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Middle School Reads for Black Girls

I hated middle school. From the moment, I walked into those doors to the moment I left. It was one of the worst school experiences I have ever had. I was/am an awkward girl. Making friends, especially within established friendships (even when I am invited to the group) is a difficult thing. I joined the volleyball team, basketball, student council, band and still never actually fit it.

So I lost myself in books and for the most part that is where I say. But the purpose of me telling you this is I noticed that every once in a while someone, on Twitter, will ask specifically for middle school reads to Black girls. It isn’t specific to what genre type but just that it is geared towards Black girls and I have been meaning to do a list on it and now I got the time :)

Listed below are some middle school reads that feature a Black girl as the main character.

Let me be honest. When I was looking up books I was disappointed in a few things.

  1. There aren’t a whole lot of books where there is a Black girl as the main characters.
  2.  There were a lot of books in which the mother left, parents were divorced and the divorce resulted in the child moving away
  3. There are a lot of trauma novels like a lot
    1. This is not to say that these stories aren’t important but these are a lot; overwhelmingly so

I was hoping to find a wide range of genres but there was a lot of trauma found. I wonder why is that. . . .

While I go ponder on that, what do you think of this list? Do you have any recommendations that should be added? Leave me a comment :)

The ListĀ© Fantasy Edition

POC protagonist are on a rise but it isn’t exactly in the most original way. Almost all best selling books by a POC involves timeliness and a struggle within the Black community or Latin, Indian or Asian community. This is not to say that the books that are getting attention are not amazing and need (looking at THUG (tbr) ) because they are. It just takes the light off other stories that are important to tell.

Like Caribbean mythologies or Black girls or Black boys becoming Queens or Kings and fighting for peace or fighting Fairies; stories such as those. So I wanted to create a series of lists that focuses on books written by Black (African American) authors.

This particular post will focus on fantasy. I also would like to add that this is not to belittle other POC but for all intent purposes this is to highlight Black Authors. From my stand point, Black author who write fantasy do not get a lot of attention. Yes, you can mention Tomi Adeyemi because she is killing it right now but she isn’t the only one.

I hope you all enjoy and if you want to add a book to this list or dispute a book shown on here, feel free to send a tweet @motifink or send me an email @ wordpress174@gmail.com :)