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Book Review: The Poison Eaters and Other Stories by Holly Black

Holly Black is officially my favorite author.

       Big Mouth House    Published April 1,2010                212 Pages
Big Mouth House
Published April 1,2010
212 Pages

In her first collection of short stories Holly Black brings readers a range from vampires, werewolves, faeries and other supernatural beings. This short collection also gives readers a preview/idea of her latest book “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” which despite the title it was a pretty good read.

“The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” is the only story that left you wanting more. It brought out my curiosity because I wasn’t expecting vampires and I honestly have no idea why I wasn’t expecting vampires. I think the characters were a bit weak but I am going to chalk that up to it being a short story.  But this story leaves quite a bit of questions so I am interested in the actual book.

 “In Vodka Veritas” is a story in which a private schools’ Latin class put a spell on their peers at a school prom. This story was also the weakest story in this collection. It really lacked in development of the main character and it lack follow up. She led you on (which is a good thing) but fell short in making you in love with the story.

“The Poison Eaters” is also another story that didn’t quite work out for me.  It truly was a short story in every sense and didn’t leave any questions as in whom what or why. Everything was answered but it didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Over this entire book get 9 out of 10. For the first time, I actually found a book that is both well written and creepy . . . so very creepy.



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Book Review: Mirage (Winterhaven #2) by Kristi Cook

I loved Winterhaven. It written well had just the right amount of suspense and sappy teenage supernatural love. However I felt that Mirage, book2, was a bit weak.


It’s senor year for Violet McKenna, her friends and her vampire boyfriend. Excited for a stress-free new year, Violet realizes different when she starts having visions of bad things happening to her friends including her boyfriend attacking her best friend Whitney.  So Violet is on the fence about whether to stop the future or let it happen; causing a very stressful year.

Here is my issue with the book; it was boring. Granted nothing exciting can happen every chapter of the book, but there was too much down time within the book. If I didn’t already enjoy the first book it would have been hard for me to continue this second one.

Also Violet didn’t push hard enough with her boyfriend for me. He was experimenting on a cure and she noticed the changes in him but didn’t confront him about it or tell me that it seemed wrong. I understand she didn’t want to tell him about the vision she had but she knew what he was doing wasn’t healthy and it was a good idea to have her silent on that issue.

Violet, just like in the first book, decided to be strong or gain strength at the end of the book as if it wasn’t needed throughout the entire read.

Mirage gets an 8 out of 10. Mostly because I am looking forward to the final book and the author despite its flaws did leave me wanting more with the ending.

Book Review: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris


Before I can even begin to tell you about this book you need to know that now I officially know why people are obsessed with the book and/or the true blood series.

Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in a small town about an hour away from New Orleans. She also happens to be a mind reader; because of this she keeps to herself, doesn’t really go out and doesn’t date. However, ever since vampires became known to the world she’s been hoping one will pop up in her small town.

Well one did and his name is Bill and unlike everyone one else in that town, Sookie cannot read his mind which is a relief for her. As exciting as Bill is for her, things get rocky when her coworker is killed and Sookie doesn’t think she is so safe anymore.

This book was a great read. It was very modern and truthful about vampires. Bill was great because he wasn’t trying to hide what he was or use to be for Sookie; it was kind of like “it is what it is” type thing and I thought it was great. Sookie also didn’t annoy me as much as I thought she would. Yes, she had her moments when she couldn’t decide if she truly wanted an honest life with bill but I wasn’t too annoyed with that.

Harris did a good job with the setting and describes life in a small town to a tee. However, there was a scene or there is a big part of the book that reminds me of Twilight. Stephenie Myers released her book in 2006 and then Harris released her book in 2008. Hmmmmmm There is nothing wrong with being influenced by other writers; but I really thought that what Harris did was unnecessary. The book is great and it wouldn’t have lost any readers if it didn’t have that “twist.”

The book gets 10 out of 10. I picked up the book with the thought of hating it and I was pleasantly surprised. I do plan on reading the next book but I’m not sure if I will be reading all 10. I think that is excessive for a series.