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July Wrap-Up


The month of July was big on Manga. I was in a really bad reading slump, so reading novels was not a priority. But that is not to say that there wasn’t a few thrown in there.



Novels (With Future Reviews)


Current Twitter Followers: 312 ⬆️ by 60 followers from June :D

Total Posts:

Beyond Motif by Tanya, life overall was interesting in July.

Vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 🏖was amazing.


And a exciting scary turning point happened that has led to a opportunity that I am ready to put my all into. Changes are needed in my career and I am looking forward to the next step :) Also school kicked my behind; it wasn’t my best semester but I have 2 semesters down and looking forward to the third.

Overall guys, the website is going in a new direction, with a lot more posts and interactions (fingers crossed). I’m getting my mind and emotions right. I look forward to this time and I hope you guys do too!😘