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Quick Five© with Jaime Lee Moyer


Name: Jaime Lee Moyer

Books: Delia’s Shadow, A Barricade in Hell, Against a Brightening Sky (Delia Martin Series 1-3) 

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I love a good mystery book and I love it even more when the author is a bit of a mystery as well :)

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Jaime Lee Moyer, whose name and email is constantly misspelled and yet can still laugh about it.

Have you always known you wanted to be a writer? Most importantly, have you always known you wanted to write about murder, betrayal and magic?

Tor Books Published Sept. 17, 2013 336 Pages
Tor Books
Published Sept. 17, 2013
336 Pages

The first story I wrote down was when I was about eleven years old. I’d made up stories as long as I could remember; even going so far as to act them out and narrate them to myself.  I’d probably have put them on paper sooner, but there was the small issue of learning to write and being able to form coherent sentences.

Murder and betrayal are a grownup addition to my storytelling. Magic or some fantastic element, on the other hand, has always been a part of the stories I told.  A world without magic seemed lackluster. In a lot of ways magic is a part of me.

Why did you choose to write within the Young Adult genre?

While I’m thrilled that the Gabe and Delia books have found a YA crossover audience, I didn’t write them as YA. They were always meant to be adult novels, with adult protags.

Tor Books Published June 3, 2014 331 Pages
Tor Books
Published June 3, 2014
331 Pages

What is your process when you are writing a book? How do you keep the ideas flowing on to the paper?

I daydream, a lot. I ask myself what if questions, think of alternatives to my first idea and how each choice will change the course of the story.  Most important of all, I make sure from the start that I know my characters inside and out.  Characters drive the story for me.

What matters most when you are writing stories? The setting, the characters . . . etc Why does it matter the most?

The characters are always what matter most.  I try never to think of characters as puppets I can move around at will. In order for me to write them as believable people—and someone that readers will like and relate to—I have to think of them as people.

Think of some of the books you love the most. Did you love them for the cool buildings in the background, or did you remember the characters? I do my best to keep that in mind while I’m writing.

Tor Books To Be Published Oct. 6, 2015 336 Pages
Tor Books
To Be Published Oct. 6, 2015
336 Pages

Finally, if you can have dinner with one author dead or alive who would it be and why?

Only one?  Ursula K. LeGuin. I fell in love with her writing from the very first page. She paints incredible pictures with words, builds worlds I can get lost in, and still tells amazing stories. That’s a standard I can only aspire to.


Twitter: @jaimeleemoyer

Website: http://www.jaimeleemoyer.com


NetGalley Review: Madeleine’s Kiss by Peter Gilboy

Dog Ear Published May 21, 2015 208 Pages (Kindle)
Dog Ear
Published May 21, 2015
208 Pages (Kindle)

While waiting the verdict from the jury, Adam Snow decides to tell the whole truth about what happened to Madeleine.

*short review*

When I read this I knew this was the book I have been waiting for; a suspenseful thriller that is sexy and full a love that really shouldn’t have been.

I was AMPED!!!!!

So therefore, the fall was extremely hard for me on this book. It started off well enough but Adam Snow is a dull storyteller and his story got boring fast.

He doesn’t have a personality. He is a man that just goes through the motions and whatever happens happens. I was frustrated with him and so was the women in the book.  Snow is so one dimensional that when you meet Madeleine, you don’t understand the fascination with her. Throughout the book you just don’t get it.

After a whole book, I still don’t get it.  Why he choose her? Why didn’t he ask how old she was? Or why didn’t he care about the fact that there was something off about her? Why did that make her intriguing?

I really couldn’t wrap my mind around this book and I didn’t finish it. Just couldn’t do it.

No Pickles


Manga Review: Secret, Vol. 1 by Yoshiki Tonogai

Yen Press Published Jan. 20, 2015 208 Pages
Yen Press
Published Jan. 20, 2015
208 Pages

Six survivors of a bus accident discover that maybe the tragic lost of their classmates and teacher wasn’t a accident at all and that three of the survivors are actually murderers. 

The murderers have one week to think over their crimes and answer for them before they are turned over to the police but when everyone has a secret, how do you know who is telling the truth?

I have walked passed the manga at the bookstore for a while now because it didn’t seem that interesting. But I decided to try it and the end result is . . . it was alright.

The thing about the story line is it is really vague for most of the part. You instantly know that there are murders in the group; there is no build up to that. You also instantly know ironically all six survivors indirectly or directly had something to do with who died; not as in classmates but on the day of the accident everyone made decisions that changed some things.

So after that the build up was lack luster. There isn’t enough mystery surrounding any of the survivors for me to be at the end of my seat or for me even to consider this a great who done it story.

When things started moving a bit faster, it still didn’t make the book exciting because there as no build up to it. You knew as reading it that someone was going to slip however, the person that did slip was unexpected but in a way that you scratch your head thinking why? The author focuses on three other characters so much in this first novel that not only do you forget about the other three you also think they really have nothing to do with what happened.

It was a weak way to surprise the readers.

The artwork other than the creepy bunny heads was average; nothing stood out.

Overall this wasn’t a horrible manga nor was it really good either. I can’t say I am unhappy to have read it but it wouldn’t had made a difference on my shelf. Will I read volume two . . . yes. I have a rule to give mangas or graphic novels at least two readings before I completely cut them off my list.

2 Pickles

Book Review: The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

W. W. Norton & Company Published Feb. 16, 2015 336 Pages
W. W. Norton & Company
Published Feb. 16, 2015
336 Pages

A group of friends living in the middle of New York City have to deal with beauty standards but in a completely different way. Barb is a strikingly beautiful costume designer but makes herself ugly in hopes of finding true love. Lily, (apparently) is ugly and although she is an amazing artist she cannot find love. 

Between discovering the beauty within themselves and they love they desperately desire, a murder needs to be solved.

Beautiful and amazing title. Even after reading this book, I still cannot get over how power this title is.

But I cannot say that the book was as powerful as the words that caught me. Barb is so not a woman I would like and its not because of her beauty but because she feels that it is okay to call men out on the shallowness but not her own. Yea, she is shallow; her reasons for “becoming ugly” aren’t the same reasons she is doing it now.

I have another issue with this book because the author describes Lily as so ugly surgery wouldn’t even help her.


I am so bothered by the descriptions of women and just love in general that I couldn’t get past it. Do I think the author is bringing something original to the literature world? Yes, I really do.  Do I wish it was written in a way where I didn’t feel some type of way about the characters? Yes, I do.

As much as I wanted to get into this book. I couldn’t.  It breaks my heart.

No Rating.

DNF (Did not finish)


NetGalley Review: Phobic (The Forbidden Doors #1) by Courtney Pearson

No release information found
No release information found

Piper Crenshaw lives in a weird house. She knows it and the town she lives in knows it. What the town may not exactly know is that the house is full of secrets, ones that Piper doesn’t even know. And it is the same house her mother committed murder. 

Determined to figure out the truth about the house, Piper opens a forbidden door and begins having flashbacks to the original owners.

Piper no longer thinks the house is weird but that the house is a live. 

I didn’t enjoy this book. There were good points that kept me dragging through but there wasn’t many.

Firstly, I really didn’t like Piper. She was the nerd, the girl who had really bad acne and had that only friend that was cool with everyone. I felt that Piper didn’t have enough life in her for me to really enjoy her.

I really hated her best friend Todd from the beginning to the end. He was a horrible friend. He didn’t have any concern about her feelings when he was hanging out with the kids making her life difficult. He wanted everyone to be happy because he was trying to get with the girl that hated Piper the most. I felt he was horrible and should not have been called a best friend.

Another thing I didn’t like about the book was that it was slow. The theme of a possessed house only got so far before it started losing its win. There wasn’t enough action involving the house for me. There wasn’t enough depth. The back story of the house was good but just not enough to win me over.

Overall, I give this book 1.5 Pickles.

NetGalley Review: Dark Paradise by Angie Sandro

Forever Yours To be Published July 4, 2014 384 Pages
Forever Yours
To be Published July 4, 2014
384 Pages

Mala LaCroix isn’t a witch. Nor does she believe her family line are truly witches as the townspeople believe. So she does her best to stay out of peoples’ way and finish school to join the police academy. 

But when she finds a dead body of the most popular girl  in town floating in the bayou on her land, Mala’s plans for blending in is halted when she begins to be haunted by the dead girl. Trying to ignore the powers that are growing within her, Mala must now find a killer

Landry just lost his sister and has had a long time crush on Mala but when he finds out his sister may have been use as a sacrifice in a witch ritual he begins to look at Mala differently. But the two must work together to find the truth about his sister and all temptation must stop.  

Reading this I was definitely drawn to Mala. She wasn’t a bitch, needy or uncomfortable. She wasn’t a rich girl, yes she was poor but there was a charm to her that if the author didn’t keep mentioning the fact that she was poor it would have been overlooked.

I loved the fact that the book didn’t take long to get to the problem. There was no beating around the bush about it but it still left a lot to the imagination which was great. I do wish there was more detail describing the body. I felt it was a bit overlooked and didn’t have the same care as most of the other parts of the book was.

I liked Landry as well. However for a 21 year old I did feel that he should have been more grounded. What I mean is he seemed so unsure of himself throughout the entire book and that put me off in really liking him.

My biggest issue of this book was the back and forth Mala and Landry did. It was so over done and overly dramatic that it brought the rating down. Another issue I had was the physical scenes. There wasn’t many to be considered a New Adult book and what was there was completely misplaced. They felt forced. I’m not sure about the chemistry between Mala and Landry and I chalk that up because of all the back and forth.

Overall, I thought the author did a good job with the mix of magic, betrayal, small town and romance. I was expecting more sex (shrugs) but I liked the book and look forward to number 2.

3.5 Pickles

Book Review: The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison

Lo (Penelope) Marin likes all things that shine and are beautiful; so

          EgmontUSA   Published Feb.14,  2012            325 Pages
Published Feb.14, 2012
325 Pages

she has a tendency to just take them especially since her family is constantly moving, she likes to have reminders of the balance where she has been.

However, it’s been a year since her brother Oren’s death and Lo has become a full blown hoarder. But when she finds a butterfly necklace at a flea market and realizes that it belonged to a girl who was murdered only the day before, Lo become obsessed with finding the girl’s killer and indirectly finding the truth about her brother’s death.

This book was a great read. It began a little weird because I honestly though the main character in the first chapter was a boy but then you quickly find out that is not the case.  What I truly loved about the book was the mystery of it. Lo has OCD and not only does she have to do things three times or even nine, she has to follow through with what she started. So when one clue led to another it was perfect. The author made you feel the need to discover the truth and there was nothing predictable about it.

I loved Lo. Although she had OCD, she wasn’t panicky and she wasn’t needy. There was a scene in which she flipped out for not doing her tap tap but there was a huge point to that and I thought it was great. Throughout the book you see Lo grow up and not try to fit in but trying to be herself with no issues. Also by the end of the book she was taking no nonsense from anyone. Lo was essentially a plain girl who was only complicated by her OCD

I also liked the romance that was in the novel. Yes, Lo does meet someone she becomes attracted too but she doesn’t let her romance stop her from what she is trying to do; solve the girl’s murder. His name is Flynt and I liked him mainly because he was so different than most male love interest. He was technically homeless but he didn’t look nor acted as such. He had blond dreads, he smiled a lot and he genuinely liked Lo. He was real down to earth and smart about Lo and just life in general.

Ellison did a great job writing the story. She created characters that balanced each other out and she made them believable. Overall this book gets 9 out of 10; true definition of a mystery.


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Book Review: Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Some books you completely misjudge . . . this is one of them.

    Reagan Arthur Books     Published May 1, 2012              290 Pages
Reagan Arthur Books
Published May 1, 2012
290 Pages

Addy Hanlon is Beth Cassidy’s best friend. Beth is the Queen that not only rules the cheerleading squad but also everyone in the school. Addy follows anything and everything Beth says no matter what it is. However, when they meet their new cheerleading coach Colette French things become very murky for their friendship.

When I began reading this book I thought it was about a coach getting too close to its students and inappropriate things begin to happen (i.e. sex). I was only partially right. Coach does get close to these girls but she gets closer to Addy, who has been deemed her favorite. Beth does not like this. She does not like Coach and how she is changing her ways and the control over the girls. Beth has it out for the Coach and will do anything to ruin her life. Addy is just the fairly innocent bystander watching from both points of views.

When a sucide happens close to the girls heart, all hell breaks loose and friendships are tested.

This book is not for the lighthearted. These teenage girls are sexually active and the author doesn’t shy away from that. These are girls who are scared of Beth, who are scared that she will not only ruin their popularity but will ruin their lives. It’s pretty intense how Beth controls them. Her word game is really sick.

I loved the characters. Beth was the perfect you love to hate character and honestly I am glad the author didn’t go into her backstory. She was an evil girl no reason why. Addy I thought needed to grow a pair when it came to Beth even at the end she doesn’t really stand for herself against Beth. She does become a strong person I believe and takes on her own but that is when Beth is gone.

The story focus on relationships is intense. Things are truly nothing nothing nothing like it seems. Although I was a bit bored in the beginning, the way the author writes the book she leaves you hanging with each chapter. I needed to know more and with each chapter that only grew.

Overall, this book gets 10 out of 10. If you feel uneasy reading about teens having sex or being evil for that matter then you really should not read this book.


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