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Hidden Gems: Tumblr Edition


Before anything. . . doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that this is about a hidden gem found on tumblr and the photo used is from blogspot AND this is being written on a wordpress? Ha!

To the point:

Many people spend a lot of time writing poetry, short stories or any other form of the written word on their blogs. Because there are a million blogs created each day, most posts go unseen. Each week there will be a featured piece from any of the popular and unpopular media outlets.

don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a bad writer was written by blogger brayofheart on tumblr. I hope you enjoy this piece of literature heaven.


Writers are pretentious and
every time one tells me that my
writing is too subtle / not simple /
overrated / uninsightful— I want
to rip their pens right from their
clean hands and show them the
ink that I’ve spent my nights
bathing in.


You are allowed to rhyme,
you’re allowed to paint inconsistencies
across your ideas and stanzas. Do not
let college boys or day-time girls
tell you your poetry doesn’t make
any sense. If one tells you this,
spill facts about stoichiometry over
your free-verse. They’re only
concerned with chemistry during
blind dates with atheists.


If it matters
to you, write about it. Cliches are what
makes your poetry stale— but when
artists are starving, you must eat
as much spoiled bread as you can.

Check out his blog here