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Book Review: Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk

DoubleDay Published Oct. 21, 2014 225 Pages
Published Oct. 21, 2014
225 Pages

Penny Harrigan is a low level associate living in Manhattan after having spent most of her life a small town. So when she is invited to dinner by Climax Well aka billionaire C. Linus Maxwell, she cannot believe her luck. 

After wining and dinning in the most exclusive restaurant in Manhattan,  Maxwell takes Penny to Paris and instead of the passionately love making she is expecting, Maxwell comes into the bedroom with a notepad and a bunch of oils to bring Penny to an organism that can kill her.

Soon Penny discovers she is a test subject for a new product Maxwell is inventing called Beautiful You. This product works so well that women all over the world have abandoned their men to lock themselves in their rooms until the batteries run out. But is Maxwell’s device really a plot to take over the world?

This is the first book I’ve read by Chuck Palahniuk and I wasn’t sure what to expect but it sure wasn’t this. This book was the most racially insensitive, culturally insensitive book I have ever read in my life. I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end because I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a joke or if it was  supposed to be a series read. Either way, I couldn’t take this read seriously.

Firstly, the book was insensitive to rape and women in regards to their sexuality and their overall being. Controlling women off their sexual needs although a interesting topic it wasn’t executed in the best light.

Secondly, stereotypes; the only person who wasn’t stereotyped was Penny. The black woman and the Latino woman were both outspoken, loud and lacked class or common courtesy. This bothered me . . . a lot.

Finally, my other issue with this book is how this plain jane woman who didn’t have an ounce of backbone all of a sudden is the savior of the world. No this isn’t a character development because Penny was just pissed off he threw her out within a hour of telling her it was over and his product sold millions.  Penny was useless from beginning to end. She came off very materialistic and blame the author on this by constantly describing the designer brand clothing she was wearing.

However, Chuck knows how to write a book even if it was thrown together and have a crappy ending. I finished the book because for some powerful force I was drawn into it.

This book felt forced as if Chuck had to write this book for some contract. So I am taking this read as a joke.

2.5 Pickles

Book Review: Shadows by Robin McKinley

I wanted to like this book so bad!

   Nancy Paulsen Books      Published Sept 26, 2013             368 Pages
Nancy Paulsen Books
Published Sept 26, 2013
368 Pages

Maggie doesn’t like her mother’s new husband Val. From the moment she met him she knew he was off. Val is from the Old World where magic is still in use and completely forbidden in the New World. No one in the New World is magically because the magic gene was cut out generations ago.

But Maggie sees shadows when she looks at Val. This completely freaks her out. It doesn’t help when she meets this amazing looking boy name Casimir, who also happens to be from the Old World. Casimir is interested in not only Maggie but Val and his shadows as well.

I didn’t like Maggie. There was no real reason as to why she hated magic so much. As far as the reader knows, when you begin the book, is no magic in her family nor in her family history (hint hint). She doesn’t like Val or anything that involves him. You would think she was a 12 year old. She is so immature about Val that Maggie has to remind herself that she is 17 years old.

I also didn’t like how McKinley needed to have side notes for the author. There were too many parentheses.  It wasn’t needed and it wasn’t needed because Maggie wasn’t talking to anyone most of the time but to herself. The side notes through me off and there was so many I couldn’t take it.

But pushing forward I liked the concept of the story. Magic isn’t dead it’s just not in the New World or so we are led to believe.  I liked that. I though how McKinley weaved that story was a good look. However, the book was boring. Nothing excited me even when she finally admitted, while screaming at Val in a fit, that she can see the shadows. In the heat of the moment there was no spark.

I picked up the book because the story sounded amazing but it was dull, dry and the protagonist was a bratty 17 year old that for all of the book I though she was 12.

Overall the book gets 5 out of 10. Good try but no.


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Graphic Novel Review: Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O’Malley

Raleigh is a girl who doesn’t have a soul. She sees cats everywhere so she assumes a cat has her soul. She doesn’t know what to say to people; she is really shy and really withdrawn. So she is in this car with three of her classmates trying to get back home in time for school.

             Oni Press Published May 3rd 2005             160 Pages
Oni Press
Published May 3rd 2005
160 Pages

This graphic novel was boring and a bit all over the place. If it was longer than it would have been a better book but sad to say it fell completely short. Raleigh is almost scared to be around people. She stares absently into space in her own thought for most of the book and even when one of the mates is trying to speak to her and bring her into the conversation it doesn’t happen.

When she does begin to open up to those around her she doesn’t make any sense what’s so over. The girl is in love and she feels lost. Her best friend moved away and the guy who she loves lives in the middle of no where. She’s lonely. I think the whole the cat has my soul was out of no where and unnecessary. There wasn’t really any real follow-up.

As for artwork, there was nothing new or exciting about it. It matched the book exactly. So over all this graphic novel gets a 4 out of 10. Sorry Brian this book was literally not worth my time.