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A Few Memorable Manga Novels



I have read a lot of manga. For years, it has been my go to reads when I didn’t want to get too heavy in a new novel. After some time, manga didn’t just stay as my in between reads bu now it is a requirement in my book list.

Although I did not post all my memorable manga, these hold a special place in my heart. Their originality in plot and illustration and the emotion each brings out. I love them. And if you get the chance to read them, I hope you love them too!



Manga Review: Princess Ai: Destitution (Princess Ai #1) by Courtney Love, Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky


TokyoPop Published July 6th 2004  192 Pages
Published July 6th 2004
192 Pages

Ai is the only royal princess of Ai-Land, which is a magical kingdom going through a revolution. Princess Ai wants out and escapes to planet Earth more specifically Tokyo. 

Ai has no idea where exactly she is at but knows that Tokyo (or Earth) will be able to help her find secrets about herself and her home land. Ai uses her looks, brains and her voice to not only move up on the social latter but to find the truth. 

At first I was extremely skeptical of this Manga. . .  I mean it is written by Courtney Love. However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I actually really liked it.

Ai isn’t cheesy and she isn’t drawn in the cliche Japanese Manga. A lot has to do because this is an American Manga but none the less the cliches aren’t there. However, the story is not really complicated at all. Yes, it has its tensions, battles and issues but it isn’t stop the world dramatic.

Love wrote what she knew and that was a punk princess rising to the top. The fact that Ai was from another planet that was going through a really bad battle was a twist that I enjoyed. It added dramatics and it took away from the silliness the Princess could have been into. There was a reasonable plot and the ending was good enough for me to read the second one.

So if you are expecting a manga in which this goofy princess is in a unknown world, this is not the book for you. Ai is actually pretty intelligent, maybe a little gullible but I am willing to look pass that.

The artwork, as stated, isn’t the overly showy Japanese chick or the perverted boy. Ai is extremely fashionable, which I am okay with. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and give it 3.5 Pickles