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NetGalley Review: Wolf Bride ( Lust in the Tudor Court #1) by Elizabeth Moss

Sourcebooks Casablanca  To Be Published May 5, 2015 352 Pages
Sourcebooks Casablanca
To Be Published May 5, 2015
352 Pages

It is 1536 in England and Lord Wolf, a exceptional soldier has come for his bride. Eloise Tyrell, a lady in waiting for Queen Anne Boleyn, has no intention of giving herself to a man she barely knows. 

But when he first kisses her, he claims her and Eloise is at the mercy of the Wolf. When corruption occurs at the court around Eloise’s beloved Queen, Eloise begins to realize that marriage within the courts is nothing like she thought it would be.

Lust in the Tudor court is exactly what this book. Lust on the left, lust on the right, lust every where.

Eloise apparently is a plain looking girl but the fact that she has a bit of a smart mouth makes everyone want her. I don’t have an issue with this but I felt the book was just going for shock factor. I didn’t feel love between the two but it was lust. She’s upset at him but then wants to screw him because he is so attracted to him. The same goes for Wolf. It was lust from beginning to end and not that something with that but if love is supposed to come I was expecting some love and romance not just blunt and brute lust and submission.

However, despite this I enjoyed this book but to say that I enjoyed the book based on the story isn’t the case.  I enjoyed the book because Ms. Moss knows how to paint a really good image. This showed talent, passion and bluntness that I admire.

There isn’t really much to this story other than the sex.  Yes, the author makes it a big deal about the King, Wolf and Eloise but eh.


2 Pickles

Book Review: The Rose Master by Valentina Cano

REUTS Publications, LLC Published June 2014 200 Pages
REUTS Publications, LLC
Published June 2014
200 Pages

Anne Tinning isn’t having the best birthday. First birds fall from the sky and then to make matters worst she is being dismissed from her current position as a maid, a position she had since she was a child, and being sent to an isolated run down house as a parlor maid.

Beyond the isolation there is something wrong with Rosewood Manor. Staffed with only three servants, the house is full of fear and tension; the master is cold and withdrawn (almost never seen) but the most horrifying thing is there a creature that walks through the house terrorizing everyone but more frequently Anne.

Determined to get to the bottom of this, Anne must find the truth about her master as well as herself.

This was a nice attempt that went wrong very fast.  So forgive me, this will be a short review.

Anne was drone. No personal, no growth nothing. Everything was yes, sir throughout the whole book was yes sir. For most of the book nothing happened; there was way too much vagueness and it was predictable. I believe that if you are going to call a book gothic there needs to be more than just a creepy spirit or house or just flat out darkness and cold. There needs to be horror there needs to be descriptive words that make me chill.

The second biggest problem I have with this book is the “romance.” Love comes in different forms and ways but what Anne and the Master have for each other doesn’t even feel like lust for that matter. There is just no real emotion that pours out thru their actions or even the words the author uses.

Overall the story could have been amazing, I wouldn’t had even mind if it was longer. But there was way too much downtime, it wasn’t descriptive enough and it didn’t provide the horror affect I was looking for.

1 Pickle.

NetGalley Review: Jackaby (Jackaby #1) by William Ritter

Algonquin Young Readers Published Sept. 16, 2014 299 Pages
Algonquin Young Readers
Published Sept. 16, 2014
299 Pages

It is 1892 in New Fiddleham, New England and Abigail Rook, fresh off the boat,is looking for a job. In this job search she meets R.F. Jackaby, an investigator of with the ability to see the supernatural.

Abigail, who notices details in the ordinary is accepted as an assistant for Jackaby and embarks on a case to look for a serial killer. The police believe it is an ordinary man, however Jackaby knows it is something more.

This book is a play on Sherlock Holmes. So when I first began reading it I was very excited but then that excitement dulled down.

The reason the excitement dulled down was because it was too much like Sherlock Holmes. Yes, the supernatural spin to it does change things but Jackaby is Sherlock. This bothered me. It showed a lack of originality. Did I like Jackaby? Yes. But he wasn’t his own person.

I thought Abigail was played down way too much. She wasn’t as quick on her feet as I expected her to be; considering the fact her father was an adventurer and although she wasn’t apart of that she yearned for that type of life.

However, despite this, I really enjoyed the story and how it developed. The author was very good at keeping the story going. It did slow a considerable amount; as if the author wasn’t sure how to continue it but it was a good read. No points though for trying to show a romantic side though.

Overall, I would recommend it.

3 Pickles


NetGalley Review: The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas

Self Published Published July 20, 2014 350 Pages
Self Published
Published July 20, 2014
350 Pages

A young girl living in blissful ignorance during the last days of the imperial Peking, gets a rude awakening when she finds out she is the bastard of a English devil and a Chinese courtesan. What life is there for her? The only choice is to become a expert in martial arts which will help her gain her independence. 

A young boy living in England world changes when his family is torn apart due to the unexpected death of his father. Imprisoned in his own home by his uncle, he must find a way to escape and find his friend who is somewhere in China.

Little do they know, their lives are intertwined and change is the least of their worries.

This book gets a A for effort. But other than that I wasn’t too pleased with this read.

My biggest issue with this book was how slow it was. There is really nothing to say after that. It was very slow and that slowness in the story dipped into the personalities of the characters. They both were brats and felt not only entitled but they also were know it alls.

I could not stand either one of them however, I wanted to know more about where they end up which is why I kept reading.  I liked how the author drew me in with just a hint of what to come.

But ultimately that couldn’t save this book. Even the romance part of it . . .  just couldn’t save it.

Overall, this read was eh. 2 Pickles

Book Review: More Than This by Patrick Ness

Seth is drowning. However, instead of meeting his maker, Seth ends up on a beach shore at his former England home naked, hungry, and

      Candlewick Press  Published Sept 10, 2013               480 Pages
Candlewick Press
Published Sept 10, 2013
480 Pages

thirsty. Not expecting to be here Seth must now not only face the tragedy that forced his family to leave for America but also find out if he is truly alone on this land.

I love the concept of this book. Waking up to find out that you’re not as dead as you think you are is pretty interesting. But as interesting as that was the book lacked luster and did nothing to keep me going. Seth was a dull dull boy who died very graphically even though he was drowning. After he is awaken on the beach he goes through the motion of trying to find food, clothes and most important where is he.

What I liked about the book was the care of details Ness put into the book. You felt the love and time he put into this book. The suspense was great almost unbearable because you want to know what truly happened to Seth before and after he drowned. You want to know what happened in the house he use to call home and most importantly you want to know where the heck was everyone when he was drowning/why was he alone.

When things begin to pick up it was a bit too late for me to truly enjoy it not because Seth spent more than a quarter of the book reminiscing and I just couldn’t get into it. Yes, it did make me (the reader) understand Seth more (Kinda sorta) but it didn’t grab me.

Overall the book was a decent read when it picked up it picked up you just have to follow through with it. The book gets 7 out of 10.

Book Review: The Sweetest Dark By Shana Abe


This book wasn’t a bad read but it also wasn’t the greatest read. Set in England 1915, Lora Jones, a 16 year old orphan, is offered a lifetime chance to go to an elite boarding school on the Southern coast of England.  She meets two young men, Jesse, the groundskeeper and Armand, the Duke. Although Lora is drawn and completely head over for Jesse, there is a connection between her and Armand (this is something the author hinted to but doesn’t say what it is). 

This isn’t just a triangle love story. Lora isn’t exactly what everyone thinks she is. Although the reader finds out really fast it doesn’t take away from the story but it does take away from the characters. When Jesse (because he knows the “real” Lora) tells Lora who she is, she isn’t surprised nor does she fight it. She freaks a bit out but she accepts it for the most part. It didn’t take much effort for Jesse to convince her. Granted he did prove his point very well, I still wishing to see some fight in her. Lora is a spunky character with a smart mouth but you don’t really see that when things get right down to it.

Also Jesse was way to calm for me and too one dimensional. All you saw was his concern, his kind heart no spark no anger nothing with passion. Although he is described as an attractive man, his actions didn’t leave much to the imagination. I’m not saying that he should have had a dark past but there needed to be passion from him and there wasn’t any.

As for Armand he is a spoiled brat that tried to hide his past and use it to win Lora. His part in this book didn’t grow until the end which is okay because it sets up the next book, I believe.

The author did a good job with the setting. It was detailed and I had no problem picturing where Lora was running to and from. The ending was a bit of a disappointment because it left you hanging with too many questions. Granted there is a second book which I will be reading, it still lacked.

This book gets a 6 out of 10. The character stalled more than the book.