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Book Review: The Turning by Francine Prose

Woe is me. . . .

Jack has to get a summer job to pay for college. So his girlfriend’s father gets him a babysitting job on a “haunted” island for the summer. Although he doesn’t want to go, his Dad is unable to pay for the college of his dreams. So Jack goes to this island and on his way there he hears stories about the tragedies that happen on the island and is spooked out but not spooked enough to change his mind (of course).

With no cable, internet or cell phone services, Jack is in this house for 2 months with creepy kids and a housekeeper who really thinks the kids are perfect.

The only good part of this book that I can state is it keep a consistent pace. The building of the story was great and it kept my attention but that wasn’t enough to make this book great or even a recommendation.

Here is the bad:

The book is written in letters. Terrible idea. It made the story boring for the most part ( I know contradiction from what I said earlier but no). It didn’t prove enough life for the story and it was mostly the thoughts of Jack, his father and girlfriend. It was a bad choice in format.

The characters lacked everything. If the main focus was the children they lacked the scare factor. There was nothing creepy about them and even when everything “explodes” they were still just children that bore me to death. Jack was too willing to believe in the bumps in the night. There was no fight from him.¬† There was no fight from anyone. The housekeeper knew things were odd but she played ignorant. Granted there was no reason for her to assume otherwise but gosh she was a boring character.

No one held any secrets; the tragedies really didn’t relate to each other. The kids were being haunted by former employees but can you really call it being haunted when it really didn’t bother them?

The ending was horrible. It was as if the author didn’t know how the end so she put Jack in an asylum still writing letters. There was no thrill there was no horror. It was such a waste of time reading this book with this ending. I am actually upset about it.

Overall the book gets a 4 out of 10. *Kayne Shrug*

Tania Lasenburg is a communications major that plays video games and cyber stalks Gym Class Heroes. Follow her on twitter @mrztanyapickles