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Book Review: Deadly Sweet Lies (The Dream War Saga #2) by Erica Cameron

Spencer Hill Press Published Dec. 1, 2015 400 Pages
Spencer Hill Press
Published Dec. 1, 2015
400 Pages

Nadette can tell when people are lying. Something goes off in her head when someone isn’t telling the truth. For the past two years, the Balasura have been trying to get her into their world and for two years she has been able to say no. But now they are no longer playing nice and have entered her world in order to get to join them.

Julian can deceive anyone. With his mother in her own world, lying is the only way he can keep it together. The only joy in his life comes from Orane, a Balasura who helps Julian face his fears. But when he is killed, he fines that Orane wasn’t the person he thought he was and has been targeting children for their special gifts.

Julian knows that Nadette is being targeted and it is his as well as Nadette’s only chance at something real. 

I didn’t read the first book but as I was reading it, I didn’t feel like I was missing something. Anyway, this was a rough read for me because I didn’t particularly care for either of the characters. They weren’t badly written but something was missing. I can’t say they were lacked passion; I believe it was a lack of authenticity. I know you can’t really make a fantasy book authentic but they should be believable. Julian’s circumstances was believable but he wasn’t. Nadette was unbelievable from beginning to end. No personalities is a huge issue for me and neither one of them had any personality that didn’t include their abilities.

I did like the premises of the story. Orane, came to Julian in his dreams and that is part creepy and cool because dreams open a unlimited world in a sense. I wish it was developed more; it seemed so short. Julian, because he cannot detect liars, went into their world unlike Nadette but after two chapters it was done. I wanted more.

There was lag in the story, which caused my attention to drift in and out but it wasn’t horrible that I had to put the book down and call it a night.  I thought that the author did a really good job with details and settings. But the ending was predictable and it cut off too fast.

Overall, it was okay. I am not 100% if I have this reaction because I didn’t read the first book but literally as I was reading this I did not feel as if I was missing part of the story.

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NetGalley Review: Tell the Story to Its End by Simon P. Clark

St. Martin's Griffin To Be Published Oct. 20, 2015 208 Pages
St. Martin’s Griffin
To Be Published Oct. 20, 2015
208 Pages

Oli is has been taken from his home and with his mom moved to the countryside for the summer to live with an Uncle and Aunt he never met. Oli knows that everyone is keeping a secret from him especially since he hasn’t heard from his dad and his mom won’t talk to him about it. 

So Oil discovers a secret of his own; a creature in the attic. His name is Eren and he likes stories. Soon Oli is sharing his story and slowly discovers the secrets his family is hiding. 

Short review*

This book was painfully slow and although I understood why people thought it to be creepy, the creepiness didn’t last long at all.

When you met Eren that is when it is creepy and the thought of not knowing if he is real or part of Oli’s imagination makes it creepy but the book itself isn’t creepy. To be honest by the end of the book, I thought it was in Oli’s head as a way to cope with the fact that he was away from his home, his mother wasn’t really speaking to him and his father was gone.

I felt that the author was trying too hard to make this book more of a realistic horror than actually a book that makes you uneasy in your seat. I can’t say I enjoyed the book it was okay. I don’t feel the author was creative enough nor was the characters interesting enough for an adult let alone a child.

The cover offers horror, the title offers mystery but the book itself doesn’t offer anything. Other people love it I don’t.

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