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NetGalley Review: Amber Smoke (The Escaped #1) by Kristin Cast

Diversion Publishing To Be Publish June 9, 2015 275 Pages
Diversion Publishing
To Be Publish June 9, 2015
275 Pages

Parallel to our world there is world in which damned souls are kept under lock and key. Three Furies watch over these souls as they relive the evil they created while they were alive.

Unfortunately, something has opened the door. 

Now Alek, the Furies beloved treasure, their only son, has been given the task to not only save the world but find Eva, a woman who knows nothing of her family’s past life or her part in the world’s future.

Alek and Eva must discover the extent of their powers and learn to trust their fates in order to save the world.  

I have never read the House of Night series.  I just wasn’t really interested. But this book seemed interesting enough to pick it up. However, there was an issue with this book.

It felt like the author was trying too hard. From the beginning of the book, I felt as  if the author struggled writing this book. For instance, constantly talking about the latest fashion or using the latest slang doesn’t make the or a book relate-able. The relationship Eva has with her mother seems stranded as well as if the author wasn’t sure to make them just friends or mother and daughter; the line between that is very thin.

I didn’t care for Eva or Alek for the most part. Alek was a cocky boy that sometimes you couldn’t even be sure if he actually respected anyone. He took his position in this book less serious that any other character I have ever read trying to save the world. I don’t have much to say about Eva . . . she was just unappealing/boring.

What did like about this book was the prologue. I am a sucker for mythology and Ms. Cast wrote the heck out of those few pages. They were the most fulfilling pages in the book. There was this understanding and moment of shock (not completely but shock none the less). In those pages there was a range of emotions, although it could have been  I wish the entire book was more like it.

Another thing I did like about the book was how the author tied the mythology to the modern world. By creating a story that involves detectives who love their job, evil beings, and young adults who are tied into everything, did create a fun and interesting story.

But the story felt forced; from beginning to the end. And although the author was able to create a interesting story and write a great prologue, it didn’t really follow through in the rest of the book.

2 Pickles

Book Review: A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick

Hodder Published March 25, 2014 320 Pages
Published March 25, 2014
320 Pages

1944, Charles Jackson see the unthinkable; a man drinking the blood of a dead woman. Seven years later, Charles sees that same man with a interesting looking woman.

Determined to find the truth of what he really saw, Charles follows the couple as they leave the restaurant, opening the door to something not even his nightmares could come up with. 

The thing about this book is I don’t see a rhyme or reason . . . even when it is established, which caused for a really dry read.

Charles doesn’t have much of a personality. He does things because it just happens to be there to do. Even when he joins the medical field there is no passion not even a love, especially compared to his friend. So when he decides he needs to do something/find the truth about this guy it is a shock because there is no why.

Yes, a why develops as the book goes on but again there is no passion no deep need to do any of this, which blows because the book had really great potential.

As I read this book I tried to find something I enjoyed; the writing style, the scenery, the characters . .  . something. The only thing I enjoyed about this book was Hunter, who is Charles best friend. There was the passion, there was the love in something you do. Hunter was really the highlight of this book.

Overall, I just didn’t enjoy the book. It was okay but nothing I will recommend or read again.

2 Pickles


NetGalley Review: The Decaying Empire (The Vanishing Girl #2) by Laura Thalassa

Skyscape To Be Published April 21, 2015 329 Pages
To Be Published April 21, 2015
329 Pages

For book one review check it here.

Ember Pierce has had a bad night. When she wakes up at a LA hospital, she remembers only one thing . . . someone set her up. As a government agent, who has the ability to teleport, Ember is use to dangerous situations but not like this.

Ember has been gone for 10 months and Caden Hawthorne is grieving her each and everyday. But when Ember teleports to his room, he thinks he sees a ghost but quickly realizes Ember is not the same.

Back and ready to truly be free, Ember and Caden are not only determined to stay together but to find a way out.


Yea. . . I  the read the second book and I don’t still like Ember nor do I like her relationship with Caden. However, this was a better book. The author developed more of a drama and action in the book. Also the pace kept the book going. Another thing I liked about the book that loved in the first one is the whole concept of government created agent decides to rebel. The whole teleporting thing doesn’t really do anything for me.

In regards to characters,  Caden grew into a decent character but I do think he should have been better at conveying his thoughts in regard to Ember’s choices. I felt that he just went along with things because he loved Ember and I didn’t agree with it. Ember may have changed physically but she still didn’t develop as she should. She still did a lot of things without completely thinking it through and she didn’t trust Caden. She really didn’t.

Overall I probably won’t read the third book because the predictability was there even though the author tried to hide it.

2 Pickles


Book Review: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak

Knopf Published Feb. 4, 2014 288 Pages
Published Feb. 4, 2014
288 Pages

The actor, writer and director of  the U.S. verison of The Office has written a book. A collection of short stories ranging from the bold, the lost and the romantic. 

The thing about short stories is you either love it, you feel indifference or you hate it. It is hard to keep an audience interested in the stories because it is truly a talent to create a memorable and emotional piece of work.

With that being said this collection was a miss for me. Before reading this book it was stated that Novak is the new voice of American fiction and that his humor on screen comes completely through in this collection. I disagree.

Novak has a good foundation in each of his stories and some humor. However, although the stories show that he is creative on the sense of coming up with an idea, his writing talent needs to be developed more.

None of his stories made me want more, which is a good and bad thing. It is good because that means he was able to conclude the story successfully without me being pissed off (this is a constant issue I have with short stories). It is a bad thing because I was able to speed through the book without having any attachment to any story.

This collections was a good effort but the actual art of storytelling (invoking interest, curiosity, suspense and other emotions as ell as effort).

Overall 2 Pickles. 

NetGalley Review: As Red As Blood by Salla Simukka

Skyscape Published Aug. 14, 2014 274 Pages
Published Aug. 14, 2014
274 Pages

Lumikki Andersson is 17-years-old living on her own away from her parent’s hometown, leaving the past and all its demons behind. As senior in high school, all she wants to do is keep a low profile, graduate and leave.

But when she walks into a dark room and finds thousands of Euros stained with blood, she gets involved in a game she should have walked away from. Dirty cops, drug dealers and murder, Lumikki sees her composed world slipping away as she is faced to deal with not only current events but her past as well.

To say that this book didn’t peak my interest would be completely misleading. But to say that this was an amazing read is misleading as well.

Lumikki doesn’t want anything to do with anybody which tells me that her past is completely screwed up. She is a tough girl that knows so much about staying low key and out of sight that I was expecting such an amazing twist on her story. But nothing really came. Yes, it is explained why the way she is but it doesn’t explain why she’s the way she is.

Lumikki’s story is extremely lacking because it doesn’t explain her complications because trust me this girl is very complicated and I actually feel that she enjoys this complication. She does because there is truly no reason for her to be involved in this deadly game she has many opportunities to get out of it but kept going and going. Maybe she was bored or maybe she wanted to be the hero but whatever the case she wasn’t part of this until she made herself part of it.

The author added things in this book that seemed completely irrelevant. For instance, Lumikki’s “relationship” seemed forced . . . rephrased was forced since Lumikki barely had emotion to enjoy some ice cream.

Overall, the story was told pretty well. Character issues was the biggest flaw but it wasn’t a horrible story. The down time was really slack and apparently big time drug dealers aren’t as smart as they seem to be.

2 Pickles for an okay read. Hoping book two will be better.

NetGalley Review: Hunted by Lorenz Font

The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing  Published Nov. 20, 2014
The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing
Published Nov. 20, 2014

The Vampire Council is hunting down infected vampires and Harrow Gates is their number one target. Suffering from the infection just like his victims, Gates has vowed not to feed unless completely necessary. 

When captured by an unexpected benefactor, Gates has an opportunity to get a fresh start on life and during this fresh start he meets Jordan, a vampire happens to follow Gates in hope of him knowing the killer of her parents.

Not one to steer clear of her mission, Jordan must fight her feelings of friendship and love in order to extract her revenge and Gates must allow himself hope to be cured.

This book started off pretty well. I loved the fact that the action started almost right away and Gates had a drive and a mission even after he was captured he still had this sense of strength and authority that was extremely powerful.

I loved the plot of the story.  The alternative vampire with a heart is always a good idea for me and the author did a really good job developing his character. But here are my issues the story is told in a few different point of views. I really wish the author would have just left it be with Gates and Jordan. I feel that almost 50% of  the story didn’t focus on either of them as whole and there was too many individual stories.

But my biggest issue with this book was the fact that nothing happened for so very long that it completely took away from the book. It was so boring. Nothing happened for so long it stalled the book. This caused a huge disappointment for a book that started so well.

After this point there wasn’t much that got me back into the book. As I said I enjoyed the idea but the constant passing of time with nothing going on just ruined it for me.

2 Pickles

Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Ecco Published May 13, 2014 262 Pages
Published May 13, 2014
262 Pages

The news is constantly showing outrageous reports but when the news begins to constantly repeat the same reports, life gets to real when the unthinkable happens right outside the house door. 

People are no longer opening their eyes to look outside. The only thing anyone can do is stay inside. Malorie raises two children the best that she can in this condition but enough is enough.

In order to live, in order to survive Malorie must leave the house and follow blindly to something that may not even no longer exist.

This was a really hard read. But that is not to say it didn’t have some good points.

Josh Malerman is like the master of suspense because that is all this book is. I kept reading because I was hoping we would find out what was going on. I kept reading to find a huge climax that changes the world. The author wrote the story as if all these things was going to happen but nothing did.

It was  a huge tease but the author wrote it so well I had no choice but to finish the book to try to get the satisfaction that I was looking for. This never came. I am still sitting here wondering what the heck was going on this book because you just don’t know. The vagueness of this book kills the beautiful writing in this book.

The author did an amazing job creating a story that centralizes a crisis that involves everyone becoming blind. It was really creative but it lacked so much more. This is end of the world and nothing was exciting, moving or scary for the most part. This book reminded me of a M. Night Shyamalan movie.

2 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Under Different Stars by Amy A. Bartol

Self Published Published Dec. 19, 2013 297 Pages
Self Published
Published Dec. 19, 2013
297 Pages

Kricket Hollowell is hiding from social services in Chicago. Only a few months away from her 18th birthay, Kricket is blending in until she can legally claim her independence.

All that changes when Trey Allairis discovers Kricket’s whereabouts and takes her (against her will) to her true home.

Kricket’s once quiet existence comes to complete halt and she needs to adapt in order to get back to the home she has always known.

This is listed under pretty covers. It is just gorgeous.

However, the story wasn’t as great as the cover. It was okay. Kricket is annoying. Not whining annoying but I just need to be a sarcastic ass every time someone says something to me annoying.  For a while she didn’t have an off switch it wasn’t until she falls for Try that the switch was permanently off.

I wasn’t too upset with the romance in this novel. It was obvious but it wasn’t terrible. I felt that Trey was too typical for me to fall in love with him and Kricket didn’t enough personality for me to love her.

The plot was interesting enough to keep me wanting to go through it. But I didn’t like the fact that Kricket accepted sexist comments and allowed those comments to almost kill her because she wanted to prideful and prove a point. How can that point be proven if you’re dead? -.-

I felt that this story had a good concept but it felt like the author wanted to give readers what they know instead of something more passionate and original.  Will I read the second book? Maybe. More out of curiosity to see if the author does something different.

2 Pickles.

NetGalley Review: On Her Father’s Grave (Rogue River #1) by Kendra Elliot

Montlake Romance Published Oct. 7, 2014 Kindle
Montlake Romance
Published Oct. 7, 2014

Stevie Taylor left her small town life for the fast life of LAPD cop. When her father dies, she returns home for some closure and peace. But when a teenager suddenly dies after taking a new drug, the peace Stevie was looking for is halted as she is thrown into small town secrets and gossip in order to find the truth about this mysterious death. 

This book was hard for me to get into. I did finish it completely but it didn’t stop it from being a hard read.

What made it hard for me was Stevie. She was a unbelievable character. Her focus seemed to be on the love interest, even when the sudden death of the teenager happened, she was still not focused on her job. For the most part she wasn’t even focus on her father’s death either.

Don’t get me wrong the emotions was there but not enough for me to sympathize with her in anyway. I also felt that she was a flat note character. There wasn’t much dept to her other than the fact she saw some horrible things in LA. But even then the book doesn’t really zone in on it. It doesn’t shape her.

What I did like as the pace of the book. It wasn’t overly rushed nor was it too slow with details that do nothing for the book.  This was why I was disappointed in the book, the setting was perfect for was an amazing mystery and a complicated past. I understand that this is a novella but it didn’t lead me on to the actual novel.

Overall, I think this was a decent effort but it lacked in personality.

2 Pickles.