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NetGalley Review: Phobic (The Forbidden Doors #1) by Courtney Pearson

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Piper Crenshaw lives in a weird house. She knows it and the town she lives in knows it. What the town may not exactly know is that the house is full of secrets, ones that Piper doesn’t even know. And it is the same house her mother committed murder. 

Determined to figure out the truth about the house, Piper opens a forbidden door and begins having flashbacks to the original owners.

Piper no longer thinks the house is weird but that the house is a live. 

I didn’t enjoy this book. There were good points that kept me dragging through but there wasn’t many.

Firstly, I really didn’t like Piper. She was the nerd, the girl who had really bad acne and had that only friend that was cool with everyone. I felt that Piper didn’t have enough life in her for me to really enjoy her.

I really hated her best friend Todd from the beginning to the end. He was a horrible friend. He didn’t have any concern about her feelings when he was hanging out with the kids making her life difficult. He wanted everyone to be happy because he was trying to get with the girl that hated Piper the most. I felt he was horrible and should not have been called a best friend.

Another thing I didn’t like about the book was that it was slow. The theme of a possessed house only got so far before it started losing its win. There wasn’t enough action involving the house for me. There wasn’t enough depth. The back story of the house was good but just not enough to win me over.

Overall, I give this book 1.5 Pickles.