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Book Review: Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk

DoubleDay Published Oct. 21, 2014 225 Pages
Published Oct. 21, 2014
225 Pages

Penny Harrigan is a low level associate living in Manhattan after having spent most of her life a small town. So when she is invited to dinner by Climax Well aka billionaire C. Linus Maxwell, she cannot believe her luck. 

After wining and dinning in the most exclusive restaurant in Manhattan,  Maxwell takes Penny to Paris and instead of the passionately love making she is expecting, Maxwell comes into the bedroom with a notepad and a bunch of oils to bring Penny to an organism that can kill her.

Soon Penny discovers she is a test subject for a new product Maxwell is inventing called Beautiful You. This product works so well that women all over the world have abandoned their men to lock themselves in their rooms until the batteries run out. But is Maxwell’s device really a plot to take over the world?

This is the first book I’ve read by Chuck Palahniuk and I wasn’t sure what to expect but it sure wasn’t this. This book was the most racially insensitive, culturally insensitive book I have ever read in my life. I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end because I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a joke or if it was  supposed to be a series read. Either way, I couldn’t take this read seriously.

Firstly, the book was insensitive to rape and women in regards to their sexuality and their overall being. Controlling women off their sexual needs although a interesting topic it wasn’t executed in the best light.

Secondly, stereotypes; the only person who wasn’t stereotyped was Penny. The black woman and the Latino woman were both outspoken, loud and lacked class or common courtesy. This bothered me . . . a lot.

Finally, my other issue with this book is how this plain jane woman who didn’t have an ounce of backbone all of a sudden is the savior of the world. No this isn’t a character development because Penny was just pissed off he threw her out within a hour of telling her it was over and his product sold millions.  Penny was useless from beginning to end. She came off very materialistic and blame the author on this by constantly describing the designer brand clothing she was wearing.

However, Chuck knows how to write a book even if it was thrown together and have a crappy ending. I finished the book because for some powerful force I was drawn into it.

This book felt forced as if Chuck had to write this book for some contract. So I am taking this read as a joke.

2.5 Pickles

News: Chuck Palahniuk

Author Chuck Palahniuk is making a sequel to cult classic “Fight Club.” Now I haven’t read “Fight Club” (Please don’t judge me, I do plan on reading it), but I saw the movie and it is an awesome awesome awesome movie.

Chuck Palahniuk (bing images)
Chuck Palahniuk
(bing images)

So I am excited to read the second book. If you never heard or read “Fight Club” (by the way this sentence is really hilarious to me because technically, according to the book, you’re not supposed to know about it) it is a about a insomniac  office worker who meets a random, mysterious, outgoing man who happens to make soap for living. With this man, they start a underground fight club.

The book was published in 1996 and was created into a movie in 1999. The sequel is called “Beautiful You” and is scheduled to be released in 2014.

Excited much? I sure am.