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NetGalley Review: Mary Hades (Mary Hades #1) by Sarah Dalton

CreateSpace Published May 4, 2014 286 Pages
Published May 4, 2014
286 Pages

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When her parent’s decide to go on a holiday, Mary wasn’t too upset. After being scarred physically and mentally, Mary is ready for a break. Expecting a boring week with her ghost of a best friend, Mary is unaware of the evil that is waiting.

Despite the evil, Mary is drawn to local boy Seth Lockwood, who is hiding a dark secret that can ruin not only her trust but the entire small town. Determined  to find the truth about Seth and the evil lurking in this community, Mary enlists the help of a goth couple and her best friend in order to make things right.

If you read my review on the prequel of this book then you know I am decent fan of this series. The author can tell a really good story but the ending needs work.

I like Mary and the fact that she isn’t a brat and she has a realistic relationship with her parents. I like her honesty and despite the paranormal aspect of her life I enjoy how realistic it is. The flow of the story was perfect; I was sitting at the edge of my seat for most of the book and I was really into the story.

What I didn’t like (before the ending hit) was the judgement made towards Seth. (Slight Spoiler) People react differently to things and no one knows what their reaction will be until they are in that situation. I felt that the whole attack on him was too much of a focus and just sad.

I also felt that the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery at all. Because it was done so early in the book, it took away a lot of the story. However, the author was able to still keep me in.

Now the ending. . . . Predictable . . . like seeing the ending two chapters before it even happens. This pisses me off because the book was pretty good and the ending was just slack. This has nothing to do what I expected because what I expected was the typical in a YA novel; Mary & Seth begin a long distant relationship  or some kind of relationship considering she risked her life for him.

Overall, I recommend this book because the potential is huge in this series. But that ending . . . hope to never see it again.

2.8 Pickles.