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Quick Five© with Luciana Cavallaro

   Courtesy of Luciana Cavallaro
Courtesy of Luciana Cavallaro

Name: Luciana Cavallaro

Who is Luciana? A former teacher with the understanding of mythology and the need to travel

Website: http://luccav.com/

Twitter: ClucianaLuciana

Books: The Curse of Troy: Helen’s Story, Accursed Women, A Goddess’ Curse, Boxed in a Curse, and Aphrodite’s Curse

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The retelling  of mythology is so popular that if you haven’t read any stories yet you really should start. Fairy Tales aren’t the only stories worth retelling and author Luciana Cavallaro reminds people of that with her books and short stories. In this interview, not only does she give advice fro those wanting to retell mythology but she explains how she is able to keep the myth pure in her stories.


On your website you state that your travels influenced you to write about historical fantasy/mythology. What exactly during those travels happened that caused you to write this genre? Was it the scenery? A class you took? Etc . . .

My sister and I went on a Contiki tour of Europe in 2000. It was an experience I’d never forgotten and vowed to return, which I did in 2004 and 2010. The pull to go back is growing stronger and I hope to visit again very soon. While on the flight to London, the movie Gladiator was on which I watched but the impact of the film hit home when we arrived in Rome and visited the Colosseum. I still get goosebumps. It is an extraordinary piece of architecture and the atmosphere was spellbinding. Strange, I know considering what happened there but you can’t ignore the magnificence of the structure. From there we had a guided tour of the Roman Forum and that was it. I always had an interest in ancient history and mythology but visiting the ancient sites in Rome brought it to life for me. I wanted to learn more and then came the passion to write about it.
    Mythos Publications  Published Nov. 30, 2013             217 Pages
Mythos Publications
Published Nov. 30, 2013
217 Pages

What is your favorite myth and why is that your favorite?

I had to think hard about this question, but the myth of Atlantis is my favorite plus it is featured in the trilogy I am writing. I first came across the myth when I was 15 after reading Charles Berlitz’s book on the Lost Continent. Later, I read Plato’s works Critias and Timaeas where the mythology of Atlantis was born. I wanted to know more about this amazing place where the people were unique, had built towns and palaces with sewage and hot and cold water and baths plus toilets long before the Greeks and Romans.

In your books how are you able to keep the integrity of the myth while also doing something creative and original?

Most people are familiar with Greek myths and even if they don’t know the entire story, they will know parts of it. I want readers to be familiar with the stories and so I didn’t want to change the myths, they are wonderful as they stand but thought what if I put a different spin on the stories? Change the perspective of the storyteller and provide a different point of view of the same myth.

Would you ever step out of this genre and write something else or is this where you will stay?

     Mythos Publications  Published Jan. 10, 2013                10 Pages
Mythos Publications
Published Jan. 10, 2013
10 Pages

One day perhaps I will try and write in a different genre but at the moment I’ve been guided to write Historical Fantasy/Fiction. Although having said that, a few of the stories do have contemporary settings.

Finally, what advise would you give someone who is trying to write stories based on myths? Read lots of myths and research! It will help write better stories and add fuel to one’s creativity. Passion is another element which I believe is very important. I love ancient history and mythology and I hope that comes through in my stories.

Quick Five © with Kaitlyn Davis

  Courtesy of Kaitlyn Davis
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Davis

Name: Kaitlyn Davis

Who is Kaitlyn? Buffy (the vampire slayer) lover completely obsessed with all things paranormal and fantasy.

Website: http://kaitlyndavisbooks.blogspot.com/

Books: Midnight Fire Series (Book 1-4), Darlings of Urban Fantasy, Five Shades of Fantasy, The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons #1)

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Meeting someone that knows from the beginning that writing is all they wanted to do is always an honor to interview. You see the passion for words the moment they speak about their experiences. Dear readers meet Kaitlyn Davis, a New Yorker whose love for writing matches her love for Young Adult.


Why did you choose Young Adult as your breakout genre? Are you trying to reach the adults that read YA or the teenagers that read YA?


YA is my absolute favorite genre–to read and to write! Teenage emotions are so intense because everything is being experienced for the first time. It’s not just love–it’s all consuming first passion. It’s not just loss–its pain that rips you apart. I love exploring these overwhelming feelings in my books, and I love pushing my characters further than they ever thought imaginable. Those early experiences define people for most of their lives–I want to write the coming-of-age teen, not the often-jaded adult.

As far as my readers, everything I write is PG-13. If a book is YA, I believe any teen should feel comfortable picking it up! But, I also mix in complexities that appeal to an older audience. The more the merrier in my opinion!

           Self Published    Expected to be Published 2014
Self Published
Expected to be Published 2014


What type of impact do you think your books are leaving in the literary world? What is it that makes you feel successful as a writer?

Probably not much! Self-publishing is still considered very faux pas in the literary world, but that’s okay with me. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing from my fans, and my readers make me feel more successful than anything else ever could! All I can hope is that people take a chance on my books, and if they enjoy them, are open to trying more great self-published titles. Like with anything else, there are some hidden gems if you just look for them!


 What matters most when you are writing your stories? Why does it matter?

A hard journey with a happy ending! I want to push my characters, bring them to the edge of their sanity, make them feel like everything is lost, and then finish in a way that keeps some sort of hope alive. The real world has too many sad stories; we don’t need any more of those. I believe reading should be an escape for my readers–a place where, unlike in real life, every tale gets some version of a happy ending!


Your latest book “The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons #1)” which is expected to be released some time in 2014, is being compared to “Game of Thrones” series as well as the “Graceling Realm” series. Do you feel these comparisons are a huge expectation or it is a perfect comparison for your new series?


Not to sound full of myself, but I think the comparisons are perfect–even if those are very hard shoes to fill! The Shadow Soul has the epic scale of Game of Thrones–it’s told in a completely different world with warring kingdoms, surprising politics, and grandiose adventure. But at the same time, my book is as personable as Graceling with a very focused two character story line allowing me to dive deeply into their individual emotions. There are ruthless elements balanced by sweet moments–and did I mention dragons?

          Self Published    Published Oct. 9, 2011            Kindle Edition
Self Published
Published Oct. 9, 2011
Kindle Edition

The book will go on-sale in February 2014, and you can check out more information on my blog! http://kaitlyndavisbooks.blogspot.com/p/a-dance-of-dragons.html

Finally, how have you grown as a writer since your debut novel in 2011? Do you still feel there is more room to grow?


Wow–truly leaps and bounds! My creativity has exploded now that I am constantly channeling it to write. My ideas have gotten bigger, my characters have become so much more complex, and my plots have been surprising even me.

Anyone who has read my Midnight Fire series would probably say the same. Ignite was great–but Simmer is better, and Blaze better still, and Scorch blows them all out of the water! And I hope this pattern continues!

Life is over the minute you stop being open to learn new things! I truly believe education is everything and I know I will grow stronger and stronger with each new book I write


Kaitlyn loves new followers. Follow her to know more about her and her ever evolving books.






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