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Book Review: Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

Was I in for a surprise when I read this book!

Dead beautiful by Yvone Woon (goodreads)
Dead beautiful by Yvone Woon (goodreads)

For Renee Winters her life is perfect; dating the hottest guy in school, love her parents, and has the best friend in the world. She couldn’t have asked for a better life that is until her 16th birthday. On her way home from a beach date, Renee discovers her parents’ bodies in the middle of the woods.

After the funeral, here comes the rich Grandfather that has not been in contact with Renee since she was seven.  For his own reasons, he sends Renee to Gottfried Academy in the middle of no where Maine, where she meet Dante. The hottest boy at Gottfried, who doesn’t talk to anyone much but seems to be drawn to Renee as much as she is to him.

But of course as they get closer things get complicated.

This book when I initially picked it up sounded typical. Rich Grandfather, the main character doesn’t really know; sent to a boarding school; meets a hot guy; discovers everything isn’t what it seems; all of this is pretty typical. But Woon was able to surprise me and keep me going even though for about 20 chapters she was really repeating the same things over and over and over again.

It took too long for Renee to actually get answers. But once the answers started coming it was great. I loved the ending. It is perfect for a book two. I loved loved Dante. He didn’t come off too weird or too perfect. Renee wasn’t bad either. Woon did a pretty good job developing her and I am pretty sure she will grow up more in the next two books.

Overall, the book gets a 8 out of 10. It was long, dragged out but the connection between Dante and Renee kept the book going on strong.



Zoobean is a website that helps parents find books for children. The thing that is so special about Zoobean is a parent can look on this

tumblr books images
tumblr books images

website specifically for books that children can identify with. For instance, if the parent wants to look for bullying books, or hygiene books, you can simply type that in and will find a list of books to choose from.

This is awesome! and extremely convenient for parents trying to help their children read books that can help them in all aspects of life. Of course you can use this site to get books just for fun as well.

I think this site is a great site because I am a strongly believer in parents knowing what their child is reading. Granted you cannot be there for everything and no I am not going to be one of those uptight parents that is over the child’s shoulder. I just believe that it doesn’t kill a parent to know what the child is reading.

*Kayne Shrug*

Check out the site here

The Diary of Anne Frank. . . Pornographic?

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post stating that a parent is protesting or making a fuss about Anne Frank being required reading for 7th graders. The parent’s issue is there is a part in the book in which Anne is describing her body; this includes her vagina. Here is why I do not believe that is grounds for having this book removed from the school;


1. This is a diary; it was not meant for the entire world to see it. Technically, this is an invasion of privacy even though it does give people a first hand account of what happened during that time.

2. By 7th grade, you are in health class learning about the female body as well as the male body. I am 24 not only did I have to take health in the 7th grade, but I had to take a parenting class in high school and another health class in college.

3. You see more graphic stuff on television. Girls twerking in videos, television shows in which women are barely dressed. Anne Frank was a young girl hiding for her life and was curious about her body as we all do at that age.

I think that people are choosing the wrong battles to fight. Granted I am not a mother as of yet but I will not be that mother that allows her child to wear short shorts or a bikini top during the summer and then complain when she reads someones’ diary.

Also just to throw it out there in this article it is the same school that had parents fight the edited version of Anne Frank and the choose the “real” copy to be used in school.

Here is the link