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Book Review (Arc): Statistic by Dawn Robertson

Published July 26, 2014
Published July 26, 2014

After a divorce she thought she would never have, Aurora Alexander is ready to get back into the swing of things.

But after having bad luck at blind dates, she takes up online dating. Unaware that it is not as safe as everyone says it is.

I like Dawn Robertson. But I didn’t like this book.

The entire book from beginning to end felt incomplete. Aurora didn’t want a relationship but then felt some type of way when she was approached for sex. Granted there was a way to do it but something was just off about what Aurora wanted.

I felt the book was rushed.  Not Aurora but the book itself. Because it felt rushed, I don’t think Aurora was developed nor her relationship that she ultimately formed. I wanted to like Aurora because I loved the realistic point of view in this story.

Online dating can be fun, scary and unsafe all at the same time; so I really appreciated the fact that Ms. Dawn decided to highlight this. But I do feel that it was a cliche book.

Overall, 2 Pickles.


Quick Five© with Aimee Roseland

Courtesy of Aimee Roseland
Courtesy of Aimee Roseland


Name: Aimee Roseland (@AimeeRoseland)

Website: http://www.aimeeroseland.com

Buy: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Aimee Roseland . . . sounds familiar? That is because she wrote the book FANGIRL_15. Check for the review here.

Creativity in writing is a must. But along with creativity there needs to have a sense of reality. This is what Ms. Aimee does.

The reality in her stories feel so possible, it makes for a wonderful read.

Enjoy, this lovely interview.

Have you always been a full time writer? Did you want to be anything else or did you do anything else besides write?

When I was thirteen I discovered romance novels (sigh…love at first sight) and started writingwhat might be considered “fan-fic” or more accurately “anti-fan-fic”. I was always trying to fix stories that I thought went wrong. “No, the heroine didn’t hold her tongue and allow herself to be kidnapped, she pulled her father’s rusty military sword off the wall and…” Eventually that evolved into writing my own stories, something I committed to working at every day. I think it’s at that point, when you commit to the dream, that you become a “real writer.” I have never wanted to be anything else.

Published July 8, 2014 288 Pages
Published July 8, 2014
288 Pages

How would you describe your style of writing? What do you want to leave the reader with once they finish your book?

I probably use more wit than I intend to with consideration toward the genres I write in, but I like to laugh a lot. My everyday language is peppered with movie references and snark, so that voice often bleeds into my character’s personality. I think most people are less rigid in real life than writer’s tend to make them and my writing style reflects that relaxed realism (hopefully.) My greatest desire for the readers of my stories is that during the adventure they have at least smirked once or twice, winced in sympathy, gnashed their teeth in shared outrage, and also, most importantly, that they have felt a swell of hope.

What inspired your latest book FANGIRL_15? Are you one of those readers who dreams of a life with a fictional character?

I am ABSOLUTELY one of those readers! Of course, knowing me, I’ve placed myself as some sort of ass-kicking hero that sweeps in to save the day for the lead figures rather than dreaming I could be the heroine that Mr. Perfect would love. (Any similarities between myself and my characters is purely coincidental…really…) The inspiration for Fangirl actually came quite a few years back. I was very single and reading novels voraciously. I met my sister for a walk one evening at a school park down the street, but with all those people running through my head I felt even lonelier than usual. The novel peeps were often my soul companions, and I ended up wishing for a second that they were real. Just like that, WHAM, they were there. Not the ones I’d been reading about, but Chloe and Lucien. I spent the next hour telling my sister their story, I can’t express how excited I was about it! I knew their story was going to be special, and important enough for me to let percolate till my ability had caught up with my desire. Eventually I felt confident enough to write it down and finally record their journey. Their reception has been as warm as I hoped it would be.

Self Published Published on Oct. 18, 2012 59 Pages
Self Published
Published on Oct. 18, 2012
59 Pages

Have you ever written something that shocked you once you re-read it? If so, what was it and why was it shocking?

I think self-doubt is fairly universal. We’re our own worst critic. Well, maybe not everyone has that problem since I’ve read some seriously awful stuff…but I digress. My first novel was practically an epic. Hundred-thousand words, sprawling and soooo difficult to simply end. Once it was complete I set it aside and sort of cringed and berated myself and decided that it couldn’t be good enough for anyone else to read. After a while I went back and, with trembling fingers, re-opened the file. I started reading…and couldn’t stop. It was good! I actually laughed out loud and hunched closer and just grinned at the screen. I do that every single time that I finish a novel. The final edit gets done and I get to close the computer for a while. During my hiatus the doubts creep out to play. “It was too dry, wasn’t it? Not enough ‘show’? Too much ‘tell’? Will anyone like this but me…?” Then the time comes for a final read before the “publish now” button gets tapped, and each time I’m shocked anew. Not bad, Roseland…not bad…

Self Published Published on Feb. 10, 2012 328 Pages
Self Published
Published on Feb. 10, 2012
328 Pages

Finally, if you had to give your old self ( when you first began writing) advice what would it be?

Do it now! Don’t stop! Start small and trust that you can edit anything but a blank page. All that advice you read about how your first novel is going to be the hardest is true. Once you finish one, the road block will be GONE. It will always be a struggle to create an entire novel, don’t let that be the excuse you use not to try. Creation is difficult. It’s the reason that “value” is synonymous with “cost.” If it’s worth it, it will be hard. No one ever strived for the cheap thing, they settled. Don’t settle. If you’re ever stuck, you need to ask more questions. Never expect as much from others as you expect of yourself, you’re going to be disappointed. Reach out. Reach back. Stretch forward. And most important. Take. More. Notes.



Adult Only Book Review: The Mistress of Night and Dawn by Vina Jackson

Open Road Media Romance  To Be Published June 3, 2014 354 Pages
Open Road Media Romance
To Be Published June 3, 2014
354 Pages

I received this book via NetGalley in exchanged for an honest review*

Aurelia has grown up being haunted by her parent’s death. She lives with her God-Parents when on her 18th birthday, she meets a man who turns her out. However this man comes and goes as fast as her next breathe.

When a unknown benefactor offers Aurelia more money than she has ever has, she goes to America with her best friend Siv to enjoy a year off before going to school.

While in America, she comes across this ball that has been held for centuries not realizing that she is about to open the door to something she is completely unprepared for. 

This wasn’t a bad book. But it also wasn’t a book for me. What I loved about this book was the author painted a very pretty picture. I loved the intimacy she wrote about. It was detailed and romantic. I appreciated that and it made the book worth continuing. However, I was taken back by Aurelia. She was an extremely sexual person and I was taken back by that. She was so willing for a 18-year-old virgin. Like her arousal was so strong it was hard for me to believe that she was never with anyone in any form.

What I didn’t like about the book was the connection between Aurelia and her best friend Siv. The little back-story the author did give about how they became friends didn’t add any emotion to their friendship. It was boring and lack luster. Siv was a hornball and didn’t care how it went she was always game. Aurelia sat there and just let her do what she wanted at one point she even watched Siv have sex. To me they weren’t really friends but just two people that happened to get stuck together.

I also thought Aurelia as a character lacked which surprised me because there was such great detail in the scenery and the sex that it felt like the author just wrote characters just to be there. I also thought it was really weird how the summary state Aurelia was haunted by her parents, that was not true for half of the book. As a reader you know what happens to the parents but Aurelia doesn’t mention her parents . . .  Siv does.

I was disappointed with that aspect because I was expecting more of a story around her parents with of courses lots of sex.

Again this wasn’t a bad story but it lacked passion, a bigger story than a stupid friend and a mysterious guy that knows how to turn on a girl. Overall this story gets 2.5 pickles. 


Adult Only: NetGalley Book Review: Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose

                Kindle Published March 12, 2014 212 pages
Published March 12, 2014
212 pages


*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Robert Chatham is a billionaire vampire that doesn’t attach himself to anyone. With a different girl every night, Chatham is trying to find a cure. When sponsors a chemistry lab, he meets grad student Liz. 

Liz is trying to find a cure after losing her little sister to cancer. Not only does Chatham and Liz have the desire to find a cure in common, they are both instantly attracted to each other. 

Innocent to everything that involves a man, Liz is about to jump head into a relationship with Chatham, thinking the only issue would be his status as her boss.

This story felt rushed. However, it was a decent read. Liz is a very witty character and I actually liked her. Despite the fact that she was a virgin and haven’t been on a date in forever, she wasn’t naive at all. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that she really couldn’t mind her business. I really thought she passed the line of being curious to invading this vampire’s privacy. Its very weird saying that but yeah.

Chatham was an extremely sensitive vampire. He was holding a torch for his first love and every time he thought about her or even looked at Liz he was crying. For what exactly? I have no idea. After 400 years he just wasn’t getting over anything. I felt that this character was over done.

The story was too short for me to fall in love with it. After a week of dramatics, they both decide they are in love with each other and although Liz gave the hell no to marriage she did decide to stay with him. Meanwhile, she never lost her virginity just did other stuff.

I felt the story was a big pull but it wasn’t horrible just needed more words. Overall it gets 3.5 Pickles. 

Kindle Review: What She Didn’t Know by I. Ronik

      Self-Published    Published Dec. 8, 2013        36 Pages Kindle
Published Dec. 8, 2013
36 Pages Kindle

Adult ONLY

Cassie has been looking after her sister, Jessica,  all her life. This includes her approving or disapproving the men in her life. When Jessica begins dating someone that Cassie feels is a threat, Cassie decides it is time to meet him.

Jessica sets up a double date with her man, his cousin and Cassie. Come to find out that his cousin is Cassie’s boss who not only wants Cassie but has a dark secret to reveal.

This book was a surprise and a half. Before I begin to explain you have to understand that this is a parody.

I didn’t know this book was a parody at first. So I was taken back because the characters were so wrong (hahaha). Cassie is the smart good girl, that works at a bookstore,who is not as attractive as her sister (so she says). Jessica is the beautiful girl that goes after rich men.

The sisters are close; Jessica comes to Cassie for advice and Cassie voices her opinion and support. This was a breath of fresh air to have two sisters although totally different and it doesn’t feel like there is resentment between the two. Yeah, Cassie seems annoyed by her sister’s men but nothing makes me believe it is toward Jessica.

What makes this book funny is Cassie and the ridiculousness of her relationship with her boss. Yeah you got your steamy sex scenes but the writing just like Cassie and her boss are a bit immature and too hard to believe. The love is too at first sight, paranormal aspect of it is seriously completely out there you can’t help but laugh as you read it. The boss is a sap which is completely unexpected because he begins as the not too aggressive extremely sexy alpha male.

The author laid it on thick and made a point of laughing at the typical romantic paranormal novels.

Overall I loved this short story and it gets: 5 Pickles

Erotic Book Review: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice)

              Plume    Published May 1983              253 Pages
Published May 1983
253 Pages


There is nothing like a fairy tale retelling. Beauty has been awaken by the Prince but unlike most stories is with a kiss . . . not in this one. Beauty is awakened with sex (kind of gross but bear with me). So at this point Beauty is supposed to get married to the prince, live happily ever after with some kinky sex . . . not exactly. Beauty does leave with the prince but as his sexual slave.

As far fetch this book may sound, it was actually a really good read. What Roquelaure aims to do is rid the world of the innocent people believe Beauty has. Yes, she is innocent in the beginning but as you go through the book you realize that she really had an interesting mind.

If you are looking for a story with depth and meaning this isn’t your story. It is purly about turning a innocent girl out and her liking it. Oddly enough once you realize that that is the sole purpose of the book. With all books you want to know the outcome of the main character and Roquelaure did a good job of making you want that because despite it all, I was curious as heck to know what is going to happen to freaky Beauty.

This is going to be a short review because what can you really say. The book is about BDSM and because it is dripping with so much of it the story (if there is any) gets lost. However, the summary of the book when you pick up tells you its about sex and the many different ways you can do it,  so overall this book gets a 8 out of 10.

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Quick Five© with Dawn Robertson

     Courtesy of Dawn Robertson (EroticaDawn.com)
Courtesy of Dawn Robertson (EroticaDawn.com)

Who is Dawn Robertson? Sarcastic realistic mother & lover of romance, smoothies and the convenience of a drive thru.

Book: Her, Finding Willow and Kink in the Halls

Website: http://www.eroticadawn.com/

Where to buy? Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

Everyone loves a good naughty book. Ether its plain old nastiness or just a good story with some great sex, everyone enjoys a book that heightens the physical imagination. With that being said Motif Ink would like to introduce Amzon Best Selling Erotic writer Dawn Robertson. Mother and happy Pitbull owner, Dawn explains to Tania Lasenburg why writing is her life and how she makes it work.


What was it that made you leave you full time job to write? Was it a specific event or just a build up?

I just couldn’t do both anymore. I originally started writing as a hobby. Then it slowly became a full time job, which I absolutely loved doing. I really believe to be happy in life, you need to love what you do.

How did you handle a full house with a new career? 

I still have no idea. I try and write while the kids are at school or sleeping, since it is quiet but with deadlines sometimes that doesn’t always work.  It is a lot of give and take.

Why did you choose Erotica as the genre for your first novel?

Published Oct. 10, 2013       Kindle Edition
Published Oct. 10, 2013
Kindle Edition

This is my first erotic novel, I have written romance under my real name, but when I decided to branch off into something a little more “outside the box” I wanted to distance myself.  I am an erotica junkie myself, and I had so many ideas that fell right into the genre so easily.

How are you able to balance sensual scenes in your novel and the story between the characters?

I still am trying to work on that. I *think* I got it right with Hers, but I certainly struggled. It is a hard balance, because I often found myself questioning whether the sex was too much, or not enough; maybe too early in the book, or not hot enough once the couple established their real relationship. I kind of just threw caution to the wind and hoped it all worked out for the best!

Finally, what inspires your writing?

Everything. But I think most of the time it is a scene.


Always love connecting with her fans follow Dawn Robertson here:



  For your Quick Five© email wordpress174@gmail.com for details.

Quick Five© with Aubrianna Hunter and Jeremy Laszlo

It is Motif Ink’s honor to present our readers with a special interview today with authors Aubrianna Hunter and Jeremy Laszlo. Interviewed by Tania Lasenburg, Hunter and Jeremy discuss what it was like to work together for an exotic adventure. Their book “Beyond the Mask (The Beyond #1)” can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles

Courtesy of  Aubrianna Hunter
Courtesy of Aubrianna Hunter

Enjoy the Quick Five© Below:

What is the process of writing a book with a coauthor? Were the difficulties easier to deal with because someone was with you during the writing process or did you face the same writer’s block or lack of inspiration?

Aubrianna: Writing with a coauthor was a unique experience for me. Honestly, I found it to be both easier and more challenging. Yes, there was someone there to bounce ideas off of, to help the flow of energy, sometimes to fill in a blank spot. However, you have the challenge of being on the same page. We wrote the first scenes at least three times trying to smooth out the flow. However, once you get it together, it is completely fun. I would definitely consider writing with someone again, if the chemistry was there

Jeremy: I imagine that every co-authored book works differently depending on the authors involved, however, for Aubrianna and I, it was a fairly pain free experience.  Generally speaking, we wrote our own characters, and scenes for the book, layering them together to keep the story and timeline moving in the right direction.  We discussed everything.  Communication is absolutely the key.  But no matter what you do, if you and your co-authors are completely different people, with different ideas for the book, and different writing styles, you will have huge hurdles to overcome.

 I am assuming there needs to be a connection with the authors in order a book to become successful . . . how and when did you two decide to write a book together?

Aubrianna: Hmmmm… We are probably a little out of the ordinary for coauthors. LOL. I still have not actually met him in person. The first time we meet will actually be this coming weekend at a Paracon in Pensacola FL. In fact, we had only talked on the phone once. He already mentioned the phone call the next morning to discuss his ‘great idea’, including the rather nonsensical ranting he had. He did follow it up with a well thought out, well worded email explaining the concept in a more logical order, but honestly I had already decided I would do it. It may be a little crazy, but it was honestly his enthusiasm that drew me. Not to mention, the ranting sounded exactly like something I would do myself, so it actually made sense to me.

Courtesy of Jeremy Laszlo
Courtesy of Jeremy Laszlo

Jeremy: I had spoken to Aubrianna just one time, a call arranged by our publisher.  I had taken a look over one of her manuscripts and so was familiar with her writing style, and focus on characters.  Something about her, and her writing, really spoke to me.  I knew that if we created something together it could be amazing.  I didn’t sleep a wink the night after having spoken to her.  My head refused to shut off, a story that combined both of our styles started to form in my head.  The next morning, after having zero sleep, I thought it wise to call her back and attempt to explain what my sleep deprived mind had come up with.  Beyond that, I, in all my exhausted minded wisdom, asked her to write a trilogy with me.  I am still uncertain to this day what made her accept, as I couldn’t complete a thought at that point let alone a sentence.  But she did.  Just more proof that we share the same type of crazy.

 What in your day to day lives inspired you to write a book with such mature content? Why did you choose to write in that direction?

Aubrianna: The mature content is just what I write. Honestly, because it is what I read. I love romance, I love knowing that I can escape into a book and find a happily ever after. Life is hard and confusing enough, I like knowing the books will be an escape. A ‘beach read’ as I like to call it. However, I don’t like soft, sweet, flowery romance. I like things that are a little more realistic, more sarcastic, and a little harsher. I guess the darker side of romance. Life is not all wine and roses. Toss in the paranormal aspect, vampires, demons, possession, etc. and I still think it needs to be rougher, darker. Even when it comes to sex. Not everyone wants Mr. Grey and his 50 Shades, but not everyone wants completely vanilla either. I like to write a little of the in between.

Jeremy: Erotica is not my genre.  Wasn’t before The Beyond Series, still isn’t.  But it is very familiar to Aubrianna.  I generally write fantasy and paranormal.  So when I “met” Aubrianna, and had the whackadoodle idea that we should write together, naturally I wanted something that added elements of both of our writing styles and genres, but also something that would push the limits of what we were comfortable with.

How do you feel about the growing norm of authors choosing to write young adult books instead of branching off that road?

Aubrianna:  The YA audience was a long ignored group, and now it really does seem to be swinging the other way. It makes sense from a financial standpoint. They are the age group that is most likely to make something ‘trend’. It is a huge market. Especially when you consider the fact that YA appeals to so many people across so many generations. As for why I don’t go that way… Hmmmmm… Get to know me a little. The amount of censorship I would need to employ to write YA would be substantial. However, I do enjoy reading some of the series from that genre.

  Jeremy: I think an author should write what they know, and write what they enjoy.  Everyone should be willing to push their limits, but it does help to know your audience.  That said, young adult books are enjoyed by tweens on up to adults.  It creates a wide margin when considering the audience for a book, so from a sales standpoint it is a wise choice.

  Finally, what should a reader expect on your next collaboration?

Writer's Edge   Publishing  Published Jan 21,2013 251 Pages (Kindle)
Writer’s Edge Publishing
Published Jan 21,2013
251 Pages (Kindle)

Aubrianna:  Welllll… let us finish book three of the trilogy and then we’ll let you know. We have tossed around a few different ideas, one that absolutely tears at my heart just to think about. Oddly, we’ve even tossed around a YA series. It might be nice to write something my kids could actually read. LOL. Since it’s a genre Jeremy is very familiar with, it would help keep me in line. However, at the moment we are still undecided.

 Jeremy: That is a good question.  We have discussed several different ideas from a mainstream YA series, a post-apocalyptic series, and of course a follow up trilogy to our current series.  But first, it is likely we will finish the third book of the Beyond Series, and simply see what happens from there.


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Book Review: Rapture by Susan Minot



Love is complication and sex only complicates it even more. This book moved me; not because of the sexual scenes but because it made sense. This short story tells of two former lovers reuniting for an unexpected intimate moment. Although they are together, sharing each other, so to speak Benjamin and Kay minds are completely else where.

Although this book is considered erotica; there is truly nothing erotic about it expect for the act being done. Benjamin is thinking about his much complicated relationship with Vanessa and how he ended up with Kay (even for this last moment). Kay is thinking about how she didn’t want to love Benjamin and she came to be here with him in her bed.

There is a lot of back and forth between thoughts but Benjamin is the one that is thinking more and deeply. He is confused about who he believes is “the one.” His heart has been with Vanessa for over 11 years but his love for her hasn’t increased at all. Kay comes along and it makes him rethink about his love for Vanessa.

Kay on the other hand may not bluntly say she loves Benjamin but the undertone is extremely strong. What I loved about the book was the fact that it was honest but not distasteful. Kay is performing oral sex and thinking about other times they have had sex. The author, Minot, does not beat around the bush about it nor is she blunt to the point of disgust.

This short story gets a 8 out of 10. I wish there was more talking and more thought from Kay. It seemed too one sided.