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Book Review (ARC): Greed (Sins of the Fallen #2) by Karina Espinosa

Published August 2014
Published August 2014

Now that Max know’s his is Wrath life is as complicated as ever. After losing his mother in a battle against Abbadon, Max and Jones are on the run. But there are questions that need to be answered and since Max’s father won’t answer them, Max and Jones go to find another nephilim, Greed, which leads them to Las Vegas.

But the fact that Greed, is reluctant to help only pushes Max further. But Max doesn’t understand that sometimes the answers are worst than the questions being asked.

I like Ms. Karina’s writing style. It is very distinct and captivating. However, I cannot stand Max. He is very childish and way too emotional with everything.

He thinks he can handle everything and he is the strongest out of them all. I was hoping that book one would have showed him that isn’t the case but it really only got worst. I think the most horrible part of his personality is when he acts like he is better than anyone and has this huge sense of entitlement. I was expectin growth. I understand he is Wrath and there are going to be more downs than ups but he is a child and it was just rough to read.

What I did like was Greed. He brought more life to the book by being the comic relief and not dealing with beating around the bush. I like his smoothness; he wasn’t what I expected from someone who is Greed.

I’m still confused about Max’s father; there are so many questions and issue I have with him its crazy. I am also still confused about Angela and the relationship with Max (it seems forced).

However, despite my issues with the characters, the story was developed very well and it did keep my attention although I was frustrated with Max.

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Book Review (ARC): Sins of the Fallen by Karina Espinosa

Kindle Edition Published Jan. 28, 2014 263 Pages
Kindle Edition
Published Jan. 28, 2014
263 Pages

17 year old Maximillion Taylor goes to a party with his best friend and the last thing he expect was to be kidnapped by a hot girl who actually is a succubus. 

Max is more special than he thought and is now being hunted by angels and demons. In order to figure out who he is and where his origins lie, he must fight demons, protect his love ones, and stop from becoming a evil being. 

At first I didn’t enjoy this book. I didn’t find the beginning to be too special. However, it caught me by surprise as I kept reading.

Max is very childish. End of story. For a 17 year old boy he is very I am doing what I feel right because my father and best friend has been lying to me for all these years. He is purely based off emotion and he is a bit of a brat. I didn’t really enjoy his character.

But because he was such an emotional ride it made for a interesting story. Something was for the most part always happening.  I liked how the author made it easy for Max to try to be normal boy i.e. going to school, and getting a girlfriend.

I didn’t like the love triangle and the possible ruin of a friendship between his guardian angels. I felt that was unnecessary drama between a 500 year old angel and a 17 year old boy.

But despite the character flaws and the love triangle, the story the author wrote was really engaging and interesting. The need to know what was going to happen was an exciting part of the book. I like the betrayal although I didn’t get it, I liked it.