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Quick Five© with Ravin Tija Maurice

Name: Ravin Tija Maurice

Who is Ravin? A Candian author with a true love and passion for  writing.

Books: Legacy (The Daughters of Darkness #1) and Rebirth (Reprint of Legacy)

Genre: Young Adult

Where to buy? Amazon and Barnes and Nobles

Some people fall into writing after years and years of doing whatever else floated their boat but some people were born to write. Take author Ravin Tija Maurice, who sat down with Tania Lasenburg and explained how and why her writing came to be.


You stated that when you were six you knew you wanted to be a writer . . . what at the age of six influenced you to make that decision?

Courtesy of Ravin Taji Maurice
Courtesy of Ravin Taji Maurice

 I’d always loved stories; hearing stories, telling stories, everything that had to do with a world you could create on your own where you could be anything you wanted. I loved playing with my dolls and pretending we were princesses in far off lands, or great adventurers off on an exploration. It only seemed natural that I would write these stories down, and it seems like I was doing that long before I ever knew what a writer really was. Around age six was when I remember looking at a book and thinking, ‘This is someone’s job? This could be my job!’

 What made you decide to republish your debut novel under a different name?

 After breaking with my original publisher I wanted a fresh start for myself and my novel. I know it sounds a bit corny, but I needed to have a ‘rebirth’, and I am so happy that I did.

I have wondered if it was a good idea to openly discuss that change but I wanted to be honest with my readers and let them know that everyone has setbacks, and it’s all about what we learn from them.

You mentioned on your site that you are constantly trying to grow and improve as a writer, what have you been doing to achieve that growth?

 For me, growth is all about pushing yourself, and doing things that would normally scare you. So I set little challenges for myself, especially if I’m stuck on something, and push my way through things. I think it’s helped me really expand my skill set.

I also read constantly. There are no where near enough hours in the day to read as much as I would like. Writer’s learn a lot from reading other writing, and books that really stick with me are ones that I wonder ‘how the hell did they do that’ after I’m done reading them, and I make it my goal for another writer to read my work and do the same thing.

         KIndle Edition   Published Feb, 20, 2013
KIndle Edition
Published Feb, 20, 2013

How are you able to stay creative? What activities in your home life keep you on your toes?

I’m able to stay creative by exposing myself to as much as I can. My fiancé is involved in our local Warhammer community, and being in the presence of him and other hobbyists when they’re doing what they love is always inspiring. I’m also an avid television watcher, and what’s going on television right now is amazing. The writing is impeccable and it’s hard not to take notice.

Finally, since at a time you said you wanted to be Stephen King, what’s your favorite Stephen King novel?

Different Seasons is by far my favorite Stephen King book. It’s a collection of short stories including The Body, which the movie Stand By Me is based on, Apt Pupil, Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption, and The Breathing Method. Each is brilliant in their own way, and so different. I think its a perfect summation of Mr King’s skills as a writer and should be mandatory reading for every new writer or anyone interested in becoming a writer.

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Quick Five© with Nana Malone

Name: Nana Malone

Who is Nana?  A USA Today best selling author as well as iTunes Breakout author who wishes for a career as a ninja assassin.

Books: Game Set Match (Book 1 & 2), Reluctant Protector  (Book 1 & 2 + a prequel), and Sexy in Stilettos (Books 1-3)

Genre: Romance, humor, and science fiction


Ohhhhhh Readersssssss! In our latest Quick Five© session Tania Lasenburg had the pleasure of interviewing USA Today best selling author AND iTunes Breakout author Nana Malone.

In a wonderful and quick moment with Malone, Tania was able to find out what is true romance for Malone and discover a sexier side to the best selling author. So without further ado here is the Quick Five© with Nana Malone:

You are originally from Ghana are there any influences from your childhood home in your books? If yes, why do you feel it is necessary to make mention of Ghana culture? If no, why isn’t it necessary to write about it? 

Courtesy of Nana Malone
Courtesy of Nana Malone
Well, sometimes.  In my first book game Set Match, my heroine a photographer had done a photography book on Ghana. I’ll often make subtle references as to travel or food or friends of Ghanaian heritage.  My plan next year is to set a couple of books there. Wheat I strive to do with my writing is to reach the widest audience possible.  I wanted to write books that would appeal to as broad an audience as possible. So I write for a world audience.  I do think my heritage influences the kinds of heroines I write.  With their sassy strength, each of them reminds me of a friend or auntie, or cousin I have.
What makes romance romance? Is it the sweet nothings, the flowers and chocolates or is it the fight, devotion, drama and happy ending?
The journey of love regardless of sweet or combative defines romance for me just as long as there is a happy ending.  Sometimes there is a fight, but love doesn’t always have to be that way.  Sometimes it can be effortless.  I’ve written both kinds, though admittedly, I do love a good conflict.
You also write Erotic novels under the name Q Malone. What made you decide to write erotic novels and use a pseudonym?
I think I wanted a little more freedom to go on the edgier side.  Even though as Nana Malone, I run right up to that line between sensual and erotica, Q. Malone gives me a chance to go as far as I dare. My career really started to take off at the end of 2012 so with a new venture I didn’t want to dilute the brand.  I didn’t want readers who expected a funny romance to be put off by something a little sexier.
      Wild Rose Press  Published Sept 10, 2010            466 Pages
Wild Rose Press
Published Sept 10, 2010
466 Pages
In your career either further down the line or right now would you consider writing Young Adult books? If so how would you be able to lure your adult readers to your new genre?
I love young adult books.  I think that time in our lives is so fraught with tension and conflict and stories to tell.  When I first started writing, I originally wanted to aim for the college crowd but that didn’t really exist as a genre until now.  I think since I have the tendency to write them hot, the youngest I’ll go is New Adult.
What are you currently reading or doing that is influencing your writing today?
I’m reading a lot of new adult right now and loving it.  I’m also reading some RS, in particular Misty Evans.  I also love JR Ward.  So I’m a little all over the place.  But everything influences my writing.  Even watching a tense interaction between a teacher and a mom at my daughter’s preschool.  But New Adult is really the biggest influence at the moment.
All of Nana Malone’s books can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Nobles, and  Audible.
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Quick Five© with Addison Moore

Name: Addison Moore

Who is Addison? A wife, mother of four and two dogs and a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Books: Someone to Love (Book 1), Celestra series (Books 1-9), The Countenance series (Books 1-2) and Celestra Knight (Book 1), 3 A.M. Kisses, and The Solitude of Passion

Genre: Young Adult and Adult Romance


It is Motif Ink’s honor to present its readers an interview with Addison Moore, New York Times and USA Today best selling author. Interview by Tania Lasenburg, Moore explains, with a warm and bubbly attitude, why she went from therapist to best selling author and how she is able to handle such a full load as a wife and mother.

Courtesy of Addison Moore
Courtesy of Addison Moore

All her books can be found on Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles

Enjoy this Quick Five© with Addison Moore:


You worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for a long time before becoming a author . . . what made you decide to give up that career or put it on pause to become an author?

I loved my job on the unit. No two days were ever alike. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, the unit eventually closed and thus, I was out of work.

You run a full household (Four children, husband, two dogs) how are you able to still be creative and productive regarding your writing?

 I have no time whatsoever to do anything, lol! That’s actually true and yet somehow things still get done. I file that under miracles.

What is it about paranormal romance that gets the blood going for you as an author and reader?

The element I love most is that anything can happen. In reality we’re limited in just about every capacity but in the paranormal world there are endless possibilities. I love that.

         Self Published   Published Feb, 21,2013                E-Reader
Self Published
Published Feb, 21,2013

Was it easy for you to transition your writing style from young adult to adult romance?

 I wouldn’t say that I transitioned more than I’m doing both now. I still have a YA series to complete (The Countenance) and I’m still very much interested in doing other projects. I like having my feet in both pools.

 Finally, what is influencing you for your second “Celestra Knights” series?

Actually Celestra Knights was just a gift to my readers so they could finally hear Gage and Logan’s voices after all theses years. Ethereal Knights was Ethereal rewritten through the boys’ eyes. I’m not sure if I’ll continue but if I do it will be a slower endeavor. I am moving Skyla and her friends forward into a New Adult series that should debut later in the year and the name of that series is Celestra Forever After. I have a few jaw dropping surprises in store for readers and of course there will be adult adventures and I think that will be fun!



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