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Graphic Novel Review: Snotgirl, Vol. 1: Green Hair Don’t Care by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Image Comics
Published Feb. 28, 2017
136 Pages

Who is Lottie Person?
Is she a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a perfect life or a gross, allergy-ridden mess? Enter a world of snot, blood, and tears in this first collection.-Goodreads

Jumping right into this, the author tries to hard with Liottie. She is a influencer, a fashion blogger with million of followers and a reputation to hold as perfect and always on point.

I get it. This is what the world is now. There are so many people, so many different networks of fashion, make-up, food and books that a photo is worth a thousand words and it needs to be as perfect as possible because it opens the door to  new opportunities. The thing about focusing on that or even using it as a foundation is it because it can become an overkill really fast. It makes the surrounding characters fake and undependable, which sucks becuase they help drove the character.

But Lottie isn’t really a likeable character. She has servere allegeries, which causes snot to run down her nose in the most exessive amount possible. She hides this becuase she wants to be viewed as perfect even in her private life. This is fine. It adds depth to Lottie but only for a limited amount of time. She gets annoying and dull.

However, what the author does, which makes me want to read volume two, despite the low rating I gave this book, is the mystery. Lottie meets someone who she considers perfect. That someone has a weird obession with Lottie but it is very light. None the less, this person causing events to roll that not even Lottie fully understands what has happened or is happening. This mystery aspect of the book, is why I want to keep reading.

What the heck happened and why? Those are important questions that begin to change Lottie’s reputation and private world. This is why I want to keep reading. I’m intrigued by this girl and the new characters that are being introduced.

As for artwork, it top work. The colors and the difference in each character stands on it own and it doesn’t look forced at all.

Overall, I am giving volume two a read for the mystery and maybe there will be some character development. I hope so. I hope hope so.

2 Pickles


Graphic Novel Review: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1-6) Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, Becky Cloonan (Illustrator)

Dark Horse Comics Published May 7, 2014 160 Pages
Dark Horse Comics
Published May 7, 2014
160 Pages

The Killjoys fought against mega-corporation Better Living Industries years ago costing them their lives in order to save a little girl. Today the Killjoys followers live in the desert while BLI strips people of their individuality.

People are tired and the fight is wearing out. It is up to the little girl to bring down BLI.  

I am or was My Chemical Romance fan. So when I saw this I picked it up and instantly it reminded me of their videos for Na Na Na Na and Sing.  It is pretty much the backstory and what happened after they died.

Firstly, the artwork was great. There was something about it that was perfect. The details were on point, the colors were amazing and it left some mystery within the characters. It was just cool. I mean look at that cover! Loved it.

Again the story is those videos, which I loved. I loved it because the videos was a story that left you wanting to know more. It was an art and I am glad that Gerald Way decided to put it in a graphic novel.  However, I felt that the plot didn’t give me enough. I feel that there was a huge assumption that people would connect the book to the story, therefore some things were left unsaid. I didn’t like that because when you write you have to assume the reader is new to this.

I also wanted more character development and I wanted to know more about the characters. There was a disconnect with the characters and the plot. It was slightly confusing. It wasn’t as if too much was going on but some big things were going on and I was like . . . why?

This was a huge deal because it left holes in the plot at every level of the story. But between the artwork and what I knew of the story (because of the videos), I liked it. But it could have been better written.

Overall, I liked it but I know exactly why others don’t and will not like it.

3 Pickles






Graphic Novel Review: Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu

First Second Published May 5, 2011 124 Pages
First Second
Published May 5, 2011
124 Pages

Zoe doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. With no hobbies other than smoking and staying under her good for nothing boyfriend, she doesn’t recognize “deceased” author Thomas Rocker, who has been faking his death to escape critics and to sell out his books.

Zoe doesn’t know she is sitting on a gold mine story but will that really matter when her heart is at stake. 

This book started off good enough but Zoe doesn’t amount to anything at the end of the book. I really don’t count ripping people off as doing anything.

Zoe is a bum. She doesn’t have much dreams or aspiration she really doesn’t want to do anything but eat, go out and have sex. Granted this is what the world wants but people work for it . . .  not Zoe. The moment she is able to stop working and attach herself to someone who has everything she does. Fast.

However, despite Zoe being a bum, the author was able to create a story in which you think something amazing is going to happen to Zoe. Every time the story gets a bit boring, it picks up a bit.

The author gets credit for trying to throw in a shock factor however, it wasn’t too far off considering how Zoe is. The only thing shocking was the editor/ Rocker’s ex-wife. But even then the story wasn’t amazing. It was simply okay.

The is my same impression of the art work as well. Simple, nothing too spectacular. I picked up the book because Zoe seemed really cool, active and interesting but she isn’t.

2 Pickles

Graphic Novel Review: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Harper Teen Published May 12, 2015 272 Pages
Harper Teen
Published May 12, 2015
272 Pages

Nimona is an impulsive shapeshifter who loves all things bad. So when she decides that she wants to team up with villain Lord Ballister Blackheart she is expecting the two to create chaos.

But Blackheart plays by certain rules and what starts out as a role he reluctantly wants to play, thanks to Nimona his role becomes a bigger picture to prove that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics are not the good guys. 

This graphic novel has been getting a lot perfect stars on goodreads, so I decided to read it.

I can see why people love it so much but I didn’t. This is not to say that it isn’t a good read because it is. It is creative and it gives the simple drawing style that seems really popular now.

What I liked about this book was the direction it took. Nimona wasn’t as much of a focus as I thought she would be and I don’t have a problem with it. Don’t get me wrong she is a focus but she is a catalyst in someone else’s story. This isn’t necessarily her story. I really liked the fact that she is an important of the story but there is a bigger picture than her.

Nimona is an amazing character. Firstly, because she isn’t the cliche beauty that literature is promoting (diamond in the rough drop dead model type beauty). Nimona is beautiful and she is to me because I like the realistic part of her. Although she is a shapeshifter, she just seems real.

The same goes for Blackheart as well. He is a villain that doesn’t want to be a villain and he doesn’t allow that reluctant role to ruin his heart. He has some bagged as does Nimona but he doesn’t allow it to take over his morals. As he states in the book, there are rules. I like him because of that.

Overall, quick, entertaining read. It did have some holes in regards to the story. I felt that there wasn’t enough for me to completely fall in love with this. Although the author kinda finalized things, I feel that there may be another book.

3 Pickles. 


Graphic Novel Review: This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki (Illustrator)

First Second  Published May 6, 2014 320 Pages
First Second
Published May 6, 2014
320 Pages

Every summer Rose and her parents go to Awago beach, their escape from the world. There Rose’s friend Windy wakes, whom like herself visits during the summer. Their relationship is like family and they cannot wait for the summer.

But Rose’s parents won’t stop fighting and the distance between Rose and her mother is growing. So Rose and Windy are left to themselves and by doing so these girls grow up a bite faster than necessary. 

I was not expecting such an intense read. This is a really powerful book about family and growth.

Firstly, I have to point out Windy. She is a plus size girl that dances eats and isn’t self conscious about her weight. I love it because she just enjoys herself and its interesting because when there was doubt regarding herself it was when Rose made a point to show that Windy either doesn’t take things seriously or isn’t honest enough in regards to other people’s issues.  I loved Windy.

Rose is having issues with her family and its really because she is left out of the know and the tension between herself and her mom is rough. Its hard to really see the relationship she had before this summer with her mom because she talks about her dad and how close they are. Its not to say she doesn’t love her mother but the relationship was tough to see. Her mother is going through a rough time individually which is causing issues for her husband as well as Rose.

Now the book is a coming of age because the girls talk about sex and boys. Rose finds herself infatuated with an older boy, who is a clerk at a store. Because of this infatuation Rose and Windy are exposed to adult themes and although neither act on these themes it makes them think about when they go home.

The art work was extremely detailed. It was beautiful and you cannot help but appreciate the effort the illustrator put into it. Its amazing and even after I finished reading a section, I would go back to the art that is how important it became.

Overall, a recommended read that leaves you wanting for more

3.5 Pickles

Graphic Novel Review: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

Image Comics Published Oct. 23, 2012 160 Pages
Image Comics
Published Oct. 23, 2012
160 Pages


Two soldiers on the opposite side of a never ending war fall in love. And by bringing new life into the war filled world, danger is at their every turn.

Where have I been that I completely missed this graphic novel for the past two years?

Take a look at this cover. The details, the realism (minus the horns an the wings) and most importantly the intensity. The artwork throughout this entire book is intense and pulls as much emotion out of you as the story does.

It is a extremely brilliant and you can really see the care the artist and the author took when creating this.

The plot was interesting and at first I didn’t think I would enjoy it but the author reeled me in with curiosity. Marko and Alana have a strange chemistry that seems like love hate but it really isn’t as you get deeper in the novel.

I love the complexities of each character even though you find out more about their past in the second book. I also cannot get over the fact of how human they are. They are more human than most human characters I read. It is a beautiful display of emotions

Overall, I am only on book 3 of the series and it is one of the most captivating graphic novels I have read in a long time.

5 Pickles.


Graphic Novel Review: Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Ballantine Books  Published July 1, 2014 336 Pages
Ballantine Books
Published July 1, 2014
336 Pages

Katie is a talented young chef that owns a successful restaurant and is in the process of opening a second one. But things are put on pause when the location is scraped, her sexy ex-boyfriend comes to town, a best waitress has an accident, and the fling with her chef just ended.

So Katie’s great life just became horrible. That is until on night a girl pops in her apartment with a mushroom and instructions. Write down the mistake, eat the mushroom and go to sleep. With nothing to lose Katie tries it and awakes to a new day in which her bad decisions never happened.

Now addicted to having a second chance, Katie breaks the rules in order to get her life in the exact way she wants it without any mistakes. But the consequences are too great and it can ruin Katie’s existence.

I really enjoyed this book. It was creative and colorful. What I loved most about this book was the ode to mythology. The book doesn’t completely surround itself with it but it is the foundation to Katie and the mysterious girl.

I also liked Katie. She was the girl next door. Understandable, approachable, funny and ambitious. Maybe she was a bit too much but that added a lot to her personality. She was very hard on herself regarding her career and personal life, which made her and her decision relate-able.

The art was great. Bryan has his own style. It is colorful, a bit blocky but smooth lines and realistic emotions. I liked the diversity of characters as well.

Overall, a lot better than Lost at Sea (Check the Review here).

4 Pickles.

Graphic Novel Review: Sisters (Smile # 2) by Raina Telgemeier

GRAPHIX Published Aug. 26,2014 208 Pages
Published Aug. 26,2014
208 Pages

At one point Raina wanted to have a little sister. But when that little sister came things weren’t exactly how she pictured they would be. 

From teasing to fighting, things does not get any better when their brother is born and the household is at a all time high. 

But when things don’t seem right between their parents, Raina and her sister must come terms about their parents and their relationship. 

I read the first book, Smile and it was cute. It was a bit typical of a coming to age graphic novel. But this second book tops the cake.

The relationship between the two sisters is filled with tension. Raina’s little sister is a brat and stays that way up until the end. So I understand the tension. What I like about this story is that is switches from the present to the past very smoothly. I like how it shows the growth of not only the relationship between the sisters but the growth within themselves. You didn’t get too much of Raina because the first book shows her complete growth.

The artwork was clear, detailed; it showed a range of emotion and it wasn’t cliche or a Japanese manga rip off.

Overall, the story was well written and honest which I appreciated.

3 Pickles

Graphic Novel Review: not simple by Natsume Ono

Depressing is too light of a word for this book.

       VIZ Media LLC   Published Jan.1, 2010           320 Pages
Published Jan.1, 2010
320 Pages

Ian has a messed up life. His family is a mess but the only hope he has is in his sister.

Ian’s parents are divorced, his mother is an alcoholic and his sister has just been released from jail. Ian starts off living with his mother and begins to do odd jobs to help give her alcohol. When his sister is released she makes him promise her to find his dream and sends him to live with his dad who completely ignores him for his girlfriend.  His sister contacts Ian through her friend who doesn’t live far away from Ian but then one day says she is moving to NYC and disconnected her phone. Thus begins Ian’s journey; traveling from Australia to England to America to find his sister and maybe find out what he wants out of life.

Completely emotional and complicated; I really don’t know how I made it to the end of the book. When you begin reading the book you are hit with the “what the heck”. This was an extremely smart move on the author’s part because you need to know what happened and despite how horrible you feel about this man’s life you keep pushing though to see what happens.

The artwork is nothing spectacular. It is simple work. Maybe a bit amateur because almost everyone looks alike but it isn’t horrible and it doesn’t take away from the greater picture. The story is told from the end to the beginning ,which adds a lot of character to the book and makes it perfect.

However, if you can handle the sadness and depression take a look at this book because that is the only emotion you get out of this book. Overall the graphic novels get 7 out of 10.