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Book Review: Nightborn (Thrones & Bones #2) by Lou Anders

Crown Books for Young Readers Published July 14, 2015 353 Pages
Crown Books for Young Readers
Published July 14, 2015
353 Pages

Karn Korlundsson has settled down since his adventures with Thianna. Life as a farmer and avid game player doesn’t require life threatening decisions. But when Thianna goes missing, Karn makes it his mission to find her.

Even if it means traveling to a distance city, deciphering the riddle of the horn and fighting elves.

If you have not read book one, here is my review.

Jumping right in, I enjoyed this book but compared to the first one, I didn’t feel the drive or intensity within the story. This book came across very laid back, even when fighting was happening. It didn’t feel like the end of the world. Where as in the first book, I was emotionally invested.

Also in the first book, it was more centered around both character equally but this book was all Karn and I don’t know if I like him. He came over cocky and a know it all. Even when he had his moments of doubt, he was just a bit demanding of things. He came off as a tool and it was completely different from who he was in the first book. Thianna didn’t change much and I was alright with that because she had a lot of growth in the first book.

I loved the fact that the author kept their relationship strictly platonic. It would really ruin the book if it turned into romance. They are good friends, best friends and that is the way it should stay.

Although I felt the story was laid bad, the pace was smooth. I didn’t feel as if the author was adding a bunch of fluff. Everything in the book fit. I loved how the book ended and how it leads to a book three. It was great. It didn’t feel short or out of place. The author knew what he was doing with the ending and I respect that.

I recommend this series for kids getting into fantasy and for adults wanting a break from the romance in YA. Overall,

3 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Frostborn by Lou Anders


Crown Books for Young Readers To Be Published Aug. 5, 2014 352 Pages
Crown Books for Young Readers
To Be Published Aug. 5, 2014
352 Pages

Karn’s destiny is to take over his family farm in Norrongard. But he doesn’t want to; He rather play the board game Thrones and Bones.

Thianna is half human,  half frost giantess. She isn’t taken seriously as a gaint because she is too short.  But she’s also too tall to be a human.

When family issues drive Karn and Thianna into the woods to run for their lives, their destiny is connected and they must fight for their life against a 1500 year old dragon,  a two faced uncle and a undead warrior.

This was a really good read.  Firstly, what I liked about this book was the fact the interaction I felt immediately when beginning the book.  Karn is a believable character despite the fantasy setting. He doesn’t want to follow in his dad’s footsteps but he isn’t rude or disrespectful about it. I like that. The whole trend of really rude children is annoying.

Thianna is different.  She has this huge chip on her shoulder because she wants to be accepted as a giant. Because of this chip she is extremely competitive and quick to overactive and to allow her emotions take over. But I liked her.

What I didn’t like about the story was the rush. I like a fast paced story but I felt that the author was trying to get so many action scenes in s short amount of time. Also the story was predictable.

But beyond that I liked the characters and I liked the story overall. 4Pickles