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NetGalley Review: The Decaying Empire (The Vanishing Girl #2) by Laura Thalassa

Skyscape To Be Published April 21, 2015 329 Pages
To Be Published April 21, 2015
329 Pages

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Ember Pierce has had a bad night. When she wakes up at a LA hospital, she remembers only one thing . . . someone set her up. As a government agent, who has the ability to teleport, Ember is use to dangerous situations but not like this.

Ember has been gone for 10 months and Caden Hawthorne is grieving her each and everyday. But when Ember teleports to his room, he thinks he sees a ghost but quickly realizes Ember is not the same.

Back and ready to truly be free, Ember and Caden are not only determined to stay together but to find a way out.


Yea. . . I  the read the second book and I don’t still like Ember nor do I like her relationship with Caden. However, this was a better book. The author developed more of a drama and action in the book. Also the pace kept the book going. Another thing I liked about the book that loved in the first one is the whole concept of government created agent decides to rebel. The whole teleporting thing doesn’t really do anything for me.

In regards to characters,  Caden grew into a decent character but I do think he should have been better at conveying his thoughts in regard to Ember’s choices. I felt that he just went along with things because he loved Ember and I didn’t agree with it. Ember may have changed physically but she still didn’t develop as she should. She still did a lot of things without completely thinking it through and she didn’t trust Caden. She really didn’t.

Overall I probably won’t read the third book because the predictability was there even though the author tried to hide it.

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