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NetGalley Review: Sherlock, Lupin & Me: The Dark Lady by Irene Adler

Capstone Young Readers   Published Feb. 1, 2014              240 Pages
Capstone Young Readers
Published Feb. 1, 2014
240 Pages

Irene Adler is on vacation with her family. When trying to escape cleaning, she finds William Sherlock Holmes and the battle of wits begin. Lupin, Sherlock’ friend, joins the two and soon they are off exploring.

But when they find a body washed up on the beach, all the fun is gone and a mystery begins.

As much as I appreciate a good Sherlock Holmes story, it has been forever since I’ve read one. None the less, this book was surprisingly a really great read.

Firstly, for those who only know of Holmes, the story introduces Irene, who has been in the Holmes early stories. Lupin is actually a world class thief (fictional), not in one Holmes stories, but in a story created by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

Anyway, Irene is a brat. She is an only child, who doesn’t like to stay home and has issues with her mother and completely adores her ever working father. But despite the fact that she is a brat, I actually really loved her character. She was bright and open-minded. Despite the fact that when she didn’t get her way she made a fit, she was still a like-able character.

Holmes wasn’t as much of a jerk or know it all and according to Irene that is because he is young. I liked him because he actually allowed (maybe because of his inexperience) Irene and Lupin to find answers and be right. He didn’t have his hand in everything.

Lupin was a breath of fresh air. He is portrayed extremely young in this book and is really like-able. I picture him with a head of ruffle hair, a bit buff with a really cute smile.

The writing was great, easy to read and fast. The suspense was still there as well as a shock factor. The story was well weaved and descriptive. I loved it. Overall it gets 5 Pickles.