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NetGalley Review: Dark Hope by Monica McGurk

Greenleaf Book Group To Be Published July 29, 2014 400 Pages
Greenleaf Book Group
To Be Published July 29, 2014
400 Pages

For the past ten years, Hope Carmichael has been living under her father’s overprotective and obsessive watch as a result of her being a survivor of a child abduction. 

But at 15 years old, freed by her mother, Hope is now able live a life in which she can start over and be normal. She meets Michael, a teen with a mysterious past, who at the same time makes her happy but makes her question everything that is happening. When Lucas the school bully begins taking a unwanted interest in Hope, she can’t but wonder what is really going on and Michael is hiding so many secrets.

Firstly, beautiful, beautiful cover. But the book fell short.

The book starts off wonderful. It begins off in a action scene that only fills with questions. It is a really great lead up and it showed potential of being a really developed and exciting book.

However, Hope was as lifeless and naive as her father raised her to be. She possessed no spark, no real personality through the book. I can understand in the beginning but she really didn’t change herself.

I love stories about angels, forbidden love and battles. However, I felt that the author put too much religious stories into this book. I understand she did it to legitimize the concept but there was so much in it, the book stalled. The author also added a very important political issues in Atlanta (Sex Trafficking and Kidnapping of girls) and I felt it was out of place. I see how she tried to tie it into Hope’s own story but that is such a strong issue, I felt that to throw it in there wasn’t really right.

I liked Michael’s character. He was everything a love interest should be. The only issue I have with Michael and Hope’s relationship was there was no chemistry. I knew Michael felt something for Hope; that was pretty obvious but I didn’t get that same feeling from Hope. No butterflies at first or even second sight. There wasn’t really anything until he kissed her forehead. Love takes many different forms and times but the chemistry is always there. Just in this case I didn’t feel it.

Overall, I though this was a decent read. Did it spark a reread or a wow in me? No but the author did tell a good story although it lacked. 2.5 Pickles

Quick Five© with Luciana Cavallaro

   Courtesy of Luciana Cavallaro
Courtesy of Luciana Cavallaro

Name: Luciana Cavallaro

Who is Luciana? A former teacher with the understanding of mythology and the need to travel

Website: http://luccav.com/

Twitter: ClucianaLuciana

Books: The Curse of Troy: Helen’s Story, Accursed Women, A Goddess’ Curse, Boxed in a Curse, and Aphrodite’s Curse

Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Itunes

The retelling  of mythology is so popular that if you haven’t read any stories yet you really should start. Fairy Tales aren’t the only stories worth retelling and author Luciana Cavallaro reminds people of that with her books and short stories. In this interview, not only does she give advice fro those wanting to retell mythology but she explains how she is able to keep the myth pure in her stories.


On your website you state that your travels influenced you to write about historical fantasy/mythology. What exactly during those travels happened that caused you to write this genre? Was it the scenery? A class you took? Etc . . .

My sister and I went on a Contiki tour of Europe in 2000. It was an experience I’d never forgotten and vowed to return, which I did in 2004 and 2010. The pull to go back is growing stronger and I hope to visit again very soon. While on the flight to London, the movie Gladiator was on which I watched but the impact of the film hit home when we arrived in Rome and visited the Colosseum. I still get goosebumps. It is an extraordinary piece of architecture and the atmosphere was spellbinding. Strange, I know considering what happened there but you can’t ignore the magnificence of the structure. From there we had a guided tour of the Roman Forum and that was it. I always had an interest in ancient history and mythology but visiting the ancient sites in Rome brought it to life for me. I wanted to learn more and then came the passion to write about it.
    Mythos Publications  Published Nov. 30, 2013             217 Pages
Mythos Publications
Published Nov. 30, 2013
217 Pages

What is your favorite myth and why is that your favorite?

I had to think hard about this question, but the myth of Atlantis is my favorite plus it is featured in the trilogy I am writing. I first came across the myth when I was 15 after reading Charles Berlitz’s book on the Lost Continent. Later, I read Plato’s works Critias and Timaeas where the mythology of Atlantis was born. I wanted to know more about this amazing place where the people were unique, had built towns and palaces with sewage and hot and cold water and baths plus toilets long before the Greeks and Romans.

In your books how are you able to keep the integrity of the myth while also doing something creative and original?

Most people are familiar with Greek myths and even if they don’t know the entire story, they will know parts of it. I want readers to be familiar with the stories and so I didn’t want to change the myths, they are wonderful as they stand but thought what if I put a different spin on the stories? Change the perspective of the storyteller and provide a different point of view of the same myth.

Would you ever step out of this genre and write something else or is this where you will stay?

     Mythos Publications  Published Jan. 10, 2013                10 Pages
Mythos Publications
Published Jan. 10, 2013
10 Pages

One day perhaps I will try and write in a different genre but at the moment I’ve been guided to write Historical Fantasy/Fiction. Although having said that, a few of the stories do have contemporary settings.

Finally, what advise would you give someone who is trying to write stories based on myths? Read lots of myths and research! It will help write better stories and add fuel to one’s creativity. Passion is another element which I believe is very important. I love ancient history and mythology and I hope that comes through in my stories.