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Manga Monday: A Girl on the Shore (Umibe no Onnanoko #1-2) by Inio Asano

Vertical Comics
Published Jan. 19, 2016
408 Pages

When Koume and Keisuke’s relationship begins to take shape, it is apparent that they are both searching for something. Maybe Keisuke wants something more than a kiss from the fair Koume. Maybe Koume is looking for someone better than Misaki, the local playboy. But what they find in each other over the course of a summer might be far greater than anything they were expecting.

Their lives are going to change. And this will all transpire before high school exams!- Goodreads

I didn’t particularly enjoy this manga and I believe a lot of this has to do with not understanding where the author was going with this.

Firstly, if you are uncomfortable with sexual themes and images, you will not enjoy this book in the least. Secondly, although the manga starts off with a very obvious storyline, it jumps a tangent and generally becomes confusing.

Koume and Keisuke are young kids and they have a very weird relationship. There is obviously abuse within their relationship and they are both using each other but for what, it isn’t really defined. The cycle keeps going for a while and it becomes really disturbing. When you do see some kind of truth, it is hard to put two and two together.

This was frustrating and even at the end, I was even more frustrated because there didn’t appear to be any reason behind it any of the actions. What I mean is the bigger picture was just not there for me.

But I finished the book because the characters were interested. I wanted to know more about Koume and Keisuke, specifically I wanted to know more about what made them tick and a bit about their past. Granted they are young and there may not be a long winded history but something like that would have made the story less confusing and gave it a kick.

In regards to illustration, it was drawn very well, detailed and you can see the care in the artwork.

Overall, I would have to give this series

2 Pickles  

2 because initially I enjoyed the story, was looking for progress and I finished it.

Book Review: The Robinsons’ Dark Matter by Michael Raymond

Remember when I read Cinder and how skeptical I was of reading a science fiction novel? Well I was asked to read a science fiction novel in exchange for a honest review. So here it is. . . . The Robinsons’ Dark Matter was a well written, entertaining read. This to be honest blew me away.

         Self Published Published: May 28, 2013              382 Pages
Self Published
Published: May 28, 2013
382 Pages

Victoria and Nate Robinson are typical, plain ole teenagers. Victoria, has a huge crush on her brother’s best friend and also loves reading about conspiracy theories. Nate . . . . well he just thinks his sister is weird. Oddly enough they have a decent relationship; they don’t avoid each other in school, and they don’t seem to hate each other (which is new).

But one day coming home from school they hear a strange sound coming from the basement. In this basement is a hidden door that alters gravity and has some suspicious alien technology in it. Curious as all teenagers would be Victoria and Nate discover that everything is not what it seems and that very same night their parents are kidnapped by two very weird men. Although the government tells them they have everything handled, Victoria and Nate take matters into their own hands.

What I loved about this book was the shock I felt when I began the book. Raymond (the author) made the beginning sound like a ending and it ticked me off until I realized what he was doing. He essentially started at the end to have a beginning; I haven’t seen that done in a while and it was done very well.

I also loved when the book switched to the parents point of view. Was not expecting that. Perfect.

What I didn’t like was the teens being in school and acting as if everything is okay. I understood why it was there because it helped in some ways and it moved some expected things around but I could have lived without it.

Raymond was able to keep a good pace in the book minus the school part, the book kept me on my toes that I looked forward to the next page. Not only did I want to see what happened to the parts but I knew something would change big time within those teenagers.

Overall this book gets a 9 out 10. The ending didn’t leave a lot of questions. Only one, which we can make an assumption on. There is a second book called The Robinsons’ Quantum Entanglement. I can honestly say I am looking forward to reading it.


To know more about the author check out Michael Raymond’s interview here


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Book Review: The Demon Trapper’s Daughter by Jana Oliver

This book was not what I expected and I was thrown off . . .  not too sure yet if that is a good or bad thing.  Oh & this review will have a bit of spoiler *sorry*

The Demon Trapper's Daugher by Jana Oliver (goodreads)
The Demon Trapper’s Daugher by Jana Oliver (goodreads)

17 year old Riley Blackthorne is a demon trapper apprentice, she also happens to be the daughter of the famous demon trapper Paul Blackthorne. With going to school and learning how to trap demons things are bit rough for her.

Okay. So when I read the summary it simply stated she had an unexpected demon attack her during a routine trap and things get complicated. The summary fails to mention that the unexpected demon is really not the issue. *Spoiler Coming* her father dies. THAT’S WHAT SCREWED HER OVER. Her mother had past away a few months before. She is left alone with bills, rent and a pet. So what threw me off was why the summary of the book detailing an incident that really didn’t set off the events in the book?

Beyond that I loved the relationship between Riley and her father. They have a close bond; nothing is hinted that the bond formed after her mother passed away; it seems as if they always had that bond. So it was a great loss even for me to read of his passing.

What I also liked was how there was no love triangle . . . at least in this book. Yes, there are two main guys in the book but one becomes the boyfriend and the other holds some kind of responsibility to Riley. Although these relationships change in the next books (yes, I did take a peek at the next three books), I thought it was cool that there wasn’t any complicated love. It was a bit of fresh air.

The book overall was a decent read. However, I couldn’t see what the hype was about. Riley was extremely prideful not necessarily mean. The author did quite a bite of dragging. By chapter 37 I was extremely close to calling it quits. The detail was great and the semi religious aspect of the book wasn’t in horrible taste. It was a well written book.

Will I read the next three books? I have no idea.  This book gets 7 out of 10.

Book Review: The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan

**Graphic Novel**

The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan (goodreads)
The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan (goodreads)

I love a story that gives a spin on a historic event. It is 1937 in Kanas and if anyone knows their history they would know it was the dust bowl.  Jack is an 11 year old who feels completely useless. His father has no need for him, he is constantly bullied and his sister is sick.  To make matters worst the townspeople and his family believe that Jack has “dust dementia” which causes him to see things that are not really there, such as a mysterious figure in an abandoned barn.

This was a quick but enjoyable read. What I liked about the story was it was constantly building. But with that being said the “action” scene didn’t deliver. Throughout the entire book, the author is detailing the life of this ordinary boy who simply wants to be needed. When the chance comes for him to prove himself he does great but when a book is described as thrilling, you expect to be thrilled.

 So even with that I believe if the author decided to make this an actual novel .  . . it would be great. This book is a pretty good foundation.

 This graphic novel gets a 7 out of 10. Even though its a graphic novel there still could have been more.