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Manga Review: Bizenghast, Volume 1 (Bizenghast #1) by M. Alice LeGrow

Tokyo Pop Published Aug. 9, 2005 184 Pages
Tokyo Pop
Published Aug. 9, 2005
184 Pages

A forgotten town named Bizenghast gets an expected visitor when a sad young girl moves to the town. Here she discovers a collection of lost souls looking for a way to end their nightmare. It is up to her to set them free or else she will likely join them. 

I always passed this book when it was suggested to me on goodreads. I got tired of seeing it and decided to pick it up. To say the least it is a lackluster read.

This young girl is just a sad individual that walks around as if she knows nothing in this world. She is scared of everything and has no issue crying about it. Her friend on the other hand does everything for her. . .  because if she doesn’t complete the missions she will dye a horrible death for all eternity.

It actually is quite sad.

What I liked about this manga is the idea that there are souls, good and bad, who are trying to get out of their circumstances. I liked the mystery surrounding them; it reminds me a bit of like clue because they have to find items or find certain aspects of the dream in order for them to succeed. I thought that was really cool and I wish the author played more on that.

I also loved the Gothic style of drawing. In the beginning it was hard to decipher the time period because only the girl and her friend wear these type of clothing but I got it.

But overall I read to Volume 2 and plan on reading #3. My issue with this book is it doesn’t bring enough to the table for me to fall in love with. The main character is what really knocks this book down and she is pretty much the same way in volume 2.

2.5 Pickles