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NetGalley Review: Roses are Red. . . Violet is Dead by Monica-Marie Vincent

Booktrope Publishing Published March 2015 242 Pages
Booktrope Publishing
Published March 2015
242 Pages

Violet can’t seem to catch a break. After the death of her father, her mother has been an emotional roller coaster and she no longer feels close to anyone she knew before the accident. So when she begins being stalked, Violet blows it off until people start dying around her.

But it isn’t until her “best friend” goes missing that Violet realizes the stalker isn’t playing. Having no choice but to rely on Sergeant Kelley and his strikingly sweet protege, Violet must come face to face with the biggest threat of her life.

Man, you could not tell me how hyped I was for this book. But something was off and I should have saw it coming in the summary when stated Violet didn’t take the stalker seriously when people were dying around her -_-

I didn’t like Violet. Could not stand her. From the beginning of the book, she is yelling and complaining to her so called friends and not surprisingly enough it centers around boys. But this doesn’t deter me from continuing to read this book what does is the author’s play on diversity. Violet is half Native American; not only does her father (when he was alive) joke about Violet not being addicted to alcohol but her mother is an alcoholic. I get after losing a love one you go to something to numb the pain but the fact that Violet or her mom is Native American is only brought up to fall into a stereotype.

Violet is a mess throughout the entire book. She doesn’t have her priorities straight and she comes off more of a dizzy little girl than a growing Young Adult. She receives these text messages and yet doesn’t do anything at all until the last moment risking the lives of more than one person. She is told repeatedly to do something and yet nothing.

But that isn’t the end of it. Throughout the book Violet doesn’t call the girl missing her best friend. She is the person Violet feels most comfortable with and the girl she always run to but she isn’t her best friend. What bothered me the most out of this is Violet who claims to have no real attachment to certain people and complains so much about them puts them at the highest level she has to give.

Also Violet doesn’t know what love is if it bite her in the butt. That’s all I have to say about that.

Overall by chapter 8 this book was getting too much for me to sit through. The author gets points for writing about a topic that is extremely important but it was clicking with the characters.

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