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Book Review: Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay

        Delacorte Press   Published July 23, 2013             391 Pages
Delacorte Press
Published July 23, 2013
391 Pages

Princess Ira is blind and lives in Yuna, a city under a dome. Ira is considered a Smooth Skin, and is raised to be a human sacrifice to protect her people. Outside of Yuna, Gem, a mutant enters the dome in order to find food or something to save his people. However, Gem isn’t expecting to see Ira in her rose garden and taken by surprise he is captured.

Ira is fascinated by Gem and although she was taught to hate him she begins to care and the same is for Gem. As always things get complicated and feelings bloom between the two.

This story is Beauty and the Beast mixed with Rapunzel. Ira is locked in the tower pretty much her entire life . . . even when she becomes Queen she is still in the tower. Although this is a minor detail most people would miss I felt it was bold of the author to do that she silently slipped in. If you are expecting the same Beauty and the Beast story then this is actually not the book for you. The Beauty captures the Beast and the Beauty is completely in denial and reluctant throughout the entire book. It got annoying and it got annoying fast.

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the story and the creativity the author put into this book. It is sci-fi, forbidden love and a corrupt kingdom. Seriously the near-perfect retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I say near perfect because maybe I am a bit bias but Sci-Fi stories need to have more actions, more movement for me to love it. With that being said the book stalled for me. It wasn’t too bad but it was enough for me to put the book down and get a couple runs in Call of Duty.

That is strictly just me. I am on the fence about Sci-Fi therefor it takes a lot to move me. Overall, I give this book, this fairy tale retelling a 9 out of 10. I can’t knock the creativity and the passion I felt in this book.