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Book Review: Blood and Bone (Blood and Bone #1) by Tara Brown

Self Published Published Sept 12, 2013 204 Pages
Self Published
Published Sept 12, 2013
204 Pages

Jane is Jane and for the past 3 years that is what she has always been. After a car accident causing her to lose her memory, all Jane has is what her perfect doctor boyfriend has always told her. But while heading to her job at a modest store, she is approached by a man she has never seen before; a man that calls her Sam. 

Intrigued by this woman who looks like her, Jane opens the door that reveals her past but also changes her future. 

There was a lot going on in this quick read. Maybe too much going on. Jane stays as plain as possible that is until she realizes she may have a twin. I didn’t have a single issue with this but when she gets deeper into trying to figure out who this Sam woman is, she begins changing instantly. It wasn’t a slow process but rather quick. Granted she went between Jane and this new person a few times but I was a bit surprised at how fast it happened.

This is when a lot of things began to help and honestly it was a bit much to keep up. If even for a moment, you mind wander or you missed something by doing something else you got lost. I had an issue with this because there were time when I rolled my eyes and put the book down. I just felt that there was too much to the plot.

I also felt that there should have been more to the characters. Something was missing from Jane, even when she began her shift. I wanted more from her.

The pace of the novel was good. Overall, though, I felt the story lacked some consistency, passion and even good wordplay. The author could have been much more creative with this.


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Manga Review: Unbreakable Machine-Doll by Reiji Kaitou

Studio JG Published Oct. 24, 2014 8 Books
Studio JG
Published Oct. 24, 2014
8 Books

Raishin Akabane is a puppeteer with a mission. Traveling from Japan to Liverpool with his automaton Yaya, he begins attending Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart. Once every four years, the Academy conducts a “Night Party” This “party” is a competition where puppeteers use their automatons to fight until the last person stands. The prize? To become the “Wiseman” the most powerful puppeteer in the world.

 But Raishin can careless for the title; his mission is revenge and the only way to get it is to get into the “Night Party”

I had very little hope in this series. Something about it, while reading the summary, threw me off. But once I started reading my mind shifted. This is actually a pretty decent story. Slightly predictable but nothing too bad, where I have to stop reading it.

Raishin is different from the rest. He is blunt and has a one track mind (his mission) or at least in the beginning. Despite this, he isn’t a jerk; he has some kind of consideration for other. Although he comes off humorous, he is genuine. The predictability comes in with Yaya. She is in love with him despite the fact that she shouldn’t. In the beginning this is known but it is not known if Raishin actually knows this. He treats her like a companion and is affectionate with her as well. Does he have feelings for her or is he just the brotherly type? Can’t tell you but what I will say is the line is a bit thin for me.

Just because their relationship is spoken about in the first two books, does not mean this is a classic high school love triangle (yes, another girl is in this series) with some special effects. The line between the puppeteer and the automaton is huge. The fight scenes are on point. I would have preferred it to be more graphic and much more intense but the scenes were good. As the series progresses the artwork becomes less cliché and more sexual.

As far as the rest of the story, I love the complexity of it and how it twists and turns. It is almost perfect. I say almost because there is deeper emotion missing for me. It isn’t intense enough.


Overall, I would recommend this read for those 17+ mainly because the sexual content that occurs.


3.5 Pickles

Book Review: Sparrow by L.J. Shen

Self Published March 8, 2016 302 Pages
Self Published
March 8, 2016
302 Pages

Sparrow is taken against her will by Troy Brennan, the well known son of a mobster, who runs Boston. Forced to marry this dangerous man, Sparrow feels like a caged bird and although she is desperate to escape pissing off Troy is death wish. 

Ever read a book that you hate the fact that you really enjoyed it? Well this one is that book for me and it has nothing against the writer.

This was a well written book. Seriously, it was written very well. Predictable in the sense? Yes.  Because certain things happened very obviously and other things did not. The pace in this novel was great; things moved in real time and there wasn’t much of nothing going on; something even emotionally was happening.

Sparrow was. . . how do I put it . . . typical. I was so upset at her for what happened. I literally wanted to pull my hair out. How can she even remotely . . . UGHH! I liked Sparrow but I think that she may be a bit of an idiot. In regards to Troy, he was a great character for what he was. I didn’t expect anything more from him (This isn’t a bad thing). I liked how he was written. My only issue would be the lack of character development with him. He grew a heart but he was a take it or leave it type of guy. And I didn’t know how I felt about that when I finished the book.

What I didn’t like about this book was the cliche of it all. Although I loved it, it is still very cliche and it made me feel some type of way as a woman. Why? I can’t tell you because it will probably make you not want to read the book and I actually want you to read this book.

I loved the details and the flow within each chapter and I loved loved the excitement and rush I felt reading this.

Overall, although this is my hate to love book,

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Book Review: Dark Embrace (Dark Paradise #4) by Angie Sandro

Forever Yours Published July 14, 2015 384 Pages
Forever Yours
Published July 14, 2015
384 Pages

Dena has not been the same since her cousin Mala brought her back from the dead. Able to see when death is approaching someone, Dena struggles with the inability to actually save them. Desperate for peace and a life without this curse, Dena encounters two different “men” that can save her.

Ashmael has wandered the world and has encountered plenty of souls but none brings light to his life like Dena. But he cannot reach Dena the way that he wants because detective Michael Anders is investigating the deaths surrounding her. Although evidence points to Dena, being the killer, Anders must decide if he can trust not only Dena but his heart. But will that be enough to save her? 

Let me start off by saying, I did read the third book of this series but didn’t finish it because I couldn’t stand Mala any longer. I decided to read the fourth book because it wasn’t focused on Mala and the horrible decisions she decides to make.

Dena wasn’t exactly like Mala but after a while she was starting to get on my nerves. I can say my biggest issue with her was how easily she was turned on and easy she was to switch between Ashmael and Michael. I mean get it where you can get it but it was happening in the worst of times with her.

I did feel that she was babied way too much in this novel and I wouldn’t exactly call her selfish but when she was focused on doing something nothing else mattered. This was a common theme and I got tried of her half-ass apologies and the fact that no one would let her breathe.

I thought the pace of the novel was great but the most disappointing aspect of this book was Ashmael. He is not really a person and he doesn’t really have a voice in this book. The way the summary made it seem, I was expecting a presence from two men not one and a ghostly figure that popped out here and there. I wanted love and what I got was lust from a girl that I think is 17.

The story, overall wasn’t too bad though. I loved the weaving in and out of the first three books because it kept it upbeat. (Yes, I did mention that I didn’t finish the third book but I read half way through it before putting it down.) But things kept repeating in a ‘I want to keep you interested but I don’t want to end the book three chapters early’ type of way.

I didn’t enjoy the twist. It cleared up some things and made the love triangle easy to swallow but that was the problem it was too easy. Do I plan on reading the next book? Probably not. I completely loved the first novel of this series but none of the books have been able to give me that joy again.

2.5 Pickles


Book Review: The Vampires’ Last Lover (Dying of the Dark Vampires #1) by Aiden James and Patrick Burdine

Curiosity Quills Press Published Jan. 1, 2010
Curiosity Quills Press
Published Jan. 1, 2010

Txema Ybarra is 19 and a freshman at college, enjoying freedom and a sexy boyfriend that she cannot get enough of. But Txema is more special than she ever thought of. The tear drop birthmark on her neck is a symbol that only a handful of women in the world have.  It tells those that her blood is the key to eternal youth and beauty.

Because of this the women with this mark have been killed off, leaving Txema at the mercy of five vampires who promise to protect her from a rouge undead nation. Leaving everything she knows behind, Txema goes to France to save her life and her precious blood. 

*Short Review*

Two things happened when I started this book. I rolled my eyes and then I rolled my eyes again. How is it that a strange man appears in your room and you decide not to scream for help? Or how do you decide not to run to the door for your boyfriend, who is waiting for you? In what world, is any of those options okay to do?

I tried guys. I really did try to make it through this book but when two guys appeared in her dorm room and all she cared about was waking her roommate, I was done.

The story moves fairly quick. Normally I wouldn’t have an issue with this but nothing really sticks and nothing is really believable. Yes, I am aware this is a fantasy book but when you read something you should feel as if it has or is happening and you’re just taking a peak through the window. I felt so detached from the story. I felt that Txema and all of the characters were as uninteresting as a stack of leaves. I couldn’t picture her being this great human that saves the dangerously sexy vampires even as she being a hero.

I really couldn’t do it with this book but other people gave it amazing stars so for once . . . maybe it is just me.  But I cannot stress enough how much I rolled my eyes while reading this book.

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NetGalley Review: Running in the Dark (Running in the Dark #1) by Inger Iversen

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing Published April 19, 2014 Ebook
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Published April 19, 2014

Trace is a watcher. His job is to watch vampires as they end their lives and sometimes assist in their death while also making sure that no human sees or reports what they’ve seen. For years, this has been his life and he is ready for something different.

What he didn’t expect was different to show up in a form of a beautiful girl named Bessina, who’ve witness the death of two vampires. What would be a easy job to eliminate the witness turns into Trace running for his life to save this girl. 

Surprise. Surprise. A beautiful and quick read this book is.

Not only was I attracted to this book because both the author and the main character are of women of color but vampires trying to kill themselves is a new thing for me. I have no idea why that is the case but it was.

What I loved about the book was how the fluff was to a minimum. But an appropriate minimum; meaning there was still a need/drive to continue reading the book despite things moving at a faster pace. The only downfall with this is there isn’t enough meat on the characters to really fall in love with them.

I liked Bessina to a certain extent. Although you find out about some of her backstory, I wanted more. I didn’t want to see just a broken girl, who in my eyes took events too easy, but I wanted to see some spunk . . . some kind of excitement from her. I felt that although she was 19, I couldn’t help but picture a small scared child.

I liked Trace though. There was something about him that made the book enjoyable. He was fairly direct, a smooth talker yes but not a womanizer. The author kept him simple, which allowed the internal turmoil to come from falling in love as opposed to being a really really crappy person. I also liked being able to see his and Bessina’s point of view. The transitions was great. I loved the fact that the author was able to ease into it without stopping to say “Now Bessina.”

Overall, I thought the author showed her talent with this book. I wish it was longer and there was more depth to the characters personality but most importantly I wish there was more detail to the characters that affected Bessina’s life such as her relationship with her father. Yes, the author cleared everything up by the ending but I wanted more so bad.

3.5 Pickles



Adult Book Review: Family Care by Jessa Callaver

Smashwords Published Sept. 14, 2013 129 Pages
Published Sept. 14, 2013
129 Pages

Adult Review Only****

18 year old Josie decided that during her senior spring break to babysit for a new but beloved family in town.  Although the Sharps seem like the perfect family they are hiding a secret that Josie just got in the middle of.

*Short Review*


I was completely aware that this was an erotic, new adult book. But I was completely unaware with how intense this book was or how fast the intensity was going to come.

I am not bothered by the sexual scenes because that is why I picked up the book (look at the cover).

I enjoyed this read but really only because of one thing. The author is very talented in details and invoking a scandal and oddly enough surprise. The way she was able to write this story without predictability blows my mind because the obvious was there.

Josie, along with the other characters didn’t have any personality. It was as if sex is what defined them and that bothered me because there was really nothing else to this book. Seriously, nothing. The ending was too easy and Josie, who I once I thought was naive, knew exactly what she wanted and what she was doing.

But I cannot help but like this book. Maybe this says some things about me *Kanye Shrugs*


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