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Graphic Novel Review: Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O’Malley

Raleigh is a girl who doesn’t have a soul. She sees cats everywhere so she assumes a cat has her soul. She doesn’t know what to say to people; she is really shy and really withdrawn. So she is in this car with three of her classmates trying to get back home in time for school.

             Oni Press Published May 3rd 2005             160 Pages
Oni Press
Published May 3rd 2005
160 Pages

This graphic novel was boring and a bit all over the place. If it was longer than it would have been a better book but sad to say it fell completely short. Raleigh is almost scared to be around people. She stares absently into space in her own thought for most of the book and even when one of the mates is trying to speak to her and bring her into the conversation it doesn’t happen.

When she does begin to open up to those around her she doesn’t make any sense what’s so over. The girl is in love and she feels lost. Her best friend moved away and the guy who she loves lives in the middle of no where. She’s lonely. I think the whole the cat has my soul was out of no where and unnecessary. There wasn’t really any real follow-up.

As for artwork, there was nothing new or exciting about it. It matched the book exactly. So over all this graphic novel gets a 4 out of 10. Sorry Brian this book was literally not worth my time.

Signings in Raleigh, NC & Everywhere else

A hidden treasure in any city, state, or town is the independent book stores. North Carolina is no different . .  . if anything it is expected since NC is a bit of a quiet, homey state. Sadly, Raleigh is a bit limited in that section HOWEVER in its surrounding areas there are a handful of independent stores that are competing  with Barnes & Nobles and their famous authors coming for a visit. Listed are a few signings that I will have the pleasure to enjoy. Click the name of the bookstore for their event calendar.

 Quail Ridge Books & Music Located in Raleigh, NC

Jonathan Tropper August 22 “With One Last Thing before I Go”

Dav Pilkey August 30 “Captain Underpants!”


Regular Book Shop Located in Durham, NC

Anna North August 13 “America Pacifica”

Margaret Dunbar Cutright August 21 ” A Case for Solomon”


Park Road Books Located in Charlotte, NC

Kay Hooper August 10 “Haven”

Chris Van Dyk August 21 “Awaken”


The Fountainhead Bookstore Located in Hendersonville, NC

Mark de Castrique August 11 “The 13th Target”


Enjoy the events! Each month there will be a listing of book signings at various independent bookstores in various states.

Happy signing!