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House Keeping!

Here are some sites that are afflicated with this blog:


Goodreads: although you won’t see bookreviews on this site, you will see all the books I have read and plan to read. Tanya Pickles is my name :) Click here

Tumblr: This is the website in which all books are reviewed including a few that has been posted on here. Click here

Twitter:  in case you want to know me personally @mrztanyapickles.   Motif Ink will have a twitter coming soon!

WordPress:  Peronal blog Click here


Hope to hear from you all :)

Hidden Gem: WordPress Edition


Apparently it is  Haiku Monday on wordpress and I am loving it.  This poem I found is great;

fitting for the mood of my heart.

This piece was written by Merisdyologyx and it is titled Lesson# 153: “Final Destination” (17 Haikus 4 ). There is really no words for this. I really think this is a great piece and I am sure you will love it.

I can run from you,
or I can run into you.
Destiny will be.

Be sure to check out her blog.