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Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Chronicle Books  Published Sept. 12, 2013 378 Pages
Chronicle Books
Published Sept. 12, 2013
378 Pages

Lady Aileana Kameron, the daughter of the Marquess of Douglass was supposed to have a life of complete luxury, constant balls and time with her best friend but when her mother was killed by a faery everything changed.

Now Kameron attends balls during the day to keep up appearances and hunts faeries at night to find the one that killed her mother. But things become complicated when her two lives begin to intersect causes those she care about to become in danger.

There was a lot of good in this book which surprised me. The book is set in Scotland 1844 and Kameron is a know it all. She hunts faeries with the help of two faeries; a pixie that lives in her closest and mends her clothes and one of the most powerful faeries who is content killing his own kind.

Kameron has a need to prove herself mainly to herself and that is fine but it is too much when she is bluntly wrong . . .  and she is wrong quite a bit. She is so stubborn that at points in the book I really couldn’t stand her. However, I liked the fact that she was strong, smart and creative.

There are two things in this book I could have lived without but it didn’t damage the book too bad; the “love triangle” and the steampunk. What is funny about the love triangle is the author knew it was useless so she switches it to a friendship pretty much right at the beginning. I am glad she did because it would have killed the book with unnecessary drama. Kameron may have been fighting her feelings throughout most of the book but she wasn’t so stupid.

But I also didn’t understand a few things regarding that either. I’m telling you if I interview this author I will ask her (I can’t tell you because its kinda a big spoiler).

The steampunk was cute; Kameron and her mom use to invent things and when her mother died Kameron kept the tradition. There wasn’t enough steampunk in the book for me to feel it to be needed. I guess it was a extra factor to try to get people into the book.

Beyond that the writing was captivating. I liked the blend it had of the two lifestyles and for the most part I liked Kameron. And that ending . . . . the biggest cliff hanger I have read this year. It makes me want to read the next book but it pisses me off at the same time.

Overall I did really like this book. 4.5 Pickles






Book Review: Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole

     Ballantine Books  Published July 9, 2013           304 Pages
Ballantine Books
Published July 9, 2013
304 Pages

Love.Love LOVE!

 In 1912, 24 year old Elspeth Dunn is a published poet who has never left her home located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. One day she receives a fan letter from David Graham, a student that lives in America. From this moment on Elspeth and David begin a friendship and soon love through these letters.

Fast forward to 1940; WW II has begun and Elspeth daughter, Margaret has fallen for a pilot. Her mother doesn’t agree with it but doesn’t stop her daughter either. When a bomb goes off near Elspeth’s house letter from the past reappear and shortly after Elspeth leaves.

Margaret has only one letter, a clue to find out what happened to her mother.

This book was so cute and romantic and perfect I cannot stand it. It is written in letter form. Some letters are longer than others and others are just lines or telegraphs. To be honest this didn’t add or take away from the story. Every letter was detailed and held the same conversation tone as a “traditional” novel.

David and Elspeth had no intentions of being anything more than a fan and an author. However, Elspeth was interested in David and his life because it was nothing she has ever experienced. David enjoyed speaking to her because they shared a love a literature.

I thought their relationship was pure love and it was beautiful.

Regarding Margaret and her relationship there are letters exchanged between her and her love but it mostly centers around her mother and her family. I though the characters each of them played a good part; they weren’t annoying or even misused. Again for a lack of a better term perfect.

Overall this book gets 10 out of 10. I thought it was a great love story. If you are looking for the harlequin  type love story this is not the book for you.


Love, Pickles