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NetGalley Review: Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst

Bloomsbury To Be Published Oct. 14, 2014 368 Pages
To Be Published Oct. 14, 2014
368 Pages

Kayla plans on spending the summer in Santa Barbara with her best friend enjoying the beach and stealing whatever she wants. Because Kayla was born with the ability to move things with her mind, stealing is easy for her and she steals to save money just in case her father, who killed her sister, comes to find Kayla and her mother.

But when a boy named Daniel catches her stealing, he blackmails her to get her help in finding her mother. However, Daniel has a trick of his own . .  he can teleport to any location in the world.

With no choice but to help him, Kayla embarks on a dangerous journey, digging up secrets and learning forgiveness.  

I like Ms. Sarah. I read her book Ice which was a retold fairy tale with a twist and enjoyed her style. (Click here for review). So I was excited to read this one.

I was not disappointed at all and actually a bit surprised with the route she choose to go to in regards to the plot.

Kayla is an extremely like-able character. She has a really good relationship with her mother, which isn’t as common as you think in YA novels. Her best friend is wonderful. There is no why are you my friend feelings or any kind of pity or resentment. The two love each other and are honest to a certain extend. Ms. Sarah did something to their relationship I thought was unnecessary and didn’t understand why it was there but it didn’t kill the story.

I didn’t like Daniel. He starts off as this hard ass trying to do what it takes to find his mother but he’s a punk. He gives up about three times in the book when things get rough and it is up to Kayla to inspire him to keep going. He also was pretty much useless when crap happens.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the plot of the story. I liked how there was diversity within the book. However, the diversity was very limited because the author kept descriptions very neutral. You also don’t what the characters really look like.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It stalled some and I did put it down but when it came back up it was wonderful. 3.5 Pickles

Book Review: Ice by Sarah Beth Durst

   Margaret K. McElderry Books         Published Oct. 6, 2009             308 Pages
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Published Oct. 6, 2009
308 Pages

Judging a book by its cover can be a good thing sometimes.

Since she was a little girl Cassie has been told a fairy tale by her Grandmother stating that her mother made a deal with the Polar Bear King and because of this deal was blown to the ends of the earth. Now hours away from her 18th birthday Cassie, living with her father at an Artic Research Center, comes face to face with this fairy tale.

The polar bear tells Cassie her mother is alive. So Cassie makes a deal to marry the polar bear if he saves her mother. Deal struck Cassie goes with the polar bear to a place she never would have imagined.

This book was wonderful and cute spin off of the Beauty and the Beast (to me) and the Nordic tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. When I initially saw the cover I didn’t have a lot of hopes for the book *shrugs* I just didn’t like the cover. But because I didn’t like te cover I was pleasently surprised with the book.

What I loved about the book was the longitude and latitude at the beginning of each chapter.  It was different and cute and it kept the reading aware that this girl is/was a scientist and her life was fact not fairy tales. Even at the end she was still scientific because that was who she was.

Cassie was a likeable character. She had her bratty moments but they weren’t too bad. She was a fighter and she fought and did what she had to without complaining! That was the best part. I liked her relationship with Bear (polar bear) it was a gradual love that formed. It made me appreciate it. But there was a creepy part of their relationship that had me stop and was like WHAT? Without giving too much away all I can say is  I don’t blame Bear. He didn’t know and it was a misunderstanding on both their parts.

 Durst wrote the story very well. I wanted more and I didn’t have a dull moment. At one point I did think okay so now what but that is not because I was bored but merely rushing. The book felt magical from the beginning and the imagery was perfect.

Overall the book gets 9 out of 10. Great fairy tale retelling and highly recommended.


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