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Book Review: Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler


KJ lives in a small town outside Yellowstone National Park. She is the only daughter to a wildlife/fishing guide and there doesn’t seem much to her other than that. However, she meets Virgil and all of a sudden she is interested in boys and wolves.

The small town she lives in has an issue with the wolves in the area, although they were placed back in the wild to balance out nature. KJ joins her school’s newspaper and with Virgil creates a column about wolves; the good and the bad.

Let’s just say I was disappointed in the book. The title is what instantly caught me; for some reason I love long titles. Secondly, I love the idea the author, Kristen Chandler, was trying to portray. You don’t have to become a wolf to like them or become obsessed. I liked the fact that she didn’t have supernatural beings in this book. However, with that being said there was no wow factor.

KJ herself was nothing special. She had a father, who always seems to be disappointed in her; she was always turning read about the littlest things and she seemed to not have much of a backbone; even when the climax of the story hit, there wasn’t much there.

I understand the books point to be realistic and relatable (the book really had nothing to do with wolves but KJ growing up) but I think that it was misleading. There is a scene in which KJ is stared down by a wolf and she goes on to say that feels different and all of a sudden she starts doing well in math class and becomes editor of the newspaper. This scene is not important at all because nothing is followed up on and it makes the reader believes okay maybe she will stop whining over nothing.

Doesn’t happen.

Although the book wasn’t supernatural I was expecting spark, action and something thrilling but it wasn’t. KJ falls for a boy who happens to take pictures of wolves; she becomes interested and its her against the wolf hating town.  There is no real growth, not even in her father.

This book gets 4 out of 10.