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Book Review (Kindle Edition) Awakened (Vampire Awakenings #1) by Brenda K Davies

Sera has been hiding at her college for the past three years since a

          Smashwords   Published July 29, 2012      450 Pages Ebook
Published July 29, 2012
450 Pages Ebook

 traumatizing event that took place her senior year of high school. She is withdrawn and stays away from men. That is until her roommate and best friend convinces her to go to a party in which she meets Liam and everything she has known completely goes out the window.

This book was okay enough but I call baloney. One Sera who has been closed up for the past three years meets Liam who she is instantly attracted to and decides to spill her secret after the second day of meeting him -.- Who does that?  I was completely thrown off at how easy she gave away that information.

The writing was sub par. It lacked depth, passion and motivation.  I liked the fact that this centralizes around a college frat house however, I didn’t like how Liam only became a vampire (yes vampire) the year before and now all of a sudden is so in control and perfect with who he is. In what story, new or old, does a vampire only take a year to be so freaking perfect?

Although the book wasn’t full of clichés it was too simple for a vampire story and in no shape or form did it leave me wanting more.

Overall the book gets 6 out of 10. It could have been a whole lot better and realistic (for a vampire novel).


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