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New Adult Book Review: Fevered Souls (Fevered Souls #1) by S.K. Falls

Self Published Published Aug. 5, 2013 358 Pages
Self Published
Published Aug. 5, 2013
358 Pages

Cara is back in her home town; Eden, North Carolina and she hates it. Fresh out of college, Cara has returned to find a job, save some money and leave as quickly as she came.

But when she meets Dax Allard during a job interview, she realizes her life will never be the same. Because Dax on top of that gorgeous beauty has a secret . . . a secret that Cara just so happens to stumble upon. 

There was a lot of things wrong with this book but there were some really good things that as a reviewer I cannot overlook.

Firstly, Cara and Dax are as cliche bull crap as you could get. Cara and Dax are instant “love” at first site. I give Dax a pass because Dax technically imprinted on her because he is a beast like that. As much as I go back and forth regarding that I am okay with it.

But I am not okay with Cara. Foolish isn’t the proper word for her because she just jumps right in; even if her questions were never answered (it didn’t take long for Dax to give it up the answers) she still would have went along with it all. I am not a fan of Cara. She shows little common sense and complete disregard for getting out of Eden the moment she meets Dax.

Although I give Dax a pass on love at first site, Dax is a beast (not in a good way). He is way too possessive and has the traits of a abuser; its not cute.  You can only say I was worried about you for so long.

But with all my heart I can honestly say, I like the way Falls write a story. Yes, the characters and their “love” is slack but she was able to tell the story smoothly without me wanting to throw my kindle against the wall. Falls wrote pretty well. The shortcomings were huge but you can see the talent as you read the book. Don’t get me wrong there were parts that I rolled my eyes but I kept reading because the potential there was really good.

The biggest issue I have is the ending. It bad. Abruptly ending is not the same as ending a story. Conclusions are hard (trust me I know) but stopping in what seem like mid-thought shows a lack of creativity and effort to finish something right.

Overall this was an okay read. I may actually read book two.

2 Pickles.

Quick Five© with Reese Ryan

Quick Five© with Reese Ryan

Name: Reese Ryan

Who is Reese? A former Cleveland girl, who moved to the South carrying a passion for romance.

Books: Making the First Move and Love Me Not (To be released)

Where to Buy? Amazon


Oh love, love, love such a beautiful and romantic notion that it is irresistible for some people. Take author Reese Ryan interviewed by Tania Lasenburg; she explains what makes her romance different from the rest and how she feels about adults writing for teens.

Enjoy the Quick Five© with Reese Ryan below.

   Courtesy of Reese Ryan
Courtesy of Reese Ryan

You moved from Northern Ohio to Central North Carolina . . . What promoted that move and are your books influenced by your new home?

After a job loss, my husband and I took the opportunity to relocate–something we’d wanted to do for awhile. After a lot of online research and then a one-week visit in July of 2009, we moved to North Carolina the following month. We absolutely love living here, but Northeast Ohio will always be home.

My first two books (and two others that I’ve written) are all set in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m sure that several future books will be, too. However, North Carolina has begun making it’s mark. A new adult series I’m planning for next year will be set here.

Do you feel as an African American writer you had a harder time to get published or have a harder time getting noticed in the industry?

I don’t believe that it made it harder for me to get published, but I do feel it plays a role in getting noticed. Sadly, many readers don’t feel they can identify with a character who doesn’t look like them. That, of course, goes both ways.

What makes your romance different from all other romances? Is it strictly your style of writing that makes it different or is there something else?

While the romance is at the center of the story, it’s never the whole story. It’s very much about the growth of the heroine and/or hero, too. My heroines aren’t perfect, but they’re real women dealing with real problems with which many readers can identify. And there is always a diverse cast of friends, family, and frenemies to make things interesting.

        Carina Press   Published July 22, 2013               Ebook
Carina Press
Published July 22, 2013

How do you feel about adult fiction authors transitioning to write young adult books? Would you ever make that move in your career? If so do you think you could get your adult readers to enjoy your young adult books?

Many authors have a rich body of work in both adult and young adult fiction. While I don’t have any plans to write YA, I am a huge fan of new adult fiction and I do have plans to write a new adult series in 2014. My preferred genre is contemporary romance, but I read my first new adult book because the story intrigued me and I enjoyed the author’s voice. I’m hoping my contemporary romance fans will read my planned new adult books for the same reason.

Finally, what is influencing you to continue writing?

I learned to read at an early age and I’ve been a voracious reader ever since. I’m fascinated by storytelling–books, movies, songs, and the everyday events of our lives. A song, a TV episode or an overheard conversation will often spur a series of questions which leads to the beginnings of a new story.

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Signings in Raleigh, NC & Everywhere else

A hidden treasure in any city, state, or town is the independent book stores. North Carolina is no different . .  . if anything it is expected since NC is a bit of a quiet, homey state. Sadly, Raleigh is a bit limited in that section HOWEVER in its surrounding areas there are a handful of independent stores that are competing  with Barnes & Nobles and their famous authors coming for a visit. Listed are a few signings that I will have the pleasure to enjoy. Click the name of the bookstore for their event calendar.

 Quail Ridge Books & Music Located in Raleigh, NC

Jonathan Tropper August 22 “With One Last Thing before I Go”

Dav Pilkey August 30 “Captain Underpants!”


Regular Book Shop Located in Durham, NC

Anna North August 13 “America Pacifica”

Margaret Dunbar Cutright August 21 ” A Case for Solomon”


Park Road Books Located in Charlotte, NC

Kay Hooper August 10 “Haven”

Chris Van Dyk August 21 “Awaken”


The Fountainhead Bookstore Located in Hendersonville, NC

Mark de Castrique August 11 “The 13th Target”


Enjoy the events! Each month there will be a listing of book signings at various independent bookstores in various states.

Happy signing!