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Book Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray  Published Feb. 10, 2015 302 Pages
HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray
Published Feb. 10, 2015
302 Pages

Aysel is 16 years old and loves physics but after her father goes to jail for committing an unspeakable crime and when he mother is unable to meet her look her in the eye, she begins plotting her death. 

But Aysel doesn’t want to do it alone so on a website called Suicide Partners, she finds a boy named Roman who is devastated by a family tragedy who is also looking for a partner.

Although the only thing Aysel and Roman have this suicide pact in common, they begin to form a bond that makes Aysel question her will to die. But is that the case for Roman?

This book was a hard read for me because suicide is just a hard read. So it took me a while to want to read it and to get into it.

I don’t really understand Aysel because she wants to die because she feels she knows everyone’s’ thoughts about her after her father dies.  But she has a love for science, a love for her little brother, she even has a love for her father (although she hates it). So the fact that she wants to end her life was a bit confusing for me, unlike Roman who seems more anti life than Aysel.

If you get past the theme of the book it was pretty dry read. I was not expecting personality from Aysel or Roman in the beginning but I was towards the end of the book when Aysel began to see life differently. I also didn’t like the fact that Aysel’s father is a huge character in the book and he is so carelessly thrown off at the end. It felt like a easy fix for the author without having to add another 200 pages into the story.

I kept reading the book even though it was predictable. It wasn’t a shocker that Aysel fell for Roman or that she changed on her mind on the pact. Actually nothing in this book was a shocker which left me feeling kind of blank about this novel.

However, I was able to finish the book because although the author wrote on a very tough subject, she wrote it realistically and with so much honesty and rawness that to put the book down would keep you up all night.


2.5 Pickles 

Book Review: Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Some books you completely misjudge . . . this is one of them.

    Reagan Arthur Books     Published May 1, 2012              290 Pages
Reagan Arthur Books
Published May 1, 2012
290 Pages

Addy Hanlon is Beth Cassidy’s best friend. Beth is the Queen that not only rules the cheerleading squad but also everyone in the school. Addy follows anything and everything Beth says no matter what it is. However, when they meet their new cheerleading coach Colette French things become very murky for their friendship.

When I began reading this book I thought it was about a coach getting too close to its students and inappropriate things begin to happen (i.e. sex). I was only partially right. Coach does get close to these girls but she gets closer to Addy, who has been deemed her favorite. Beth does not like this. She does not like Coach and how she is changing her ways and the control over the girls. Beth has it out for the Coach and will do anything to ruin her life. Addy is just the fairly innocent bystander watching from both points of views.

When a sucide happens close to the girls heart, all hell breaks loose and friendships are tested.

This book is not for the lighthearted. These teenage girls are sexually active and the author doesn’t shy away from that. These are girls who are scared of Beth, who are scared that she will not only ruin their popularity but will ruin their lives. It’s pretty intense how Beth controls them. Her word game is really sick.

I loved the characters. Beth was the perfect you love to hate character and honestly I am glad the author didn’t go into her backstory. She was an evil girl no reason why. Addy I thought needed to grow a pair when it came to Beth even at the end she doesn’t really stand for herself against Beth. She does become a strong person I believe and takes on her own but that is when Beth is gone.

The story focus on relationships is intense. Things are truly nothing nothing nothing like it seems. Although I was a bit bored in the beginning, the way the author writes the book she leaves you hanging with each chapter. I needed to know more and with each chapter that only grew.

Overall, this book gets 10 out of 10. If you feel uneasy reading about teens having sex or being evil for that matter then you really should not read this book.


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