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I haven’t really been speaking about this goal I have been working on. And that is really because up until the beginning of the month, I haven’t really been doing anything with it.

My reading schedule has been a mess and I’ve been reading more of the arcs that I have been granted as opposed to any past books. But in the beginning of the month after 4 years of being faithful, my kindle broke. At first, I thought maybe if I charge it and let it sit for a while, it will come back to life (this has happened in the past). But I was wrong. The month is almost over and my kindle still have not turned back on (even after attempting to reset it).

Do I plan on getting a new kindle? Maybe. I have an ipad and a small tablet somewhere, so I may just use that. But the point I am getting to is because of my broken kindle, I was able to read of my physical tbr books, which count towards my #unreadshelfproject2018. YAY!

This post will be updated around this time each month until December 28th 2018, so you and myself can see the progress I am making, especially since I keep buying books. So here are the details:

Current TBR shelf: Let’s say 120 (don’t judge) This does not include any new books, I have purchased since the beginning of the year. (And that is really because I couldn’t give you a number)

Overall Goal: 120 books read

How Far Back, as in purchases, am I reading from: December 2017

Can anyone participate in this challenge? OF COURSE! I honestly encourage it, especially if you receive a lot of arcs and struggle at times to keep up.

Total Completed Books: 12

What are those books [May 2018]

I have a lot of books that sit on shelf and that is because I swing my time reading arcs for the site and buying at least 2-5 books a month. It’s a book collector thing, that I have no intentions of changing but I can be smarter about it. This challenge will make me accountable and give all the authors I spend money on the proper support they deserve.


June Update:

June went by very fast! Most of the month, I was fasting for Ramadan and completely pre-occupied with school and my husband coming home. So my #unreadshelfchallenge for the month of June is crazy low. But at least I was able to get some of those readings in. July “should” be a better reading month. <3

Original TBR Pile: 120

Total Completed Books: 14 (May + June)

Remaining Books: 106


Its been a while… quite a while since I have updated this. So here we go!

August, July, partly Sept Update:

So for the most part those are the books I have read between last time I posted about this to now. Some of these books were apart of the  #unreadshelfchallenge  but others were apart of #tanyaneedstoreadher #librarybooksand #stopcreating #somanyholds challenge lol Either way they are all getting counted to that 120 goal.

Original TBR Pile: 120

Total Completed Books: 46

Remaining Books: 74

The goal for the rest of Sept is to complete more of my #unreadshelfchallenge i.e more of the books I actually put in my tbr pile months ago and not last week.

Wish me the best!