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Manga Review: Pink by Kyōko Okazaki

               Vertical        Published 1989             256 Pages
Published 1989
256 Pages

Yumiko is a call girl as a part time job because her full time job doesn’t pay her enough to feed her pet crocodile. Haru, an aspiring author,  is paid by Yumiko’s stepmother’s to sleep with him.

When the two meet things are bound to get a bit out of control and the unexpected happens that changes the life of Yumiko and Haru.


This manga was not exactly what I was expecting. Picking up this book I thought it was going to be about a call girl who has some emotional baggage and a writer that comes to save the day . . .  completely the opposite.

Yumiko is an independent woman, who knows exactly what to do. She was great, funny and very easy going. She was an extremely likable character. Maybe not relate-able but I did really like her.

Haru wasn’t a bad character. He is a average joe that happens to get paid for sex. Unlike Yumiko, who has multiple partners, he only has one. They both connect with each other not because they are prostitutes but because of something deeper. I really enjoyed their relationship, although it was fast.

The art was realistic. There wasn’t a lot of exaggeration in the artwork , which is normally what you see in Japanese manga. I really appreciated this while reading. It made the story feel simple and easy to read.

My only downfall to this book is that there isn’t a second one. It stops with a huge cliffhanger and I cannot put my finger on why the author would do that. I really want to know what happens to the two because I really liked them.

Overall this manga gets 4 Pickles.