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Manga Review: Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess; Rei – Kage Miko Vol 1 by Amagi Seimaru, hakus (illustrator)

Kodansha Published Sept 17, 2014 160 Pages
Published Sept 17, 2014
160 Pages

College student Sara Washizuki has lived a relatively peaceful life since she left her hometown. But when paranormal photographer, Tousei Ryuuzaki, shows Sara a picture of an incident that occurred when she was a child, Sara has no choice but to face the memories she locked away.

So my latest thing is horror manga. Do not get me wrong I am still a hardcore fan of shoujo but for some reason these horror series have been perfect for me.

This manga in particular is perfect and I am extremely upset it is not complete. For starters, Fatal Frame is based off a Playstation 2 game that released in 2001. Apparently it is still a popular game as they are still being released and is now on Nintendo.

Anyway to story. It was creepy, it was detailed, it was graphic. Sara is a descendant of a shadow priestess, so not only can she see ghosts, demons but she can expel them as well.

But she leaves all of that only for it to come back to her at full force.

The thing that makes this manga great is how everyone and everything is connected. It is like a psycho verison of Clue (I love Clue). The twist and turns were well placed and unexpected. There was slight predictably but I can’t even put full meaning behind that because the story has not finished yet -_-

The artwork was graphic, detailed and perfect in black and white. The characters didn’t all look alike and there was zero clich√© in the artwork.

Overall, I loved it and am really anxious to read the rest of it.

5 Pickles


Manga Review: A Fairytale For The Demon Lord by Kim Yong-hwan

A Demon Lord steals a princess and places a curse on her in which she has been sleeping for eternity. Knights have constantly been trying to save the Princess and have failed until a nameless knight comes and changes the whole story.

This manga is not even remotely close to what I was expecting and that isn’t too much. I was just thrown off guard. Anyway. . . this manga was pretty deep, gory but deep.

The nameless knight has been through constant battles and have saved plenty of people so saving a princess is nothing new. But the princess is different she radiates a form of comic (not funny) beauty that even surprises me. She is the brightest thing in this novel reminds people of the darkness within in this book.

The story is confusing because there is a huge loop that happens and if you miss it then you will be lost. But beyond all of that I loved the twists within the story. Things don’t go as smoothly as one thinks once the princess is saved if nothing else the love is so complicated it beats a love triangle 10 fold.

There is a lot of death, missing body parts and blood. So if you are a bit fainthearted this isn’t for you. Although this manga is only two volumes it would make a killer short movie or series.

In love with this one.

5 Pickles