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Book Review: The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer #3) by Elizabeth May

Chronicle Books To Be Published June 13, 2017 336 Pages
Chronicle Books
To Be Published June 13, 2017
336 Pages

This is the final book in the Falconer trilogy. Aileana Kameron has been resurrected by ancient fae magic and has no memory of her past or any idea of how she is now the keeper of a dangerous magic that she is unable to control. 

Determined to break this “curse”  while trying to control the powers, Aileana, must find an ancient book guarded by the powerful fae Morrigan. In order to save the people she loves. Aileana must do the impossible. 

I enjoyed this series and I enjoyed the cover art tremendously as well. The first thing to say about the final book is that it is much more romance filled than the other two. So, if you didn’t want a romance novel as the final novel, then you should not read this. I did roll my eyes, once I saw where the book was heading but it didn’t make it any less of a good book.

Although I was surprised, I loved this book. Aileana is still bad ass but less whinny. She is much more realistic to the whole end of the world and she is not heartless to the Fae. She understands that they have lost their world, just as much as the Humans have. I liked that about this book. What I didn’t like about her and pretty much since the first book, is that her word or nothing else. I love her determination and what she is willing to fight for but she really screws people over for her own piece of mind. It was annoying.

I loved the pace of the novel. But I do wish there was more fighting. There wasn’t enough of what made the Falconer a good book. There was less physical drama then one would think as the final battle. It would have been great to have just a little more. Despite that, I loved the grown Aileana. It kept me reading.

The ending left no question to another book. I can see the author doing a side story or series to a particular character but other than that I was happy to say that the series has ended with a thought out ending, I wasn’t exactly expecting.


5 Pickles

Book Review: The Vanishing Throne (The Falconer #2) by Elizabeth May

Chronicle Books  To Be Published June 7, 2016 384 Pages
Chronicle Books
To Be Published June 7, 2016
384 Pages

Aileana Kameron disappeared through a portal, while fighting for her life and the world she loves. When she awakes she finds that she is trapped by the evil Lonnrach. Unable to escape , no matter how hard she tries, Aileana is tortured to the point of delusion. 

When she cannot take it any longer, she is saved by the last person she can think of and she enters a destroyed Edinburgh that is on a shaky truce with the Fae. 

As a Falconer, Aileana has the power to save both the Fae and human world, but she would have to awaken the powers that could cost her life. 

Book one was my beloved treasure in 2014. Don’t believe me? Check the review here. I was too hyped to get the opportunity to read book two when it came out. Also that cover is too perfect. However, I was disappointed.

Was Aileana always so selfish? How is it that you can stick your nose up to the fae that have decided to save your behind as well as your family’s behind? In the first book it was very clear that she hated the fae but not only did you fall in love with a powerful fae,  her best friend is fae.

The fae saved your life and yet you hate the fact that they have allowed you to live in their city and have provided you protection. It didn’t make sense. Aileana has every reason to be upset however she has this entitled mentality as if her mission wasn’t to destroy fae good and bad.

Beyond that the story was dragged out. There was a lot of something is about to happen but then nothing happens going on. It was frustrating and disappointing because the first book was so well written.

I did enjoy the romance in the novel it wasn’t too over done but it did make Aileana look like a hypocrite. I also really enjoyed the details the author put in the setting and the surrounding characters; it reminded me of why I enjoy this author and it made it even harder to not roll my eyes while reading this book.

When the pace picked up and when it got back to what I remember, it was almost too late for me to enjoy it. Despite my unhappiness with this book, I need to see how it ends. I need to see the growth in Aileana. I need to see her beyond her desire to kill something and fight. I need to feel a passion for something other than her ever growing need for revenge.

So yeah, I am going to read the third book despite the horrible rating this book got.

1 Pickle

Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Chronicle Books  Published Sept. 12, 2013 378 Pages
Chronicle Books
Published Sept. 12, 2013
378 Pages

Lady Aileana Kameron, the daughter of the Marquess of Douglass was supposed to have a life of complete luxury, constant balls and time with her best friend but when her mother was killed by a faery everything changed.

Now Kameron attends balls during the day to keep up appearances and hunts faeries at night to find the one that killed her mother. But things become complicated when her two lives begin to intersect causes those she care about to become in danger.

There was a lot of good in this book which surprised me. The book is set in Scotland 1844 and Kameron is a know it all. She hunts faeries with the help of two faeries; a pixie that lives in her closest and mends her clothes and one of the most powerful faeries who is content killing his own kind.

Kameron has a need to prove herself mainly to herself and that is fine but it is too much when she is bluntly wrong . . .  and she is wrong quite a bit. She is so stubborn that at points in the book I really couldn’t stand her. However, I liked the fact that she was strong, smart and creative.

There are two things in this book I could have lived without but it didn’t damage the book too bad; the “love triangle” and the steampunk. What is funny about the love triangle is the author knew it was useless so she switches it to a friendship pretty much right at the beginning. I am glad she did because it would have killed the book with unnecessary drama. Kameron may have been fighting her feelings throughout most of the book but she wasn’t so stupid.

But I also didn’t understand a few things regarding that either. I’m telling you if I interview this author I will ask her (I can’t tell you because its kinda a big spoiler).

The steampunk was cute; Kameron and her mom use to invent things and when her mother died Kameron kept the tradition. There wasn’t enough steampunk in the book for me to feel it to be needed. I guess it was a extra factor to try to get people into the book.

Beyond that the writing was captivating. I liked the blend it had of the two lifestyles and for the most part I liked Kameron. And that ending . . . . the biggest cliff hanger I have read this year. It makes me want to read the next book but it pisses me off at the same time.

Overall I did really like this book. 4.5 Pickles