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NetGalley Review: Shadow Lover by Anne Stuart

   Bell Bridge Books  Published Dec. 31, 2013    229 Pages Kindle Ed
Bell Bridge Books
Published Dec. 31, 2013
229 Pages Kindle Ed

*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Carolyn McDowell is the foster child to one of the richest family in Vermont. Growing up and even as an adult she was neglected and used for the needs of others. Her true bully . . . Alex McDowell, her first love.

One night, Alex runs away and Carolyn follows him; only to see someone shoot and kill Alex. 18 years later, Carolyn is back at Vermont caring for her Aunt Sally, who is on her death bed, when a man comes in the night stating he is the long long son of Sally.

Carolyn is much more than skeptical because at stake is not only her sanity but the inheritance of her beloved Aunt Sally. Carolyn who doesn’t see a dime of that money doesn’t want this man taking advantage of this woman but not everything is what it seems and Carolyn has to open up to this stranger to find the truth.

Very good read. The entire concept of the book is great. I loved the suspense and the mystery surrounding the imposter and then surrounding the family. It is always the rich that have the most secrets.

The author did a great job with the details and it didn’t drag the book or come off boring. There was a lot of care in reading about each person and how they played a role in the mystery. It was like a modern at Clue. I completely loved it. But the biggest flaw I had issues with was Carolyn. She was so dull and paranoid I was expecting the author to break out a huge sappy feel sorry for me story (no its not funny) but the author wrote her so needy and so abused that I really couldn’t enjoy her.

“Alex” wasn’t a bad character. He was the typical rough around the edges but really good heart man that just needs to be trusted. If it wasn’t for the author’s skills in suspense, I’m sure I would not enjoy this book. The author pulled me in with the multiple characters and their different layers. The whole who done it and who is doing it was amazing.

Overall this book gets: 3.5 Pickles it would have been perfect if there was more to the two main characters.