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Manga Review: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

                VIZ, LLC   Originally Published 1999                216 Pages
Originally Published 1999
216 Pages

If you like the “Hunger Games” you’ll like this. Why? Because this is the series that inspired the “Hunger Games” [it was translated into English 5 years before “Hunger Games” was published]

An entire junior high school class is kidnapped and taken to a deserted island in which they must kill to survive. Japan isn’t under dictatorship nor is the entire country poor living without technology and etc.; Japan is up and about living and eating as they do now. The only difference is they took disobedient orphaned kids to an island to kill each other.

I thought this manga was a good one.  Even without reading the second book you know it is going to develop very well. Each student has a story which the author took time to go over. Although you only get to see the story of 3 of the students you know as the series goes on you get why they were chosen because it really wasn’t at random.

Although I loved the plot of the story and I think it is going to be great further in the series. However, I didn’t like the pure evil of it; the sport of it. I wonder if the author will explain why this is happening because there is no mention of it at all. I feel like there should have been a reason or bit of a backstory to why this was happening. But hey its just the first book.

The artwork was great; classic black and white amazing attention to detail very structured art.  It is very graphic; blood, guts, sex . . . very graphic so beware.

Overall this manga gets 8 out of 10.

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