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NetGalley Review: FanGirl_15 by Aimee Roseland

To Be Published July 8, 2014
To Be Published July 8, 2014

Chloe is in love with a fictional character. His name is Lucien and he is part of the Dark Riders series written by her favorite author.

But the problem (other than the love of her life isn’t in reality) is that the author died and there will no longer be a eight book. Completely devastated, Chloe has a mental breakdown at work and falls asleep in the lounge. 

When leaving the office and walking through the parking lot at midnight, Chloe gets hit with a supernatural force that transports her in a alternate reality in which the characters of her book are very much alive.

Determined to give the story a proper ending, Chloe has made it her mission to make things right and that includes not giving into her tempting Lucien.

This book was great. From the time I started it I couldn’t stop laughing at how serious Chloe felt towards her characters. Listen I have been emotional over characters and freak out a bit but Chloe was WOW!

But don’t take it as if I didn’t like her. I liked Chloe because she was true to the book. She was witty and sarcastic but other than that there was no real personality to her. She lived and breathed that series.  I felt that Chloe should have been more developed.

However, that didn’t deter me away from the book. What I liked about the story was the fact that it was just cute. There wasn’t a lot of back-story for the characters that Chloe loves and I understand why. But I didn’t feel anything for them at all. But the enthusiasm Chloe felt to get the story done in the “right” way was contagious. The energy in this story was very high which made for a quick fun read.

What I didn’t like about the story was the relationship between Chloe and Lucien. It was very childish. The I want you but can’t have you the I am going to throw a fit because I don’t she wants me; that right there made me believe that Chloe and Lucien were more teenagers than grown men and women. I felt that there wasn’t a developed romance between the two and there no steam or chemistry.  I didn’t see or even feel it until the end of the novel.

Overall, 3 Pickles.

NetGalley Review: Dark Paradise by Angie Sandro

Forever Yours To be Published July 4, 2014 384 Pages
Forever Yours
To be Published July 4, 2014
384 Pages

Mala LaCroix isn’t a witch. Nor does she believe her family line are truly witches as the townspeople believe. So she does her best to stay out of peoples’ way and finish school to join the police academy. 

But when she finds a dead body of the most popular girl  in town floating in the bayou on her land, Mala’s plans for blending in is halted when she begins to be haunted by the dead girl. Trying to ignore the powers that are growing within her, Mala must now find a killer

Landry just lost his sister and has had a long time crush on Mala but when he finds out his sister may have been use as a sacrifice in a witch ritual he begins to look at Mala differently. But the two must work together to find the truth about his sister and all temptation must stop.  

Reading this I was definitely drawn to Mala. She wasn’t a bitch, needy or uncomfortable. She wasn’t a rich girl, yes she was poor but there was a charm to her that if the author didn’t keep mentioning the fact that she was poor it would have been overlooked.

I loved the fact that the book didn’t take long to get to the problem. There was no beating around the bush about it but it still left a lot to the imagination which was great. I do wish there was more detail describing the body. I felt it was a bit overlooked and didn’t have the same care as most of the other parts of the book was.

I liked Landry as well. However for a 21 year old I did feel that he should have been more grounded. What I mean is he seemed so unsure of himself throughout the entire book and that put me off in really liking him.

My biggest issue of this book was the back and forth Mala and Landry did. It was so over done and overly dramatic that it brought the rating down. Another issue I had was the physical scenes. There wasn’t many to be considered a New Adult book and what was there was completely misplaced. They felt forced. I’m not sure about the chemistry between Mala and Landry and I chalk that up because of all the back and forth.

Overall, I thought the author did a good job with the mix of magic, betrayal, small town and romance. I was expecting more sex (shrugs) but I liked the book and look forward to number 2.

3.5 Pickles

Adult Only Book Review: The Mistress of Night and Dawn by Vina Jackson

Open Road Media Romance  To Be Published June 3, 2014 354 Pages
Open Road Media Romance
To Be Published June 3, 2014
354 Pages

I received this book via NetGalley in exchanged for an honest review*

Aurelia has grown up being haunted by her parent’s death. She lives with her God-Parents when on her 18th birthday, she meets a man who turns her out. However this man comes and goes as fast as her next breathe.

When a unknown benefactor offers Aurelia more money than she has ever has, she goes to America with her best friend Siv to enjoy a year off before going to school.

While in America, she comes across this ball that has been held for centuries not realizing that she is about to open the door to something she is completely unprepared for. 

This wasn’t a bad book. But it also wasn’t a book for me. What I loved about this book was the author painted a very pretty picture. I loved the intimacy she wrote about. It was detailed and romantic. I appreciated that and it made the book worth continuing. However, I was taken back by Aurelia. She was an extremely sexual person and I was taken back by that. She was so willing for a 18-year-old virgin. Like her arousal was so strong it was hard for me to believe that she was never with anyone in any form.

What I didn’t like about the book was the connection between Aurelia and her best friend Siv. The little back-story the author did give about how they became friends didn’t add any emotion to their friendship. It was boring and lack luster. Siv was a hornball and didn’t care how it went she was always game. Aurelia sat there and just let her do what she wanted at one point she even watched Siv have sex. To me they weren’t really friends but just two people that happened to get stuck together.

I also thought Aurelia as a character lacked which surprised me because there was such great detail in the scenery and the sex that it felt like the author just wrote characters just to be there. I also thought it was really weird how the summary state Aurelia was haunted by her parents, that was not true for half of the book. As a reader you know what happens to the parents but Aurelia doesn’t mention her parents . . .  Siv does.

I was disappointed with that aspect because I was expecting more of a story around her parents with of courses lots of sex.

Again this wasn’t a bad story but it lacked passion, a bigger story than a stupid friend and a mysterious guy that knows how to turn on a girl. Overall this story gets 2.5 pickles. 


Adult Book Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Published Sept. 19, 2013  203 Pages
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Published Sept. 19, 2013
203 Pages

Adult Only* I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Karma Points thinks that she is cursed to be a virgin for the rest of her life. Her goal is to lose her virginity before her 20th birthday. Her close friend suggest to go to a club to find a guy willing to sleep with her. There Karma meets Jax, the tattooed bouncer with pretty eyes. Not the guy she normally goes for, Karma says screw it.

However, looks can be deceiving and Jax is far from a man who will take Karma’s virginity on a one night stand. He is completely appalled that Karma would do something like and strikes a deal with her. If after three weeks of spending time together and she can lose her virginity or walk away.

I actually didn’t start off enjoying this book because I didn’t like Karma. She was a brat and annoying. I also couldn’t (and still can’t) understand why she is putting so much pressure on losing her virginity *shrugs* So initially I put the book down for a few days but I decided to pick it up again and I’m glad I did.

For some reason, the author made Karma less obnoxious as the book progressed and I loved it. Karma was witty and less whinny and yeah she had some moments you can tell her age but it wasn’t bad. Karma has a lot of emotional issues and that comes from her mother being a witch and her father allowing her to cling on him so much.

Jax was perfect. Seriously, the perfect guy. He wasn’t just a bouncer but he was a fireman that was raised in a household with a single mom and 5 sisters. Throughout the entire story the author stressed the fact that he was raised right. He sure as heck was. However, my only issues with him is his non-existing back-story. I wanted to know more about him than just the fact he was this perfect gentleman that fall hard for Karma. I liked him a lot but I needed a past to love him.

The story was well developed. It wasn’t just full of teasing and we almost had sex. Karma has some huge issues that needed to be worked out and her issues were constantly moving in and out of the story. That showed talent. I was involved in the story which surprised me because I thought I was going to hate it. My only issue with the story is the fact that Karma is an idiot and proved t the end. I understand why she did what she did but it was no where near necessary. But I have to remind myself . . . she’s 20.

Overall this story gets 4 Pickles.

Adult Only: NetGalley Book Review: Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose

                Kindle Published March 12, 2014 212 pages
Published March 12, 2014
212 pages


*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Robert Chatham is a billionaire vampire that doesn’t attach himself to anyone. With a different girl every night, Chatham is trying to find a cure. When sponsors a chemistry lab, he meets grad student Liz. 

Liz is trying to find a cure after losing her little sister to cancer. Not only does Chatham and Liz have the desire to find a cure in common, they are both instantly attracted to each other. 

Innocent to everything that involves a man, Liz is about to jump head into a relationship with Chatham, thinking the only issue would be his status as her boss.

This story felt rushed. However, it was a decent read. Liz is a very witty character and I actually liked her. Despite the fact that she was a virgin and haven’t been on a date in forever, she wasn’t naive at all. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that she really couldn’t mind her business. I really thought she passed the line of being curious to invading this vampire’s privacy. Its very weird saying that but yeah.

Chatham was an extremely sensitive vampire. He was holding a torch for his first love and every time he thought about her or even looked at Liz he was crying. For what exactly? I have no idea. After 400 years he just wasn’t getting over anything. I felt that this character was over done.

The story was too short for me to fall in love with it. After a week of dramatics, they both decide they are in love with each other and although Liz gave the hell no to marriage she did decide to stay with him. Meanwhile, she never lost her virginity just did other stuff.

I felt the story was a big pull but it wasn’t horrible just needed more words. Overall it gets 3.5 Pickles. 

Quick Five© with Wendy Owens


     Courtesy of Wendy Owens
Courtesy of Wendy Owens

Name: Wendy Owens

Who is Wendy?  A down to earth mother, artist, and writer with her priorities straight.

Books: The Guardians Series (1-5), Stubborn Love, Only in Dreams, Ruination Part One

Website: http://wendy-owens.com/

Buy:  Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

Not every interview is honest and not every person you interview is blunt. But every now and then you find a gem in writers and know that deep in your heart you found an amazing writer.  Motif Ink is proud to introduce Wendy Owens. Interviewed by Tania Lasenburg, Wendy explains that writing is her passion but she does have a life.


For years you were selling your artwork. How was creating and selling your art able to help you write and sell your books?

As an artist I learned a lot about finding my own voice. Once I became a writer there was a period of trying to find that again. I knew my art sold because of the uniqueness I put into it. Books work the same, readers are looking for those same qualities, a tale they have never heard before, or at least told in a new way.

Are there writers that influence you to keep writing? If so who are they and how do they influence you?

There are writers that keep me going. I’ll be honest, I love writing for the sake of writing, but it is a business, and if I can’t make a living doing it then I can’t afford to keep doing it. We all have good months and bad months when it comes to sales, but luckily the indie author community is one that pushes you and keeps you going when you are feeling down. Ladies like Samantha Young, Mercy Amare, and Ella James have all given me a push or a bit of advice to keep me going when I worry I might not have what it takes.

       Four Bean Soup Publishing              Published Sept 27, 2013               290  Pages Ebook
Four Bean Soup Publishing
Published Sept 27, 2013
290 Pages Ebook

Do you feel that there is more competition as a writer to get a notice as mainstream now since essentially everyone can be published through self publishing?

There is a ton of competition, but I think the quality authors will always rise to the top. I also think that we are a community that pulls together and helps support each other as authors. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of this community of indie authors so bring on the competition, it’s healthy.

How are you able to balance writing full time and taking care of a full household with pets?

How do I find balance? I don’t. I do my duties as mommy, then write, then do more mommy duties, and then panic when I am behind on my deadlines. Luckily every single time my knight in shining armor, my husband Josh, always comes riding in to save the day. He tries to give me weekends twice a month to have mass focus time. But I live in the real world, laundry often gets done when we run out of clothes, dishes pile up in the sink until we are having company, and there are days we all live in our pajamas. I quit trying to be perfect a long time ago and now I get by happy I get to do what I love and spend so much time with my three kids.

Finally,   why did you choose Young Adult as your genre? Did it prove the creative freedom you was looking for or are you using the Young Adult genre to build your fan base?

I am not one who ties themselves to a genre when I write. I have written young adult as well as new adult, and plan to write adult as well. Each thing I write has simply been a story that forms in my mind. I figure out where it fits on the bookshelf when it’s done.


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Quick Five© with Lizzy Ford

    Courtesy of Lizzy Ford
Courtesy of Lizzy Ford

Name: Lizzy Ford

Who is Lizzy? Veteran writer with a taste of travel and all things outside of the box

Books: Rhyn Trilogy, Witchling Series, War of Gods Series, Incubatti, and Rhyn Eternal Series

Website: http://www.guerrillawordfare.com

Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Itunes, Smashwords, Sony , Wattpad & Kobo


Every once in a while you meet an author so filled of knowledge and excitement it just makes your day. Lizzy Ford has written over 17 books and is still writing. Not many authors these days have longevity like that and it was Motif Ink’s pleasure to have Tania Lasenburg interview Lizzy to find out what makes her tick.


Enjoy the Quick Five© below


With 17 books under your belt how does that feel? Do you feel that you’re at the top of your game or do you feel you still need (not want) to grow?

I feel like I’m just getting started. Hahaha! I’m always growing, always learning more about my craft, marketing and re-evaluating what I’m doing to continue to improve. I constantly challenge myself to write differently and to find new ways of reaching new audiences. I feel like, if I stop growing, I stop selling.


What is it about Young Adult that you love? Do you feel any restrictions in the YA genre or are

                Indie Ink   To Be Published Oct. 22, 2013            E-Book 196 Pages
Indie Ink
To Be Published Oct. 22, 2013
E-Book 196 Pages

you comfortable with the guidelines of YA?

Honestly? I’ve only written two Young Adult series. The rest of my books are a mix of sweet paranormal romance and non-sweet paranormal romance for adults. I’ve never read YA books since leaving high school, except for those of my indie colleague Julia Crane. She’s the one who got me into writing YA.

I don’t feel any restrictions in YA at all. It’s kind of funny. I didn’t know there were restrictions until after the first three Witchling books were published. Then people told me that you’re not supposed to do X, Y, and Z. I just laugh. I’m a non-conformist at heart. I write what FEELS natural, and if that violates the unwritten rules of YA, then so be it. I’d rather be true to the story and characters than follow rules that don’t really make sense to me to start off with haha!

What keeps you passionate about writing?

I’ve always had a crazy-active imagination and always been super shy. So it was natural, I think, that I gravitated towards a way of expressing myself that didn’t require people skills, since I’m a bit socially awkward. Ha! I have so many ideas, so many stories going on in my head at once, that I can’t imagine not being a writer.

How has your life in Southern Arizona shaped your writing, not only skills but the actual stories?

I’m not entirely certain. I’ve lived here about two and a half years. I’ve moved around a lot in my lifetime, so I never really grew roots anywhere. Traveling has introduced me to a lot of new people, new customs, and new subcultures and also, new places, all of which end up in my books at some point!


Finally, you’ve been writing for some time what advise would you give to those who are trying to get into the writing industry for more than just a single book or series?

Here’s a few!


  • Persevere. True success is built over time.
  • Never stop writing.
  • Being an author isn’t about the sales – it’s about the connections you build with others through your stories.
  • Never let someone else make you doubt your books or yourself. Just write.
  • Follow your gut when it comes to writing.
  • Always remember that it’s what the reader thinks that matters – not what the industry or industry professionals tell you to write or how to write it. If readers love it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
  • Think outside the box in every way from your genre to your marketing. If people tell you it can’t be done – do it anyway.



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