer Estep

K-Teen To Be Published April 28, 2015 368 Pages
To Be Published April 28, 2015
368 Pages

Lila has been living on her own since her mother died. In a world where monsters truly exist, magic defines who you are and elite families are constantly trying to kill each other to control the city, Lila has a lot to hide from.

Add in the fact that she possesses talents that can make her extremely powerful, Lila has reason to stay under the radar but when she jumps into a fight that she really needs to stay out of her once hidden identity comes to light in the worst way possible.

Let’s jump right into this . . .

Although this was a good read it is extremely easy to tell what influenced this writer.

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass and The Falconer by Elizabeth May.

Literally in that order. It is not to say that Estep didn’t bring something new to the table or create her own story but some of the aspects from these other books really came through in Cold Burn of Magic.

I liked Lila she was very blunt and honest with herself and the situations she was in. I really loved her thought process and how she paid really close attention to detail. In most YA book the blunt girl that isn’t blunt because she is naive but because she doesn’t have time for games is rare.

Oddly enough the person that was naive was the love interest. I really didn’t like him. He was too innocent and noble. It made him unrealistic. I really couldn’t and still can’t see a romance between the two but the author does a decent job of expressing a mutual attraction between the two.

I enjoyed the pace of the book, I enjoyed the mythology and how easy it fit into the world. What I didn’t like was how I was able to spot three books into this novel. It bothers me because it shows a lack of originality. Even though the author was able to create its own and keep me interested, it still sucked.

Overall I look forward to the second book and some more original thought.

3 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Nihal of the Land of the Wind (Chronicles of the Overworld #1) by Licia Troisi

Mondadori Published May 27, 2014 282 Pages
Published May 27, 2014
282 Pages

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful cover. . . .  . .  I am in love.

Nihal is one of a kind; big violet eyes, pointed ears, blue hair, a love of swords and fighting. With her mother gone, all she has is her father that is until she loses a fight and decides to become the best warrior there can be by becoming a sorceress.

With her best friend (former enemy) Sennar, Nihal tries to become the best she can be. But things change after her land is attacked by the Tyrant and she is forced leave.

Now with the sole purpose to avenge her father and her home, Nihal gets more than what she has bargained for.

I enjoyed this book but it was a struggle. Nihal was a brat and a very selfish girl, however, she was a great at what she did. What I really didn’t like was how whenever she cried she got what she wanted. Yes, her skills was on point and she used them but when it came to the people that cared for her she would cry (not purposely) and they would give her what she wanted. All I kept thinking was “There is no crying in baseball.”

Also Nihal was very selfish and I feel like if you are going to write about a powerful woman warrior she should be realistic and not take advantage of people and their emotions. The ending of this book thru me off and I was upset.

However, I thought the story was well written although, I feel like the author was trying to cover all ground and leave nothing left untouched, which caused the thrill of the story to dull down.

I also think the “romance” aspect of this book was lame and it was better off not happening. I also think the “love triangle” was completely unnecessary and did nothing for Nihal. I was actually a bit disappointed by it.

Overall, 2.5 Pickles.


Book Review: In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters

It is 1918 and the world is at war with the Germans and the Spanish

        Amulet Books  Published April 2, 2013             387 Pages
Amulet Books
Published April 2, 2013
387 Pages

Influenza is killing everyone that was shipped in the draft. Mary Shelley Black, named after the author Mary Shelley, is sent to stay with her Aunt in San Diego, California while her father awaits a trial for his crimes regarding the war.

In San Diego, Mary watches as people go to spirit photographers in search of seeing their deceased loved ones one more time. Mary doesn’t believe in ghost even though she has a photograph with one. She doesn’t begin to believe until the ghost of the boy she loves shows in one of her photographs.

Unable to shake the fact that something is completely wrong, Mary begins to ask questions to find out what really happened to her beloved.

I couldn’t stand Mary. She was a brat and for most of the book she was rude to her Aunt. She wasn’t rude to her because she was living with her but she was rude because she was rude. Mary had an odd sense of entitlement and I really have no idea where that came from.

Despite Mary, the story itself was very creative and a really good read. There wasn’t much suspense in the book; danger wasn’t lurking at every corner. However, Winters made me want to keep reading not because I wanted to crap on the book but because I wanted to know what happened to Mary’s love. Is Mary crazy? Is Stephen still alive? The author left a lot of questions in a good way. Winters wrote the book so well that I am giving her a pass on Mary.

I also enjoyed the history in the book which includes photographs from that time period.  You don’t get too much regarding the war because yes it is what causes pretty much everything but the book is not about the war. It isn’t even completely about the flu going around  the point of this book is Mary lost the man that she loves but he cannot rest and she needs to know why.

The ending of the book was enjoyable and surprisingly enough not as predictable as I suspected. There was a big decision that needed to be made and Mary didn’t take it, which I thought was very interesting.

Overall the book gets 8 out of 10. If the story poorly written then it wouldn’t have gotten the grade that got.