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Kindle Review: Clarity (Clarity #1) by Loretta Lost

          Self Published Published Feb. 20, 2014          162 Pages
Self Published
Published Feb. 20, 2014
162 Pages

Helen Winters was born completely blind. After a horrifying event leaving her broken and scared she moves to the middle of nowhere living alone with no fear of someone hurting her.

When a doctor comes to her door asking Helen to participate in a study that can possibility cure her blindness, Helen must come out of her shell and trust this man. But things become complicated when her past comes back to haunt her in the worst way possible causing her to question everything she has been through including herself. 

This. Book. Was. AMAZING! Very quick read which made me very sad.

What I really loved was the fact that Helen wasn’t a bitch no stuck-up. She was willing to be open minded after some push but she wasn’t as reluctant as most shut-ins are in books. Helen was paranoid do not mistake that, however she wasn’t willing to not let things go by either.

I did find it weird that she was so open but that is leading up to something in the second book (I’m hoping). Another thing I loved about the book is how it caters to Helen. She sees with her hearing and her smell; so the author does a beautiful job describing the characters Helen deals with through her hearing and smell. Looks are not stressed at all which fit so well and took the attention off of sex and lust.

This actually feels like a true love story without the non believable drama and the ridiculous amount of lust.

Overall this book gets 5 Pickles.

Kindle Review: Thirst (Ava Delaney #1) by Claire Farrell

Kindle Edition Published Nov. 28, 2010 154 Pages
Kindle Edition
Published Nov. 28, 2010
154 Pages

Ava Delaney is what vampires call a hybrid and what humans call evil. She is a day walking human that happens to have vampire blood running through her. This means that her body craves human blood.

However, Ava doesn’t want to drink blood. So she spends her entire life not only fighting the thirst but saving humans from vampires. When she accidently enslaving a human in order to save  him, her life becomes full of complications.

Looking for someone to help break this bond between her and this man she indirectly puts herself in the middle of a vampire civil war. Not only must she trust people she has just met but she also must fight the thirst.

Sometimes covers can be so misleading. Look at that cover! Doesn’t it scream hunger, sex and passion. Well this book was a dull as it comes.

Ava is one of those who doesn’t draw outside of the lines but no one can really blame her since her grandmother tried to beat the demon out of her. Therefore, she stays to herself and tries to be as human as possible.

This means that she is boring. Ava really has no personality and believes almost everything everyone tells her. When she does get some balls the next scene its gone. Yes, at the battle scene she does show some strength but she still had the ‘well, I don’t know mentality.’

What bothered me the most was that the author kept alluding to some kind of romance between Ava and her new slave or Ava and the man that tried to kill her. It was frustrating because it did seem like Ava and the vampire killer were going to try something but we find out he has emotional issues and left her high and dry.

The only good thing I can say about this book is there was potential for it to be a great story. I would have been completely okay if the characters were amazing. *Sigh* Overall, this book gets

1 Pickle

Kindle Review: Ember (Death Collectors #1) by Jessica Sorensen

     Borrowed Hearts Publishing  Published Aug. 28, 2012        337 Pages
Borrowed Hearts Publishing
Published Aug. 28, 2012
337 Pages

17 year old Ember can see how a person will die when she touches them. The only person that knows her secret is her best friend Raven, who not only drags Ember’s goth self to every party but tries to make her life as easy going as possible.

But then she meets Asher Morgan, who is completely surrounded by mystery and is the only person Ember cannot sense death from. Ember is more than excited to be around him but her bliss is short lived when unexplained deaths begin happening over town and all the evidence points to Ember.

Ember must find the answers to not only her ability but to the deaths that occur around her.

This was a decent read but I am not entirely sure I would actually recommend this book. I loved the theme of grim reapers. There are so many stories of who, how and what when it comes to the reapers, but I actually like what Sorensen did.

She created a love triangle -.- good and evil and it wasn’t in bad taste. Ember wanted Asher, while this guy named Cameron wanted Ember. Sorensen didn’t over do it with the romance or dripping love scenes but she did make Asher way too perfect. Cameron was more realistic and I actually prefer him.

I didn’t like Ember or her friend Raven. They both pitied each other and it made their friendship feel fake. Ember was unrealistic. You can’t touch people because you see their death and yet you go to house parties expecting not to be touched. That doesn’t seem right. Ember didn’t seem like she was concerned about the fact that she can see death and Raven was just a jerk even before her mind became warped.

Sorensen laid the drama on too thick when it came to Ember and Raven’s home life. Both mothers were drug addicts, their fathers are gone and Ember’s brother might as well be an addict and Ember is completely disconnected from it all. I felt it was too much.

Although I loved the grim reapers aspect of it, the book as missing action and drive. Ember was boring, Asher was boring and Cameron didn’t have enough time in the book to do a whole lot of trouble.

I was able to finish the book but I needed more out of it. Overall it gets 3 Pickles.




Kindle Review: When the Siren Calls by Tom Barry

Troubador Publishing Ltd    Published Nov. 2012            338 Pages
Troubador Publishing Ltd
Published Nov. 2012
338 Pages


Isobel is in a unfulfilled marriage. Contentment is the actual word for what Isobel feels and it is making her bored. She meets Jay, attractive, charming business man who is looking for a way to get up in the world. He invites Isobel to his up and coming resort in Tuscany for a chance of excitement.

Against her husband wishes, Isobel goes under the impression to buy a holiday home but in the mist of all that she starts an emotional affair with Jay, who pushes her limits like never before. But Jay isn’t exactly honest with Isobel and she is caught in a serious game involving money and sex.

As amazing as the summary sounds, this book as boring. What I liked about the book was how beautiful the author wrote it. Everything showed great care and thought; almost poetic in a sense. I really liked that. However, as beautifully written it is the characters stick out as a sore thumb. Isobel played her part well; she is a  bored wife, who has been married for 10 years faithfully. Her husband has been completely thrown into his work neglecting his wife. Throughout the entire book it is assumed he is cheating but nothing is concrete.

Jay is the man trying to come up in the world and oddly enough he isn’t as smooth as you think he would be. Business wise, he is pretty alright but relationships . . .  not so much, which threw me really off. He comes off as this smooth operator when he really isn’t. This changed the whole dynamic of the story.

What I didn’t like was the fact that there was too many characters all doing the same thing and they were overlapping to the point of confusion. Barry choose to tell the story of Isobel and Jay through multiple view points and it was completely unnecessary. There is always multiple people involve but shifting the story so everyone has a piece really wasn’t fitting.

But with all of this the story never lived up to its potential. I’m reading the book believing that there is going to be a passionate affair with drama and excitement. It was boring, no excitement even the sex just seemed boring. Isobel was tested but it seem like she was still just going through the motions.  There is a connection between Isobel and Jay but there is really no spark.

The story seemed more about the game in the business than a actual affair; it was a second thought. Overall I was extremely disappointed with the story and it gets: 2 Pickles.


Kindle Review: What She Didn’t Know by I. Ronik

      Self-Published    Published Dec. 8, 2013        36 Pages Kindle
Published Dec. 8, 2013
36 Pages Kindle

Adult ONLY

Cassie has been looking after her sister, Jessica,  all her life. This includes her approving or disapproving the men in her life. When Jessica begins dating someone that Cassie feels is a threat, Cassie decides it is time to meet him.

Jessica sets up a double date with her man, his cousin and Cassie. Come to find out that his cousin is Cassie’s boss who not only wants Cassie but has a dark secret to reveal.

This book was a surprise and a half. Before I begin to explain you have to understand that this is a parody.

I didn’t know this book was a parody at first. So I was taken back because the characters were so wrong (hahaha). Cassie is the smart good girl, that works at a bookstore,who is not as attractive as her sister (so she says). Jessica is the beautiful girl that goes after rich men.

The sisters are close; Jessica comes to Cassie for advice and Cassie voices her opinion and support. This was a breath of fresh air to have two sisters although totally different and it doesn’t feel like there is resentment between the two. Yeah, Cassie seems annoyed by her sister’s men but nothing makes me believe it is toward Jessica.

What makes this book funny is Cassie and the ridiculousness of her relationship with her boss. Yeah you got your steamy sex scenes but the writing just like Cassie and her boss are a bit immature and too hard to believe. The love is too at first sight, paranormal aspect of it is seriously completely out there you can’t help but laugh as you read it. The boss is a sap which is completely unexpected because he begins as the not too aggressive extremely sexy alpha male.

The author laid it on thick and made a point of laughing at the typical romantic paranormal novels.

Overall I loved this short story and it gets: 5 Pickles