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Book Review: Gilded Cage (A Canary Club Novella) by Sherry D. Ficklin

Published Dec. 1, 2016
Published Dec. 1, 2016

Masie is the daughter of notorious boot-legger Dutch Schultz and after being sent away to boarding school, unexpectedly she is called back when her mother falls ill. To keep her family’s dangerous secrets Masie is forced to lie about something so big, it can destroy everything as she knows it. 

I understand this is an introduction into a new series and I understand that this is a novella. However, I couldn’t like it any less if I didn’t know those pieces of information.

My biggest issue of this book was the fact that it felt incomplete. The book simply ended and I know it is to lead into another book but it was weak.

I didn’t like Masie. Her intentions seem really messed up and as much as she complains about her father, all I can think of was how much she is like him. I felt that maybe something decent about her would show but it wasn’t there. This introduction appears to be more about her selfish motives than anything to do with her mother or the family secret.

The overall plot felt like it was put together in a rush and there wasn’t too much concerned for it as it isn’t a full story. I like the author; her Queen of Someday series is amazing. But this did not make me want to read the upcoming series. There wasn’t enough on the surrounding characters, who will play a big part in the series and there wasn’t enough back.

Despite this, there is one thing I did like. The story’s setting is during the Gatsby era New York and I love it. I wish that there was more detail but I did like the aspect of that story.




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Happy Birthday Ella Fitzgerald!

google images
google images

The “First Lady of Song” was born today and Motif Ink is going to honor her by focusing on a children’s book written in her honor as well as a mini bio for those who do not know her. Ella was born in Newport News, Virginia, which is also called Bad News, Virginia. Her parents were married by common-law but once they separated Ella and her mother moved to Yonkers, New York. From her Ella would help out her family doing odd jobs for money.

When her mother passed away Ella started living on the streets. What started out as a dream to be a dancer turned to be a singer when she entered an amateur contest at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.  After winning firs place, Ella’s career instantly took off.

Ella’s voice is distinct; you can pick it out in a room full of voices. She recorded more than 200 albums, and has won 13 Grammy Awards and although she passed away in 1996, she is constantly honored. For instance, Google created a home page in honor for her birthday today.

The children’s book “Skit-Scat Raggedy Cat Ella Fitzgerald” is a colorful book that tells how Ella was an orphan and with the small amount of change she received from people in the street she was able to change her life. What I think makes this book a great children’s book is it is fun but it is informative and uplifting. Granted it is going to take more than small change for people to reach their dreams but it gives children hope at a young age which is great.

google images
google images

The author uses prose to create a tone that is upbeat and rhythmic. The illustration followed as such, with great detail and bright colors. As for biography for children it is a good resource.


Happy Birthday Ella!