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Year in Review: Series

I have over 260 books in the year of 2013! I’m extremely proud of myself considering last year I only read 86. But I digress.  Today is the last day of 2013 and I wanted (like so many others) to take the time and reflect and break down my loves and love nots.


I loved the imagery, the  suspense and the realistic characters of these books.  Yes, there are two maybe three missing from this list but these are the ones that immediately came to mind when I sat down and began to write.

Each of these authors created stories from old stories or themes and created something new.  It showed passion, fire and love. These are series are highly recommended.

Love Not

I hate the fact that these series made the list because they had so much potential. But the biggest flaw to all of these books was characters. These characters were either selfish, bratty, and/or boring.

But this wasn’t the only issue with these books. The stories were undeveloped, lacked personality, and flare. They were a struggle to get through and showed no hope for the second book or third book.

BEWARE! the pretty titles and covers.

Love, Tanya

Book Review: The Wicked Within by Kelly Keaton

              Simon Pulse  Published Sept. 17, 2013               320 Pages
Simon Pulse
Published Sept. 17, 2013
320 Pages

This is the final book and Ari injured Athena pretty bad in the second book. However, in this book the clock is ticking not just for Ari to lift the curse but to find the hands of Zeus which is carrying Athena’s baby, which mysteriously went missing from the locked library (Spoiler if you didn’t read the second book).  It is up to Ari and her friends to find it and every other secret that involves Athena.

This book was less about Ari’s curse and more about the mystery surrounding Athena and her life. This didn’t make the book bad in anyway. It was informative without being boring and interesting to see how everything connects, which I thought was amazing. In Greek mythology everything and everybody is connected and Keaton did a great job showing that connection in her story.

However, I didn’t like Ari in this book. She whined too much and I think that for the first half of the book and even some part towards the end she was being a brat about a lot of things. I am also not sure if I liked reading Sebastian’s point of view. It was spoken in third person and it felt completely unnecessary. I personally didn’t care to know how he saw things. But with that being said, having his point of view didn’t make or break the book.

The action scenes were done well. There were a lot of surprises I didn’t see coming and although Keaton added a lot of new information especially at the end of the book it wasn’t done in bad taste. I was extremely thrilled and on the edge of my seat reading the end of the book; still didn’t like Ari though.

But finally, with all this good I am still on the fence about the ending. Ari technically gets her cake and eat it to. This may or may not leave room for the author to add another book or add Ari as a character in a different series but I think it should have been on way or the other. I do not disagree with the happy ending because Athena screwed  up a lot in the first two books; I’m just not sure if I agree with Ari and her cake.

Overall, this book gets a solid 9 out of 10. The series collectively gets 10 out of 10.

Love, Pickles.

Book Review: Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters #1) by Kelly Keaton

I swear I love these Medusa stories.

         Simon Pulse    Published Feb. 22, 2011             320 Pages
Simon Pulse
Published Feb. 22, 2011
320 Pages


Ari just discovered that her biological mother was in an insane asylum and committed suicide. With teal eyes and silver hair Ari has always been a loner even though her adoptive parents have loved her and trained her (bond bailsman).   Ari wants to know the truth; especially after her mother leaves her a note stating to run.

But the only way to find that truth is by going to New 2 New Orleans. Once she is there she finds out that almost everyone knows who she is.

As stated before I love Medusa stories and this story is no different. Ari was a likeable character. Not too stupid, not too headstrong or too naïve. But with that being said I was completely surprised at how easy she was able to open up to Sebastian (the too good to be true boy). Let’s assume the events in this book take about a week? Well she falls in love with him after day two. Actually she falls in love with everyone by day two (she moves in with a few people); which made me look at her as if she wasn’t as “hard” as she was being portrayed in the first three chapters. I felt that was too cliché, fake, and unnecessary.

I also loved Athena. Man, she cannot stand Medusa and that hate is strong.  Granted Athena is acting more like a powerful witch than a God but as I recall most Greek Gods were acting human anyway  until they didn’t get what they wanted *Shrugs* Keaton did an amazing job with her character and I am curious to know if there will be a bigger backstory. I really want to know more about Athena. Yes, in this book you find out why she is being evil but there has to be more i.e. I want there to be more.

Overall the book gets 9 out of 10. Fast paced, a bit cliché but worth the read.

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