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Book Review: Clarity 2 & 3 by Loretta Lost

Self Published Dec. 17, 2014
Self Published
Dec. 17, 2014

Book one was amazing, short but amazing. Look at the review here.

In book two, we pick off right before the wedding, right when Helen realizes her sister is about to make the worst mistake of her life. At the time, she is dangerously close to falling for the young doctor that wants to give Helen the sight she has never had.

In book three, everything comes together only to fall apart again. 

As I stated person before I loved loved loved book one. It was just the perfect amount of development, suspense and whimsical good stuff. However, book two was just okay. Book three wasn’t the best use of my time.

The first sign of trouble Helen wants to bail. She does this for all the books but it gets worst and worst to the point of annoyance in the last two books. Her growth was a disappointment because if things didn’t go smoothly or her way she was done with it. This is a very childish character and it was pissing me off.

Another issue that was killing me was why would you stay within an area of the person who ruined your life? She had choices and yet in her mind if something was going to happen then I guess it will happen. Man, Helen was weak. Which kills me because I never would have expected that from her.

Also the love interest . . .  way too perfect. Even when crap hit the fan the whole knight in shinning armor was too extreme. He did everything, he was passionate, smart, handsome, athletic and for the most part could do nothing wrong. It was unrealistic. Because when he did do a mistake, Helen couldn’t handle it -.-

I felt that I couldn’t get any real satisfaction in book two and three as compared to book one. No growth from Helen, the family issues were interesting to say the least, the unrealistic romance and the whining.

Overall, I was disappointed.

2 Pickles for both books. 

Kindle Review: Clarity (Clarity #1) by Loretta Lost

          Self Published Published Feb. 20, 2014          162 Pages
Self Published
Published Feb. 20, 2014
162 Pages

Helen Winters was born completely blind. After a horrifying event leaving her broken and scared she moves to the middle of nowhere living alone with no fear of someone hurting her.

When a doctor comes to her door asking Helen to participate in a study that can possibility cure her blindness, Helen must come out of her shell and trust this man. But things become complicated when her past comes back to haunt her in the worst way possible causing her to question everything she has been through including herself. 

This. Book. Was. AMAZING! Very quick read which made me very sad.

What I really loved was the fact that Helen wasn’t a bitch no stuck-up. She was willing to be open minded after some push but she wasn’t as reluctant as most shut-ins are in books. Helen was paranoid do not mistake that, however she wasn’t willing to not let things go by either.

I did find it weird that she was so open but that is leading up to something in the second book (I’m hoping). Another thing I loved about the book is how it caters to Helen. She sees with her hearing and her smell; so the author does a beautiful job describing the characters Helen deals with through her hearing and smell. Looks are not stressed at all which fit so well and took the attention off of sex and lust.

This actually feels like a true love story without the non believable drama and the ridiculous amount of lust.

Overall this book gets 5 Pickles.